How can we make antinatalism cool?

How can we make antinatalism cool?

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You can't, antinatalism is the domain of cool wine aunts.

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Implement anarcho-primitivism.

How would that help? That's a step backwards.

You’re a step backwards

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start dunking on parents whenever you see them

Start by killing yourself

Not really necessary, material conditions are removing incentives for large families.

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Fuck off, If people want to have large families let them. The rate of food growth is rising more than the rate of population growth. You neo-Mauthists need to be purged. People having more children means more labor, both specialized and unspecialized. Leading to more technological advancement and higher standers of living for everyone. Population stagnation is technological/economic/societal stagnation.

Forgot my flag.

Nothing wrong with having kids. Just because you’re an incel doesn’t mean no one else should have kids
Stop living in cramped, polluted cities and you realize how much space we have

Fuck off.

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hmm? I've thought it was cool already considering how there's a huge drop on the fertility rate everywhere.

pff, hahaha!
Yeah, bro. Just go live in the middle of nowhere where there's no jobs, no internet, nothing.
I think you have just found a way of dropping off the capitalist system.



When will this urbanite meme die?

Isn't it already? I have there seems to be way more antinatalists than explicitly pro natalists around

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only good post

weak "why nobody thinks about children" tier
*posts anime pic* *sips wine* Now let's have discussion *tips fedora*
*fast metal music plays*