All those wannabe-communists who criticize the capitalist system but keep it running by working for their...

All those wannabe-communists who criticize the capitalist system but keep it running by working for their bourgeoisie-boss and paying taxes to the corrupt politicians, should in my opinion shoot themselves because they are mentally handicapped!

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Despite assuming that you're our furry femdom troll, I think you might have accidentally stumbled upon something here…

?? mhh

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For you!

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Oh, I thought you weren't joking.
Let me laugh even harder!

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Who do you mean, faggot?

Re read my original statement under the knowledge that you were joking in the op and I thought you weren't only to realize you were.

Paying taxes is for the cucked, not to mention voting (b-but muh civic duty) for bourgeois candidates. LARP communists will disagree

One can criticize an antiquated mode of production while functioning in it to, you know, survive and feed their family, moron. Unless you're genuinely all for going out in the woods naked a la AnPrim you're going to have to still sell your labor. Are you underaged and have yet to actually make it out in the working world, or are you a NEET piggybacking off our labor?

I hope you pay your taxes user. The Big Black Dick™ of the IRS tends to not let that slide :^)

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Capital by Marx is 100% correct but life is short and we're all gonna die. Rather than waste my life for revolution, I'd rather enjoy it by being a capitalist pig

"Are you underaged and have yet to actually make it out in the working world"… you are so fucking stupid, communism is about rebelling against exploitation and the class society and overthrowing this capitalist system, you cock-sucking retard!

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I weren't joking!

Petty bourg Internet LARPer detected, anyone who gives a cent to the government willingly is a joke

Look at this self-centered retard. I hope commies put you against the wall on the day of the revolution

So what are you waiting for? Go overthrow that evil mean capitalism instead of arguing on Zig Forums!

I have been doing this for a long time, you wagecuck!

Lol, if that day comes in my lifetime I'm just gonna give up all my wealth and say that I wholeheartedly believe in communism. Gotta enjoy life however you can ya know

We will butcher you anyway!

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The bullet is guaranteed for you

So I guess the commies wanna kill the rich and the middle class? Cause they're opportunists too. Oh well then :(

Exactly, because we are against exploitation and oppression and fight with all means against it, are we opportunistic pigs like you …

How does your money comes from? Do you still live with your parents?

Lol, Marx is right about capitalism but y'all are so deep in ideology that you don't recognize the psychotic shit you're spewing

No, I killed an investment banker and now live in his villa!

OK you're just trolling from the beginning, thanks for killing a thread.

On every level except physical, I am a Communist.

You know Marx advocated for taxation, right?
Also, How do you manage to avoid all taxation? If you work a wage job it's taken out of your check, or when you buy anything it has a sales tax associated with it etc etc.
Unless you're Ted K'ing it out innawoods on land that isn't yours, since if you owned it they'd tax you, you're giving money to the government, you joke.

How are you making ends meat while enacting this revolution by yourself? You don't do you? I doubt you're some bonnot gang marxist robin hood, but that would be neat I guess.

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Muh poor little doctors, engineers and middle class folks…

Oh god please actually read Marx you faggot.

Just because you're such a cowardly pussie does not mean that we are all like you!

If that's truly an option for you, that means you're already a capitalist. In which case, we aren't counting on your support anyway.

You are the faggot, that did not read Marx, i will butcher you too!

Learn english, you assraped bitch! I will cut you in little pieces by the way!

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You will butcher no one. Now go to bed kid.

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Oh yes, i will butcher you and your dirty family!

Good lord, take your anti-psychotics lmao

Go to bed kid. You've school tomorrow.


I will slaughter you both especially slowly, so that you suffer for a long time!

As I said not everybody is such a ball-less, cock-sucking faggot like you!

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You like being a faggot?

NEET master race coming through

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Fuck off. I support socialism because it’s in my self interest. Retarted suicide isn’t.

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is this a >muh iphones and you're either drunk of mentally-challenged, or…?

I wish I could revisit one of the good aspects of being in high school like hope or the possiblity of a future that isn't so bright I don't need eyes to see it, instead of this bullshit again.

take your meds, probable falseflag
this thread seems to be made up of dadaism and deformed wojaks lol, idk if there's something I'm not getting here

Got to gulag, my chainsaw is ready for you faggots!

Holly, is that you?

Cocksucker, is that you?

take your meds

Is Holly the furry femdom troll? What did I miss?

No you can do this, slave … make the pharmaceutical industry even richer, you assfucked bastard!

take your meds

No, I take your skull and piss in, you cocksucking piece of shit!

*murrs you*
owo whats this

States have a class character. I believe working class tax resistance is a viable way to protest the capitalist state.