If you won the lottery(say the powerball at like 700 million dollars)

What would you do with the money? Do you think your political convictions would impact that decision or would you get greedy? I'm not trying to prove a point here I have no agenda this is a bullshit hypothetical I'm just curious.

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Not enough to buy freedom.

This would yield just under three million dollars a month at 5% interest, for those who are reading… or about a tenth of a mil a day in pocket money. Still can't by freedom, still can't buy hope.

Probably start a worker cooperative or give it away.

I'd keep enough I never have to work and can pursue my passions. The rest I'd probably put into various leftist organizations over the course of a few decades depending on how capable they are of actually using it. I don't think handing a random party like PSL or SAlt 700 million dollars would end well.

I'd donate it all to charity.

Oh wait fuck I still have to pay off tuition.

Ok pay off muh tuition and THEN donate the rest to charity.

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I'd grab a bunch of like minded people and start a commune in the bush.
700 million can buy all we might need.

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put 2/3 into the M-C-M' cycle
buy a castle in southern Europe, an island or a yacht to live in with the rest
wouldn't stop me being a commie tho, commodification of culture, science and everything else needs to stop and it is the political working class that will do it eventually. that and huge existential, structural problems for humanity such as war or ecological collapse won't go away with wishful thinking like liberals believe.

Save some, donate some, start a non-profit free software company with the test, how about you my fellow /g/entlemen?

Start co-ops and travel around finding shat-on workers and providing them resources for building co-ops or converting their shit into co-ops.

Campaign funds to get public office maybe, or try to lobby some of those people to get legislation passed making it easier to make co-ops or to protect unions.

Set up social media for co-op and union workers to help coordinate mutual aid and support especially when a strike is planned.

are you sure the massive inequality between you and your fellow workers wouldn't cause problems?

Finance my film and start a media co-op aimed at funding radical artists, preferably libcoms, to make movies without having to suck too much porky cock. Set aside enough to keep myself comfortable and start a commune capable of feeding and defending itself in the increasingly likely case of worldwide collapse and Mad Max future.


I said start, not own. Perfectly happy to start them and then just leave the workers to it. I'm working with 700,000,000 USD here.

Being a class-conscious individual, I'd put the money into investment and live off the rent, obviously.

(But I'd probably fund some commie projects on the side, so that there are people who vouch for me not to be put against the wall when the revolution invariably comes.)

Not going to lie, I would keep a big chunk for myself, at least enough so i wouldn’t have to work ever again. With the rest I would probably do something like buy out companies, keep them until I make my money back, and then turn them over to the workers. I’d also give a lot to any orgs I liked.

Burn all of it.

They can't be capitalists without capital, can they?

Autarkic commune with highly gifted individuals.

I wouldnt even know how to spend that much money nor do I have any clue what to invest it in since I never had any money to invest in anything.

There would still be several thousands of people above you wealthwise, just to reflect on that.

Maybe I'm a fool for thinking electoral politics can be a vehicle for change, but… I'd use it to fund a ton of state ballot initiatives to collect enough signatures in order to get people to vote on Approval or Score Voting with accompanying media campaigns. There might be money left over after that, at which point I would fund state ballot initiatives for people to vote to transition to proportional representation systems.

Hookers and blow. LOTS of hookers and blow.

exchange it all for Petro cryptocurrency and boost Venezuela's economy.

Buy a shitton of guns and explosives and start a socialist guerrilla.

Use it to start a program to help the poor and develop class consciousness in my area

Use it to help cure aging.


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What charities specifically?

Hard to say, but I'm certain at least part of this money would go to patreon creators catering to my niche fetishes.

Start a socialist organization dedicated to public diplomacy and secret anti-fascist COIN operations.

Give it to these people. foregen.org Still pissed that my Burger parents mutilated me.

I usually donate to the Canadian Red Cross (the amerikkkan red cross is corrupt as fuck to no one's surprise).

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Probably try to get a bunch of people together to start some kind of fancy, high-tech commune somewhere. I feel like it would go a long way towards winning people over if we had a concrete example of what a better future could be like, that we could point to and say "look how great this is, I think all of society should be like this". At the very least it would provide a small refuge from the hellworld of late capitalism, if nothing else.

I would have sex with so many different women, my dick would probably fall off from pure exhaustion LMAO. And that's it.
The world is fucked and cannot be saved or even made better for that matter just because some rich naive idealist decided to start some LARP commune or whatever LOL, you kids are hilarious and cute with your innocence.

Give 10 million to the Free Software Foundation. Keep the rest.

bourgeois pig

kys nihilist that's all you'll ever be

Only bourgeois have the illusion life can get better, because they aren't under capitalism jackboot.

Get the fuck out of Hawaii first, probably move to somewhere kvlt and live out the rest of my days as a wealthy NEET instead of a poorfag one like I am now.

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I'd just park it at my bank and continue to lie as I did before.

well obviously i'd become an ancap and do everything i can to prevent communism so they can't take muh property

Just take a bit to secure myself (maybe like 1.5M - 2M) and give rest to charities, cooperatives and anarchist organizations