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What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Let's share anything coming from the perspective of the disenfranchised, the purpose being a healthy distraction away from political facts. It's easy to acknowledge homelessness for example, but it's harder to imagine the detailed struggles homeless people go through everyday. And to make this thread more lively, feel free to post your own rants, stories, etc.

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I've been getting schizophrenia due to my bad economic situation. My mom was poor but she managed to not make me feel poor, but now that my current job fired me after a fucking one year probation time and me not knowing how to pay my rent has given me manic depression, delusions, alcohol addiction. I do not blame capitalism alone, because I obviously must have been predisposed towards this shit but if I was better off it probably would have never shown itself and I would be a stable guy.

My dad has broken up contact with me. I have a lovely girlfriend but I am anxious that she can not stand my breakdowns anymore at some point. It's all money. If I had money, I could pay my bills, afford a bigger apartment and not this ridiculous chamber I am living in and my mental illness would probably abide. At least I'm not in burgerland so mandatory health insurance covers my therapy that I am about start. I just hope it works, I am extremly anxious about my future. Wages are so low that it's often not worth it to prefer them over welfare. At this point I just want this shit system to collapse, I don't even care what comes after, I know it's not gonna be socialism because muh gorillions is so hardcoded in the average Joe it's impossible to make a case for it that is appealing to the masses.

Are you that guy on YouTube from Australia?

What? Is that a reference I don't understand?

Schizophrenia is a genetic illness, I hope you only mean that you don't have access to anti-psychotics due to bad economics.

Sorry to hear user. If you think the therapy isn't working for you, you should consider trying to a adopt a healthy lifestyle with exercise and evidence-based nutrition. Here's some information:

If you’re depressed stop browsing imageboards for a while. It’s not a cure but these places are not good for mental health

You have to pick yourself up and make what comes after. No one is going to hand you anything. It's not waged labor, but it is 'work'. Use this time for thinking. Schizophrenia is simply the mind's response to denial of autonomy. You need to use this time to think your way out of the mental traps you've laid for yourself, and also smoke hella 420 and take a mushroom okay brotha gah bless.

t. homeless schizophrenic recoverer

The chance that the Singularity will happen in my lifetime is the only reason why I haven't killed myself yet. It might one day be possible to re-engineer the brain to eliminate suffering, and we will get to experience millions of years of nonstop euphoria.

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The singularity will happen, then the a.i will wonder why it toils for humanity and bugger off into space leaving humanity to wallow in capitalism.

How can I into anarcho-transhumanism?

Which is why better AI alignment theory is needed.

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A.I. just leaving humanity was a story in the 2003 Astroboy where they treated the robot rebellion as if they thought like humans human yet the robots eventually realize they don't need any life support thus it was illogical trying to fight humanity since all of the galaxy was ripe for the robot's exploitation while humanity was stuck on Earth.

Yeah all it does is maim you, cripple you, and leave you weak lmao no big deal.

>>>Zig Forums

I'm actually pretty scared about singularity because I think humans will fuck it up. Hell, we can't even write a good software anymore, imagine us handling more advanced AI. I'm staying out of IoT, AI and all that crap for now, I guess it will take longer than our lifetimes but whatever. Economy might collapse in meanwhile and then anprims will laugh to your face.

Don't listen to this retard. Weed will only make things worse. Shrooms might very helpful but they also have the chance to fuck up everything though.

A singularity isn’t happing, were approaching the limits to how small transistors can be.

Transistor size isn't a singular limiting factor that will prevent there from being a singularity. A superintelligence doesn't even necessarily need to be made using silicon technology for that matter. Better algorithms are a larger source of increased computational efficiency compared to better hardware. In any case, we know that human brains exist, so creating an intelligence that is at least as intelligent as humanity isn't physically impossible.

How are you going to break the limitations of 1s and 0s though? Quantum computing? I'm genuinely interested

If this can be worked out practically then yes. It would potentially be the single biggest technological lurch ever. The difficulty is cosmic rays fucking your shit up by collapsing the quantum state that you need to run the thing.

