As someone who is much more right leaning but had family members be part of the actual regional communist party...

As someone who is much more right leaning but had family members be part of the actual regional communist party, I'm very curious about the opinions on all fringes. What do you think about Adolf Hitler and their version of Socialism?
This isn't meant to be bait, I'm genuinely curious.

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Literally just fanfiction

Okay, I'll believe you on your word that this isn't bait. Can you give ANY reason, other than merely the name "not socialist", why you believe Hitler or the NSDAP to have been socialists?

(wordfilter, should be nat.ional socialist)

Daily reminder that volkisch socialism is the one and only true socialism famsquads. As the all seeing all knowing uncle Adolf said "marxismus ist nicht sozialismus". that means marxism isn't socialism you uncultured peasants
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Well, for starters they opposed the Imperialism and Laissez-Faire Capitalism of other Western powers, imposing money that would reward Germans based on their real manhours and output rather than a nebulous salary that fluctuates under the influences of ☘️the international markets☘️, wanted to heavily industrialize the country which culminated with the finishing touches to the Autobahn, openly cooperated with the USSR until a year before the second world war (and if you want to expand on it, his party and other Communist parties cooperated into taking over the country democratically until the latter became irrelevant), wanted every German to own an automobile in a time where the average Westerner couldn't even afford food, took out ☘️money lenders☘️ to redistribute the wealth into the system, transformed the class struggle into a racial and national struggle so that it was just Germans and friends vs. anyone who didn't want them to live like that (which includes ☘️piggies☘️), tried to bring a worldwide revolution with his political thought and had heavy use of imagery and sense of belonging to the party that look very much like those you'd find in Communist Propaganda. I guess some of his reforms could be attributed to ☘️Weimar Republic politicians☘️ but they couldn't even pay for their bare necessities outside of letting capitalists fuck little boys in the streets.

Beggorah, that's a nice filter

Nazism treats warfare like it's all fun and games. People think that at first at least. But eventually people get sick of it.

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I wouldn't think so, war is the last solution for any country ever, from the smallest to the biggest.

yet were aggressively imperialist themselves and constantly implemented pro-capitalist/privatization policies
[citation needed]
wages were lowered from 25 to 40 percent in the first two years of Hitler's dictatorship
Not inherently socialist
even if it's true there's nothing socialist about this, just reeks of technology fetishism
socialism would rather encourage public transport
i.e. an anti-socialist decision
class collaboration is fascist
do you know the difference between bringing revolution and bringing genocide/imperialism
fascist more than anything else, besides any ideology uses imagery for propaganda purposes

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…none of which, I'm noticing, involves deposing himself (and anyone else) as leader, while the workers own their workplace and the neighborhood owns the streets?
"Moar welfare" is a pacifier implemented by folks who DON'T want socialism, and the left/ML beef (and the left/Marx beef before that) is all about how great national projects of the state are not, in fact, socialism… which is a lot more like your credit union, or when the neighborhood starts fixing their potholes WITHOUT city hall.

Hitler had set out his war plans starting in Mein Kampf in 1925. He talked all about it and delineated future Nazi plans going from a "pre-war period" to the "soil policy of the future" specifically naming Russia.

Any kind of "strong will conquer the weak" ideology is going to lead to war. That's the point.

I mean I read Zig Forums and their basic goal of the neo-Nazi set in America is to tear up the country like it's Yugoslavia, and provoke a war which will lead to the Day of the Rope. They all agree on that, they main question is how to get there. That's the general idea, although their ability to actually achieve that is terrible inadequate.

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According to MSM that’s true socialism.

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The Nazis killed KPD members on the basis that they were part of the KPD. That’s pretty anti-socialist.


Mein Kampf, Stalag edition page 737

Care to elaborate on this point in particular? What's your opinion on Fascism, particularly Japanese and Italian Fascism?

So you do agree that a welfare state would spell doom for the economy and even worse things for the recipients?

