Zig Forums has gotten smaller but Zig Forums hasn't gotten any bigger

fucking hell man why doesn't ms piggy just give up? So sick of this split.

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Zig Forums is driven by the trash thread, if that were to be taken out it would see pph dive. Zig Forums not growing is our fault because radical politics are ignored in favor of useless shit like soviet nostalgia or jim profit spam.

Body Odor has previously stated that his board opposing temporarily anti-American liberals and fascists is such a triggering thought, he'd rather the entire board migrate back to /r/Socialism.

This. And the trash thread was 99.999% Chapo/Cumtown Twatteratti "dirtbag" ironybro goons from the start. Absolute cancer.

I wouldn't mind us having a trash thread if it drove posts. But then, I always liked /trash/-tan

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do you remember old leftypol? pepperidge farm remembersā€¦


Make some more threads you fucks. Obsession with "quality" is always a good way to kill traffic.


But I just did make one!

Good point though. I'm just not sure I have anything interesting to add. I'm just in the nihilistic 'I'm only a leftist so I don't feel guilty when the world ends' stage right now.

Its not his fault he was right and pretty much predicted the split, the /r/socialism catgirl controversy etc. None of that bullshit was surprising to me since I had been listening to him for awhile

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As annoying as the split is, it does a service to this board by serving as a bait board for Zig Forums shitposters and Reddit tankies. Low traffic is a shame but it's preferrable to being drowned in outside bullshit.

fuck that I'd rather have a high traffic board

problem with that is we get a lot of threads with less than 10 replies and anons don't feel like posting in them. we need more threads and better threads, which given current events should be easy enough but here we are in another Zig Forums is stagnating thread doing nothing.

Hell, make shitposts. We don't have to be serious posting and effort posts only.

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holy fuckā€¦ i just checked the trash thread and all 500 replies were made in the last 48 hours.

Yeah, I would not be surprised if it accounts for half of the posts there. If you remove it Zig Forums and Zig Forums move at similar speeds.

not only that, but recently at least half of all new threads on leftypol are actually pol bait and spam. that are deleted every morning. the real PPH of leftypol regulars is much, much smaller than it appears :(

I honestly didn't consider that. You can observe that the catalogue doesn't move as rapidly as it used to, but I just assumed that was more due to newfag redditors and not posts outside of trash being mostly spam.

That's what I was trying to say with
You can check 8ch's ban logs for Zig Forums and while you do get plenty of epic BO bans for not praising Iranian anti-imperialism and such, most bans are for really shitty Zig Forums posts and bait threads. There's a lot of low-effort posts, spam and dumb shit that gets posted to Zig Forums that this board doesn't have to contend with because it isn't constantly being namedropped on 4chan and Reddit.

The trash thread was a mistake, it contained cancer but in turn sacrificed overall board quality.

While I agree having Zig Forums as containment is good, I think losing most of the ogs and losing the notoriety of Zig Forums results in a net loss for us. We need more threads about radical politics and anons need to stop being shy fags and post.

I want Zig Forums to fucking die and for us to start again in a site we control but neither thing is going to happen any time soon.

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t. body odour

It was all the bookchinboos and Utopians / Anarchists / Liberals who began the split
You can come back anytime as long as you stop openly calling for the destruction of Anti-Imperialist govs and support US backed Rebels


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Never claimed it was
Never claimed it was
It is a Imperialist collaborator state similar to Israel and South-Korea though

Yes you did, and you banned people for disagreeing. It was silly to think we'd forgotten.

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Im not BO

No, you just claim in their exact post style that they'll accept us back on the exact same terms they offered, clearly you're two different people :^)

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I do happen to agree with the Zig Forumss BO on the topic of Zig Forums's unfortunate Pro-Imperialism Bias
But i am not the same person as them and you have no evidence to the contrary

I've yet to see anybody but Body Odour use those terms or unironically defend their bullshit so I'd say it's a safe bet. Either way if you like it better back there, why are you here?

I like to get out of my echo chamber sometimes and debate with others

So why should I want to go to an echo chamber?

Jims Porky Farm is too lack luster to keep on anymore.

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>t. Body Odour not Body Odour

Frankly, this shit gets boring after so many months and years of doing absolutely nothing. How many times can we talk shit about the same shit from the same perspective? That self-impressed masturbation is entertaining enough for the half-wits on Zig Forums, but it is not good enough for people who like to actually think. We need something new to do.


What do you suggest? Becoming Internet Hate Machine and trolling Trump-supporting boomers?

No, trolling should only ever be done with no goal but purile entertainment in mind. "Trolling" with what you believe to be the truth always results in failure and humiliation. We could try a group project where we create something useful, say a working list of computer parts that are not lowjacked with PRISM shit. We could start a trade network for said parts. Even non-leftists would go for that shit. We could even go IRL provided we leave all the memes and internet bullshit here where it belongs.

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The problem is that BO is delusional to think that Zig Forums has any great influence on the debate in imperialist countries. Sure, once in a while a Zig Forums meme makes it into the more mainstream left debate (Cockshott was pushed by Zig Forums, the porky meme was very successful, the whole "no IdPol" stance made it into the mainstream left, etc.) discussions on the board itself are irrelevant. Banning people for pro-imperialist post would only be necessary if there was true impact of those. I only see it banworthy when people are falseflagging, or being pro-imperialist out of spite, but criticizing Mugabe etc. should be allowed and when at false countered with arguments.