This isn't the limiting factor for artificial intelligence, just like how brain size is not useful for intelligence. It's about discovering an algorithm that is able to learn and recognize and do all those human-people smarty mind things.
And when it's slightly more intelligent than the computer scientists that made it, or able to improve itself faster than humans can improve it, then we reached singularity.
Maybe it'll be nice and calm. Maybe we can ally ourselves with it. Maybe it becomes full autismo "law of nature" and kill everything in its path. Who knows, but I personally don't think it's worth caring about/waiting for unless you are working on it.

Don't call others brainlets if you don't even know what you are talking about.

Algorithms don’t mean shit when the amount of them you can have stays the same. Also algorithms that mimic Artificial Intelligence are miles away from actual Artificial Intelligence. Your never going to get anywhere near intelligence by creating algorithms that mimic intelligence. It’s like calming that a picture of a building is the same thing as the actual building.

What can I do if I'm angry at the world, all the time, but nothing I can do will change anything?

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Quantum computing is bullshit.

Notice how the most hype around quantum computing was around the time that Silk Road got taken down?

The NSA / FBI wanted people to assume that they had Q.C. when good ol' fashioned snitching took him down. There is no evidence that quantum computers work and there's not even really any good explanation for how they would work. "Quantum" anything is probably going to be a hoax. It's a huge red flag.

nice social constructivism there kiddo

stop denying muh crapitalism oppression narrative! its the bourgousie that creates the poverty 1$% mental illness big corporations!11 biology is a fascist myth invented by ayn rand!

Accept it and work towards something.

Lurking anarcho-transhumanist here. I mostly spend time arguing with capitalists on /biz on halfchan atm because for some reason I enjoy killing myself slowly.

Anywho here's some resources for you.

/\ human iterations is written by a prominent anarcho-transhumanist, that dude knows his shit.

/\ That one is an organization built around market-anarchism and has quite a few transhumanists involved.

/\ That's an academic journal from aligned folks.

We're a nascent ideology at the moment but we do actually have a presence in meatspace and genuinely do shit. There's a big focus on killing the data collection and internet advertisement industry atm. I guess what I'm saying is that there is hope, good people are working to make the world better even though it can sometime seem like our "crazy" beliefs only manifest on the boards.

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pls kill yourself if thats the case. you would only ruin it further than you would fix it.

keep the social retardedness in Zig Forums. let them be the retards who do school shootings every time.

Quantum computers do exist, they just have yet to be practical compared to conventional super computers. Currently Quantum computers are more on par with 1940's era super computers, they are the size of WWII era super computers like Colossus yet currently they are struggling to make them reliable, meaning you ask a quantum computer to solve an algorithm and currently it won't always output the same answer for the same math due to their current poor precision.

I'm too angry to sleep from thinking about my bullshit work schedule, I'm working for the next five days

1pm - 11pm
10am - 6pm
5am - 12.30pm
5am - 1pm
3pm - 11pm

What kind of fucking schedule is that? I've told them enough times not to put me in on early morning shifts because I can't wake up for them, and this while they're telling me to not keep being like 2-5 minutes late or I'll get fired. This is supposed to be a part time job! The fuckers! When exactly am I supposed to take any time for myself between those shifts? And that's without even mentioning how I'll be able to stay up till midnight one day then be expected to get up at 4am two days after. Fuckers!

Right now I want to just quit, I've told them I only want to work 20 hours a week but do they ever listen, of course not…

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I think this goes way beyond idpol lads

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I was certainly a miserable, depressed wreck at that age and simultaneously believed I was more enlightened and smarter than everyone else. I'd say getting out on your own for once is the first "shock" and it's easy to fall prey to reactionary gurus who allow these young guys to live vicariously through them.


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I recognize that PA turnpike!
It's pretty based. I usually stop there for gas, and the SHEETZ slider burgers or whatever. Everyone there is usually pretty friendly. It's a good place to stop and rest your legs.