I always read these actions as more of a geopolitics problem (WWI Germany was becoming Europe's hegemon, got destroyed in the process by the older hegemons and had to become one once again before it could attempt to influence the rest of the world), I guess we shall never know what would have happened once Moscow would have fallen and whether he would keep going with the whole conquest thing.

I always thought that accelerationists are fucking retarded. "If you want to bring positive change to your world you first need to tear it apart" yeah right, as if they know how to rebuild infrastructure. Anyone asking for that much extremism is nothing but a deluded warmonger.
I wouldn't say that's what they ALL want, AFAIK their admins are less than adequate - and that's being generous. There's a reason why there's probably twenty different miniature Zig Forums under different political thoughts.

Anyhow, thank you wholeheartedly for the infodump. I'd much rather hear every side than fall for a couple of propaganda posters.

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Eh, mostly an annoyance. I could give a damn if an economy controlled by and supporting people I hate crashes; it can only be a good thing. Pacification of the recipients could be an "even worse thing," though.
Welfare is usually valued only as taking funding from prisons and police by centrists. Increase welfare, cut taxes, suddenly bob the stoner has to be let go. No one thinks of it as an efficient means of attacking the system, and as far as I can tell, no one is really impressed by it as a thing in and of itself. Although the local bureaucrats are very nice folk, and probably better people than anyone who ENJOYS police/corrections.

Practically a government-backed Kickstarter scam of the 1930s, they took money from over 300,000 people and never delivered any cars nor paid anyone back.

It’s not that, but any “race war” in America would be like Yugoslavia but a million times worse. Neo Nazis recognize that they can’t hold minority majority regions, so they want to take a big chunk out of the country and have that be there ethno state. Such a process would never be peaceful because the American Civic Nationalist who control America’s military would never allow such a situation. So you would get a Yugoslavia type situation. Also any white nationalist secessionist moment would compel Blacks in the South to do the same. Turning Dixie into America’s Bosnia.
There’s a reason pic related is the only socialist Burger Nazis don’t hate.

Welfare is a bribe to workers to get them to support Capitalism.

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The whole point of Lebensraum - which fueled Operation Barbarossa - was to acquire vast lands for the German people.
It was pretty much the German version of Manifest Destiny.

Marxists see class as the most essential uniting factor since capitalism itself doesn't care about your race, religion or whatever. You have much more in common, and share much more similar interests, with your black coworker than with your rich boss who happens to be the same race as you. Fascists on the other hand are the ones that think some other criterium, such as nationality, should unite people rather than class. It's a thinly veiled trick to weaken the international proletariat by dividing them and to ensure loyalty of the workers to the ones that do nothing but exploit them.
It's simply capitalism that abolishes bourgeois/parliamentary democracy and becomes militant. It gives itself legitimization by spooky rhetoric about "The Nation", "traditional values" and such, while actually protecting nothing but private property. The pro-capitalist nature of fascism is clear from the abundance of privatization programs, the constant collaboration with and reliance upon big corporations, the lowering of workers' wages and the suppression of syndicats and any kind of worker representation.

Socialism is the economic system in which the workers collectively own and democratically control the means of production (industry and land).
Nazism has nothing to do with socialism, i really dont know why they called themselves that, since they advocated for state corporatism and protectionism wkth the existence of private property and free markets. Around here nazism and fascism are considered to be a reaction to the failings of capitalism ( great depression) and the rise of communism i europe.

Lip service to the proles. Bismarck used this tactic first.

i see, it was a bait then

they're not only light on brains, but light on praxis. i've yet to see any implementable plausible praxis from these people.

I dunno, we've got a guy here posting his porn collection, which is apparently consistent of baby torture vids and furry strapon femdom.
It's implementable, and it's very plausible that they are actually doing so.

Most of these Zig Forums types are anathema to any form of centralization or serious organization. As long as they are stuck there they will get nowhere. Luckily they’re so paranoid and afraid of Jews / Feds, whatever they probably won’t get far. Decentralization is good for things like Antifa but not for serious political work. Funny how they seem to think their race is near extinction and being genocided by a globalist Jewish cabal and they can find so much time for infighting, Internet battles and meme-spamming