The Joeish Question

Anybody going to watch this? Should be pretty epic bacon science.

I can't wait to see further celebration of ingenuity and innovation that will be talked about all through the following internet news cycle.

Is there anything to be done about this meathead enabling right wing galaxy brains?

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I can't figure out how he decides whom to interview on his show.

probably what will get him views

Jews make up a disproportionate number of the bourgeoisie, to ignore this is to advocate the liberalization of socialism.

Now that Musk can no longer shrill to eco-libs will he’s shrilling to libertarian futurists.

Wrong thread?
I'll respond to this weird bait, I guess.
The Jewish worker is our friend the Jewish bourgeoisie is our enemy yadda yadda yadda
This has literally been discussed for centuries, and the discussion should have stopped with On the Jewish Question

It's live

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This is basically just an excuse for Joe to keep jerking off to his AI fantasies

More like jerk off Musk. I doubt he'll even bring up the pedo accusations he made against the guy saving the kids.

Okay, you're right.

Meme potential

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did joe say something earlier in the interview that made him mad? why is Elon acting so hostile and distant?

I think he's just autismal. He's not acting different than he normally does, and Joe has been sucking his dick the whole time.

Ah, we finally got to the "rich people defend the police and the military" moment.

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Maybe the most liberal thing I've ever heard.

Says the guy who has repeatedly baselessly called someone a pedophile.

I love how they skirted around that whole thing by talking about how social media is alienating in a very general sense.

I'm watching it now and holy fuck the man is literally assburgers/autism.

I stopped after 10 minutes, is it getting worse? I find it absolutely fascinating how so many hyper-porkies like Musk, Zuckerberg, etc. are anti-social autists.

I can't stand Joe Rogan.
That was so much asskissing it even made Musk a bit uncomfortable

Musk is almost certainly aspie, which is interesting because it really complicates the whole being surrounded by yes men thing. He admits at one point that some of the plans with the Tesla cars were bad ideas, so he's not necessarily a narcissist. IMO he's just a brainlet who got praised too much (and validated by the system) and doesn't have the awareness to realize he's not hot shit.

Combine an aptitude for outside the box thinking (for finding new markets to exploit) and doing numbers with a lack of social awareness and you have a pretty good recipe for a porky. Assburgers and sociopaths are both pretty ideal porkies.

I'm convinced he's a good guy at heart, but just believes in a lot of nonsense. Someone tactful enough could probably walk him through basic Marx. He's interviewed Prof. Wolff and Jimmy Dore. Abby Martin goes on his show pretty regularly. Problem is he's mostly surrounded by righties and he's a porky himself.

Did the stock actually drop 10% because he smoked pot?

The stock market is such a damn joke.

#capitalistfeelsmatter, you fucking insensitive commie

No, it dropped because company executives are rapidly leaving the company which is a red flag that indicates that the company is collapsing.

off yourself