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Israel closing embassy in Paraguay after it ordered return of mission to Tel Aviv
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the closure of Israel’s embassy in Paraguay on Wednesday

Democrats posture over Trump Supreme Court nominee
The Senate Judiciary Committee began hearings Tuesday on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, the second nomination by President Donald Trump to fill a seat on the high court.

Saudi Arabia Will Now Punish Online Satire With Five-year Jail Term
Saudi Arabia has announced it will punish online satire with jail sentences of up to five years, as the kingdom continues its crackdown on political dissent.

EU seeks to require internet firms to remove extremist content
The European Commission will propose legislation this month requiring Google, Facebook, Twitter and other internet companies to remove extremist content and cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

'Don't touch me again, man': Sen. Marco Rubio faces off against InfoWars conspiracy monger Alex Jones in hallway heckle spat
infoWars boss and far-right media personality Alex Jones got a stern warning Wednesday as he heckled and patronizingly patted Sen. Marco Rubio in the halls of Congress while ranting about being banned from social media platforms|main

Report on IDF funding Syrian rebels pulled on request of ‘army's censor' - Jerusalem Post to RT
IDF has forced the Jerusalem Post to remove its explosive report on the Israeli military giving weapons to the Syrian rebels, the newspaper’s managing editor confirmed to RT.

Washington escalates threats over Syria as Russia bombs Al Qaeda positions
With forces loyal to the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad apparently preparing for a ground offensive to reassert control over the northwestern province of Idlib, the Trump White House, the State Department and the Pentagon have all issued warnings of a “humanitarian” catastrophe and threats of US retaliation over the use of chemical weapons.

1 in 10 Americans say they'll be in debt for the rest of their lives — reality is way worse
A new study from Northwestern Mutual has found that many Americans are sinking in debt, and don't expect to climb out of it any time soon; the study found that more than one in 10 Americans say they will be in debt for the rest of their lives. The reality, however, may be bleaker.

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The US debt crisis will be a huge problem for capitalism but a crucial moment for socialism. No doubt political power will be paralysed and you will see all kinds of signs pointing to a major shakedown on the superstructure.


The Latest Incarnation of Capitalism
Financialization isn’t a perversion of an otherwise well-functioning system. It’s just capitalism’s latest survival mechanism.

As social opposition mounts, Silicon Valley and Washington step up internet censorship
As executives from Facebook and Twitter prepare to testify Wednesday on Capitol Hill, the social media monopolies are scrambling to demonstrate how far they have gone to implement censorship measures demanded by the intelligence agencies and dominant sections of the political establishment.

New Tree Sit Erected in Mountain Valley Pipeline Path in Montgomery County, VA
Early Wednesday morning, two new tree sits were erected in the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline in Montgomery County, VA.

==US Cuts to UNRWA Point to the Dark Future Being Readied for the Palestinians
The Trump administration’s decision to scrap all future aid payments to the main agency helping Palestinian refugees marks a new – and most likely disastrous – chapter in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Wtf I love Alex Jones now

And Zig Forums still claim that the EU is a bunch of “far-left extremists.”

Nuclear > Fossil Fuels

some of the content being removed will undoubtedly be nazi/pol shit meaning that the far right gets to play the victim and pretend like they're the only ones being censored

US whistleblower Chelsea Manning defies ban to speak in Australia
Last Sunday, an audience of more than 1,500 gave courageous whistleblower Chelsea Manning a standing ovation at the conclusion of her hour-long appearance at Australia’s Sydney Opera House, part of its three-day ANTIDOTE festival.

Colombia: ELN Frees 3 Soldiers in Effort to Restart Peace Talks
The Colombian government confirmed Wednesday the release of the three soldiers who had been held by the National Liberation Army (ELN) as part of the efforts to restart the peace talks between the two sides that have been stalled since new President Ivan Duque took office last month.

The Victory of Privilege
The notion of privilege has by now become entirely mainstream. Listening to someone discuss their privilege, watching as someone is told to check their privilege, hearing about someone acting in a typically privileged way… all of these experiences are by now familiar, especially in progressive circles.

You are a good comr8, provisional news user. I volunteer as state mandated gf. 💕

I hope I live to see them collapse.
If Alex Jones just did this kind of shit he'd be based.