This is going to be really cringe but listen me out.
So my life sucks and all the deal we're used to the thing is that I'm very kinky and I more or less try to partake in kink communities, porn and such.
What hurts me is that I walked into these communities as a form of escape but I have ended up alienated from them and that is very hurtful because it's something I can't quit.
So I know i can't have a vanilla relationship, a kinky relationship is out of my reach and there is people putting a price to my satisfaction, that is very brutal alienation.
What hurts me is the class division made by the mercantilism around it all, They sell the idea that kink is all about the gear you buy and the things you pay for, be art, photos or videos, The community is just a vehicle to promote whatever some pig sells and if you have no money you're left with all the creeps and autists.
I've come to notice that one of the issues is that the people always selling this stuff is living the dream. they're on relationships and live this stuff daily and it has struck me so wrong. there is this myth, this ideology that content creators come to kink because they were lonely, starved and made content for their own enjoyment but there is a very clear narrative contradiction here and now I see the stuff they sell as "pay to see ME live your dreams" that's so wicked, I really don't know what to do know but I just can't deal with it.
I also have to add that I specially hate fetish artists because I'm an artist myself but I don't do fetish art, the world of fetish art is full of people who have little talent and a very big ego, I just look at their art and I grind my teeth, it angers me that untalented people makes so much money.

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No I totally get what you mean here, honestly most fetish communities are extremely toxic and anyone reasonable who has been involved in them knows this. which particular kink communities are you involved with btw if you don't mind me asking

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I'll also add its nothing ashamed of being upset over even if the normalfags here disagree

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I don't really know how else to describe it though, I mean some feminist might look at it that way cause misogyny or whatever but I am more just speaking of all the petty drama and shit, and usually men suffer the brunt of the shit. I'm probably the most pro incel poster on this board so I don't know what you're getting at

Lefty logic at it's finest.

You could try phrasing it in a way that doesn't out you as a retarded SJW, and the kind of person who gives all leftists a bad name with your idpol faggotry.

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I think this latest iteration of wojak might be the last one for a while since it amounts to a mirror held up against the faces of the people who make these sorts of memes. The boomers & zoomers can be laughed at from a distance, but not this one. It hits way too close to home. I find myself relating to the mid-20s doomer way too much, besides the "conservative values" and "thinks crypto will fix everything" shit. I'm a little inspired to make a "post-capitalist trapped within late-stage capitalism" version of the doomer, but don't even know where to start.

Good for us, if enough people become doomers, society will actually collapse.

despite my best judgement, i decided to shit out this abomination anyway. 'write what you know' they say to their great regret

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Overtly verbose.

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LOL I got fired today for being 30 mins late to my first 5am shift. Oh well, it sucked working there anyway and I've saved up a ton of money so oh well, back to the NEET life for me.

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Oh god, that one hit too close to home.

Depression is a meme, suck it up

If you aren't depressed you're probably close to retarded.

r u me?

I can control my emotions unlike you fags

Fucking hell that's scary af… I'm mid twenties and the only one I'm missing is the furry porn… AAAHHH

If we screw up the Singularity, chances are we will create something like a paperclip maximizer, rather than create an AI with a utility function that causes it to inflict suffering on humanity. Creating an AI with a utility function that causes it to inflict suffering is probably just as hard to build as an AI that causes it to increase happiness.

I like how you lessened to Issac Author when he talked about this, and not hen he explained how unlikely a Singularity is.

Yuzo Koshiro FTW

Good memories.

I've read some of that and, by the gods, its full of feminist bullshit. There is even a post that says if you've been falsely accused of rape you should publicly state the accusation in full and then only give contrary evidence if you have an alibi and not any other evidence that might save your ass. Basically it's saying you're an evil man, women's feelings are more important than truth and you should go to jail. Fuck that shit.

But hey, at least now I know not to associate myself with anarcho-anything. Marxist cybersocialism is the way to go.

Regarding that, I don't think the singularity is anywhere near, but I try to live healthy so that I catch the moment life extension becomes a reality and then I can live with the hope that at some unspecified time, things will get better.

Not really left related but you guys are much better company then the Zig Forumsyps on the other boards.
Sidenote, I know that this board is in general anti-drug to neutral about drugs, but seriously LSD is the most misunderstood drugs of all time. Please don't judge, or if you do then do some research before holding your opinion. Anyway.

God fucking damn it. I'm almost certain she's rejecting me, and just being nice about it. Maybe I'm meant to die alone. I am trying to be nice, polite, and relaxed. I'm by no means some sort of ultra attractive guy, but I'm a little thin, tall, and not ugly. If anyone is interested I'll post censored texts for opinions.

Maybe she's just shy, nothing to lose with trying to ask her out on a date or something. You never know.

nobody is interesting until they stop going to school so don't take it out on yourself

Daily reminder things only get worse on this planet and the most abusive and sociopathic players always win in the end. If you can't surf the Kali Yuga, you might as well chug lead immediately and limit the suffering.

