America's next war

So I been thinking about the possibility of yankland getting involved in another war but what I feel is important are the consequences of it, the best case scenario will be a collapse that leads to a revolution or at least the end of the USA as a superpower.
The issue is what chance do the obvious targets i.e. venezuela or iran stand against yankland and what use can we make of the war?

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Venezuela is a really unlikely target imo. After all, Trump did say that they were planning to invade Venezuela but decided not to at the end (don't remember their reasons). On the other hand, Iran is a much likelier target, they would need their justification to invade which would probably be a false flag as they've done in countless of their war justifications.

The US army is almost as much a piper tiger as the Prussian Army was during the French revolutionary wars. They still have a killer initial offensive but like the Prussian Army in the early 19th century, the US army has no stamina due to outdated logistics and organization.
The US army couldn't even occupy a fraction of what the Soviet Army did in Afghanistan. Thus all a revolutionary army has to do is fight a war of attrition and eventually the US Army will eventually lose momentum, moral and origination based on its performance in Iraq and Afghanistan.

America's an empire in decline and they are dangerous beasts. A major war, even with a country like Iran, is by no means impossible. It could also be a major proxy war like in Vietnam.
Doubt it's Venezuela though, that country is collapsing already and an invasion could even reverse the catastrophe going on there.

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you misunderstand me dear user
reverse in favour of the current government, since foreign aggression would provide a cause for the people to rally around and give legitimacy to the government and even extreme policies

Hard to say and these things are pretty unpredictable. Who would've thought Russian troops would be air-assaulting into Crimea a few years ago?

Accurate. Also real problems with the Navy and Air Force in terms of shortages in manpower and outdated equipment that is held together with duct tape. It's still far and away the biggest and baddest military around but it's barely holding together given what it's being asked to do all over the world.

Those collisions in the Pacific over the past few years were really bad. Knocked several destroyers and cruisers out. Morale is in the tank and so many troops are getting out or trying to.

Oh I see, my mistake user. That would make sense, it did happen to the soviets against the nazis.

So your saying that in a Century or so America will through the world into two devastating wars over pan New World nationalism?

The think with the American military is that it’s very good at what it’s designed to, take down states. The think is that the American military can’t win against insurgencies, because of the military doctrine America uses. Which is Shock and Awe. Massive bombardment and quick encirclement of enemy frontline followed by a speedy race to an Enemy’s capital in Tanks and heavily armored trucks assisted with paratroopers.

You either want one or he other. Revolution in America that takes away America’s status as a superpower defeats the whole point of revolution in America.

The problem is that you can’t bomb mountains. And that insurgents don’t have frostlines. The American military can’t fight insurgents, so they pay mercenaries to do it for them. And mercenaries are terrible at fighting.

Syria is the most likely, followed by Iran. I can’t really see Venezuela being invaded without a good pretext. If that drone had blown up Maduro it might have happened.

It suffers from the same limitation the Wehrmacht had, in that it is geared for short wars yet if it has to wage a war of attrition it all goes to shit.
Again the US Army couldn't even match what the Soviet Army achieved in Afghanistan as it doesn't have the same large logistical arm due to privatization of the backend of the US Army.

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The only way the American military could win a war of attrition is if the US implemented a war economy and conscription. Which would be good because it would make it easier for socialist to infiltrate the military and seize power.
Read Bogdanov

I can't imagine an invasion of Venezuela. It would cause a massive influx of refugees into the US and average Americans would be far less insulated from such a war due to having family and friends with ties to the country.

Another issue with a war with venezuela is that cuba is on the way and the us will have to invade cube too to clean the way
Oh well, I wanted to fight for venezuela in case of a war but seems I just have to live with the refugees.

America doesn't declare war on anyone, it's always the other country

I hope you are shitposting

I feel like war with Iran is more likely because of how many top politicians and Mid East ""allies"" like Saudi Arabia and Israel are chomping at the bit to bomb the shit out of them

technically he's right, every war America starts is always framed as the US being the victim and not the aggressor.

Honestly I don't think USA is really going to declare war on anyone in the future, they would undoubtedly gain economic advantages but I tink there can't be a country that, invaded by the US, wouldn't create a chain reaction of other countries losing their shit. A war with iran would be seen as a blatant aggression of the russian "near abroad", syria too, or venezuela with cuba ecc I think that america needs a few more rounds of bad crysis to be tempted to push the war button

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Never gonna happen.

I don't think it's going to happen like Iraq. The Iraq war was based on the assumption that the rest of the world was going to stand by and let it happen. When it became clear that there was an opposing agenda in play - that Eurasian porkies wanted a better place in the club than there were going to be allowed by first world porkies - and America wasn't just going to do a victory lap throughout SW Asia, the plan for war was bolloxed.

Right that is why they send the tanks into Detroit because the US ruling class doesn't fear revolution /s

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