What made Zig Forums strong was open debate and the fact that Zig Forums's FOTM like "Google Bookchin" or "read Bordiga" constantly shifted was a good thing for sorting out the ideological confusion the modern left is in, even when I personally think both Bordiga and Bookchin are kinda shitty. Turning the board into r/socialism and r/communism is a bad decision, because look at these places: They are completely irrelevant in leftist discourse because they don't allow any deviation. Zig Forums has done more for the left than all socialist subreddits despite being fewer people. This is why this split makes me sad, and BO is responsible for it, at least many crosspost so it is still kind of the same culture across both boards. I actually encourage crossposting, it can only be good for both boards.

Last I went by I saw a thread on Anarcho-Syndicalism and another on an Anarchist Political party(lel) locked as well as mods admitting to different standards for ML-adjacent posters and other leftists here >>>Zig Forums2633313 If Zig Forums is going to be biased against us, then why in the world would we want to go to such a place when we have a board that doesn't ban on ideological lines?

I would disagree as to what made old Zig Forums work. My take would be that it worked, because it did something that nobody else did at the time: it shit on the New Left (eg. gigafaggots like n1x and Hoochie) while relentlessly mocking the Zig Forumstarded brainlets who pretend to be the new counterculture while fellating authority figures. The internet needed that. It still does, really, but Zig Forums is kill at the hands of BO and his little cadre of friends.

Still can't believe that BO actually made Hoochie a mod smh

I mean by that point zhe was actively trying to kill the board so it makes sense.

Actual BO here, thanks for reminding me I did that. Had a good laugh. It was crazy but it worked.

kys tranny

death to miss piggy



Zig Forums faces a double challenge:
1. 8ch itself can only decline from here
2. it's in the weaker position all-around relative to Zig Forums despite the incompetent management of the latter, even down to the name: Zig Forums doesn't flow as well as Zig Forums. the main userbase is people who've been kicked out of Zig Forums, so it lacks a big chunk of the core userbase for such a board. furthermore, where Zig Forums is overzealous with bans, it often seems like Zig Forums is bound to keep up stupid Zig Forums threads just to get 2 more posts per hour in.

i have to wonder if a more focused alternative to the trash thread where people can just dump interesting things they've read or questions they've got might help kickstart PPH again. it's probably inevitable such a thread would drift into a similar place eventually (being essentially a chat thread for people who won't register for discord), but since /leftytrash/ and /lefttrash/ already have an established culture it can feel out of place and intrusive to just dump something mildly interesting there. Higher PPH, centralised in one thread, would also have the advantage that posting questions is more tempting since you might get a timely answer.

additional comment indicating strong disapproval

I treat Zig Forums as /gulag/, a place where I serve my sentence while being justly punished for not adhering to the party line.

Just visiting now though.

Also, fates of some stupid forums are irrelevant. If Zig Forums was shit as you say, the alternative would be more popular (which it is not by far). And even if you don't like what Leftypol is now, you should be grateful to comrade BO for what it was before, because it was his doing, and you did not manage to do anything on your own.

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No, it was the doing of 1,600 anons who posted there and contributed content. BO's own contributions were pretty minimal.

Tankie embracing porky logic, imagine my shock

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People like familiarity not innovation

Jim Profit made his whole thing about securing a person's rights online or thereby preventing any lawful incursion upon them. Both valuable positions to most neck beards and noone listens why? Because they're already used too and conditioned to expect the FBI to creepily breathe down their neck ANNND have mods banning them for any little thing. Despite how it makes no sense lawfully for both.

But they don't care. So why should porker?

And that's why revolution does not require consent or populism. Just do it. If you're gonna organize organize. If you're gonna shoot someone shoot someone. Eventually the faggots will step in line one way or another. Ten years down the road they could be starving to death and they'd still argue it's the best damn system ever witnessed. Socialism isn't for them. Its for you.

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There are plenty of real life events to talk about, even shitting on the far right, but people simply choose to post meaningless shit.

How about a discussion about economics?

Organizing I agree with, but with political violence you have to be very careful. Not that I'm a pacifist, but you need to make sure it's the kind that inspires imitators and not the kind that outrages the masses, especially when you're very likely to sacrifice your own life or freedom in the process, so you only get one chance.

Counterrevolutionaries will always exist, but you want as few of them and as broad sympathy as possible.

This guy is the physical manisfestation of the cuck.

"if I get put down into some stupid unfair burden I accept what my daddy calls a fair punishment"

Hahahah pathetic. You're all worms.

You don't follow your own logic to conclusion: The alternative is much more popular, you've just put the blinders on and assumed the alternative is Zig Forums
You know what the non-Zig Forums alternative to Zig Forums is? Literally any action possible except using Zig Forums, and that's exactly what many people are doing. Man must eat, man must sleep, but man has absolutely no need to post on an imageboard for left politics. It is an easily substitutable activity. Going for a walk is an alternative to Zig Forums. Looking at PPH, OC, unique IPs and so on it should be relatively easy to infer that lots of people are going for walks nowadays.
get the impression this is a poorly thought through tongue-in-cheek parody of apologia for capitalist CEOs rather than your real opinion.


i'll come back when you make friends irl