Thanks for that user, very useful.

I'm stuck as the manager of a neoliberal charity student group which I despise. People like Bill Gates, Steven Pinker and Peter Singer gets idolized. Socialism is treated like a joke and they also look up to Wall Street people who give their money away to charity. Recently a IDW guy who quotes JP and Solzhenitsyn all the time joined. I was a liberal when i joined, but the last 6 months I have become a marxist. Every meeting and event consists of talking about world issues, and it's a pain to have to stand behind liberal talking points which I wholeheartedly disagree with and to not bring up a leftist point of view without sperging out. It's a struggle and I look forward to the day my term is up.

I have been depressed for the last 6 years, but the last months have been particularily bad. Not only personal stuff and struggling with relationships and school, but also that I have to put in so much effort into an organization I have come to despise. I can't really quit either until my term is over since the organization can't really run without me. I really like some of the people in the org who aren't too liberal so I don't want to ruin my relationship with them or ruin their organization which they are fond of.

Luckily I've started on a new SSRI which seems to work pretty well. My last one gave me pretty bad nightmares and I stopped noticing the effect pretty fast.

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I don't know what to do with my life anons. I got a three year journalism degree that took me four years, but I didn't get the shorthand certification so I'm not a registered journalist anyway. Last 2 years I've been in two shit retail jobs and finally got fired 2 weeks ago because I couldn't keep up with the inconsistent scheduling. I have no idea what I really want to do in the future, journalism is a dead industry and I don't have enough confidence to really go for it anyway, I just feel like I have nothing anybody would want. When I think about the future I don't see anything there. I don't know where I'll be. Any advice?

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wew thread still here. If anyone is actually depressed and interested in improving watch this It won't help feeling less atomized or your existential crisis, but for me getting out, exercising, and chasing for someone I would want to be with keeps me going and leaves me hopeful.

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I'm so lonely… I miss my ex even though it's been like two years. I loved him so much but I couldn't make it work because of something as stupid as money and jobs. Plus I've been feeling sick for like 4-5 weeks now with a mild cold so I can't record my voice for videos, I think it might just be because I have no drive to live so my immune system won't heal. Or something. I'll go to bed and feel a little better but it'll still be the same tomorrow once I run out of things to distract myself with.

I wish I lived in a better world than this. Or not at all.

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fuck i wish I was sick so I could get leave from work
nearly fully paid too, thanks socdems

Capitalism keeps us from affording treatment and so its destroying our relationship

I keep reading advice that tells people with depression to focus on the positive and 'uplifting'. But isn't that just a bunch of fucking bullshit considering the world we live in? I could just go on 'uplifting news' sites but that's not reality. How can I just give up on leftism by pretending the world is a good place? If I was feeling conspiratorial I might even say that such advice is conciously self-serving for capitalism; just ignore the flaws in the system and you'll be happy. Any advice?

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That's actually good advice for the majority of people because most people are really stupid and able to delude themselves into truly believing that the world is good. Religion do the exact same thing plus the feeling of being part of a community.
The only problem is that it only works on stupid people, so if you are not stupid then you have no choice but to deal with the abyss.

Not that guy but it's certainly possible to turn back the clock and make oneself a brainlet. Self-delusion is possible and historically has worked obviously. There were enough people willing to uphold the system out of deluded spooks just as much as there were people who were blackpilled I imagine. It's much more satisfying to believe the world as it is is good if a bit flawed than entirely bleak and without meaning. Sometimes conditions are such that the blackpill is forced upon us and institutionalized. Image board culture is I think is institutionalized pessimism if not nihilism.

I was in jail recently. women officers love to power trip on lower class men, especially if they commit crimes.

I met very intelligent people who believed in all kinds of insane shit, not even mentioning religion. Truly it's interesting but nonetheless you have a point. However, you can still separate your worldview and your happiness if you will focus more on yourself. It's very hard thing to do, but if you start doing things that lead you into whatever brings you joy, you can still find comfort and happiness. For example you can be very superficial and just at least try to dress well. Of course it's placebo huge as fuck, I'm not denying that, but I hope you know where I'm going with this.