The next crisis really is going to be The Big One if this is what's going on.
Jus gonna quote the top comment on this:

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Thorium is a complete meme, as nearly all deposits are far too sparse to yield any net energy, so the sum of usable thorium reserves is less than a third that of uranium, the only way to get sustainable power out of it (like all nuclear) is by transmuting it into weapons grade plutonium for use in an extraordinarily dangerous breeder reactor, and (like all nuclear) a large portion of the waste isn't actually spent fuel, but "low level waste" (mundane trash produced by any heavy industry, such as clothing, broken machinery, lubricants, coolants, cleaning solutions, mine tailings, etc.).

Er, I forgot to add, the distinction of low level waste from the junk produced by other heavy industries, is that (like everything associated with nuclear) it's all far too radioactive to be disposed of normally.

Thorium is five times as common as Uranium in the crust.

Pop quiz: Cerium is among the most common elements on earth, more common than copper, yet it is classified as a "rare earth", and extremely expensive. Why is this so? What does this fact have to do with thorium?

Why don't they just get it over with and shove cameras and microphones up our asses at birth?

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Watching old dystopian fiction like that, the most terrifying part is that they imagined tracking devices would have to be forcefully tattooed on, implanted, or genetically imprinted, coupled with an extensive network of monitors, to ensure they can't be avoided or disabled. Now that the dystopia is here, the tracking devices are voluntarily carried, purchased and updated at the private expense of each victim, and people willfully avoid areas outside the tracking prison without walls or checkpoints.

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[autistic screeching intensifies]
oh good another Harry Turtledove parallel being set up, when is he going to dissolve the Confederate Congress?
And Zig Forumstards will lamprey onto this and make it about left vs right just like they have with gg, #takeaknee everything else. They will slather their frogs and swastikas and black dicks all over every attempt to protest this, scare away the normalfags, and will make the protests fail. And then they will blame us and the jews when it fails and they have to take some extra step to post their Rare Merchants. And shit will just keep getting worse as long as people fall for stupid crap like this.
I hope they get in a fistfight.

I suppose you'd rather keep acting smug than make your point?

We may not be forced but we are coerced to carry the devices though. You need a phone to function as a worker these days. There are all sorts of useful things about smartphones, too (they don't have to be tracking devices). And there are all sorts of addicting systems built into phone apps that keep people "engaged."

Fine then, just don't do nuclear. Not a fan of radioactive waste tbhfam.

As I said
>nearly all deposits are far too sparse to yield any net energy
This is because, while thorium is indeed very common on Earth, most of it is in energetically unprofitable deposits, such as thinly dispersed in granite or dissolved in seawater. For this reason, there are only about 1-2 MT of thorium reserves that can actually be exploited economically.

The thing is, there's absolutely no technical reason why a device like a cellphone has to have a fixed IMEI and IMSI irrevocably tied to your personal identity, with its full chain of continuity permanently recorded by a unified network all in the same entity's hands. Much like the structure and assumptions behind SNSs such as Facebook, or any centralized website where censorship would be at all feasible, the normalization of arbitrary practices are totally indefensible from a technical and moral standpoint are a result of profound self-delusion and apathy on the part of common people at what was once outrageous in concept alone.

A man can dream r-right? I don't want to abandon the nuclear dream reeeee
On a more serious side, I have heard that thorium is so energy productive that even in very very small quantities it yeld abaurd amounts of enery, what do you think about it? Would the scarcity prevent it feom being usable anyway, is it a false thing ecc

Thorium has about as much energy as uranium. Most efficiency figures falsely compare thorium in a breeder reactor, versus uranium in a thermal reactor. This is totally misleading, both because any nuclear fuel can be used in a breeder to multiply efficiency over a hundred times, and because all fuels (including thorium) must be transmuted into weapons-grade plutonium in order for breeders to run at peak efficiency.

oh understood, interesting stuff thanks

might there be a way to filter it from the seawater?

Yes, but all of them cost a too much money (and energy).

Not much this day. I'll post today's news when news user posts the next thread.

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Both Huxley and Orwell are right. We willingly participate, but force is applied where we do not. Also, we may be overloaded with information, but it is only ever information of a particular non-threatening nature. Real information is indeed actively hidden, as Edward Snowden and Brad Manning proved.

Whoa, I just realized that Sandra Bullock's character in Demolition Man was called "Huxley."

Her first names a reference to Brave New World too

hopefully the tech can be refined then, iirc that's part of what held up solar for a while