College is a Brain Virus

College graduates are domesticated animals. It grooms you to sell yourself for a meaningless life in a corporate setting. Any alternatives lead to hell, however. After 4 years your brain turns to pork.

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t. retard who never went to college

Your loss OP.

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I know it's useless because I bought into it. You know nothing about me. It's still a bullshit system that churns you up and spits you out.

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I'm reminded of a old video on the subject. The bourgeois educational system is not really geared for the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment due to its underlying role to enforce conformity in students.

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Exactly. It trains people to fall in line.

I’m a college student but that doesn’t mean it’s not a stupid scam to milk us of money in order to give you a piece of paper at the end of it. Most of the stuff I actually cared to learn in my life I’ve learned on my own. In this day and age half the stuff they’d teach you is freely available online to anyone who is interested.

I just graduated this past summer and I completely agree. It's a scam and I've felt shitty ever since graduation for doing my part in carrying it forward.

Basically. It serves two purposes: to train young people to eat shit from their bosses, and to perpetuate the existence of a lower class.

This is true, but I'm convinced autodidacticism is quite similar to homeschooling: generally not as effective as "traditional" schooling. There are benefits in the interactions with peers and feedback from trained professionals that an isolated person can't get. You can download as many textbooks and type responses to as many internet strangers as you want, it's just doesn't give you the same level/kind of cooperation.

This is definitely true in some subjects. Language-learning comes to mind in particular

I can confirm this. Interaction with an expert puts things on a whole new level if the expert gives a rat's ass

i learned absolutely nothing from my peers in college. almost none sincerely cared about the coursework outside of the grades

College was incredibly depressing for me. Not only did I not want to be there (coerced by parents due to mental illness), but the experience confirmed my negative expectations. I went to a polytech school.

In France, university is free and you can study philosophy & history if you really want to acquire knowledge and intellectual tools for politics. Which is what I'm doing.

Luckily I dropped out early, I pity the sheeple who did not

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how do you pay rent? oh wait you must live under petit bourgeoisie parent rules.

nah man. autonomy is the master race. neet is living under the rule of your mom, which we know you hate internally & she is terribly disappointed in you too. Your personalities clash & make the house environment wack & toxic.

Been there been there. I moved. Working towards my absolute autonomy now. It's rough but possible.

Good luck after uni.

You won't have time being neet in working camp when the revolution comes you leech

Tbh if you're REALLY good, you can figure out a career plan for yourself but you need to be among the very best and put huge effort towards that. Obviously competition is fierce and class discrepancies exclude most of society from even partaking in it.

Also worst case scenario, you end up teaching philosophy to high school kids, which is not really as bad as working in the food industry for instance.

You know good and well that true autonomy isn't even possible under capitalism, or else you wouldn't be posting here

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not under capitalist society no. but you know it's possible outside of it & getting out of society isn't even that hard. I'm a construction worker I can build myself a shelter all alone now I need to learn the other skills that go along with it & thats it.

What a coincidence! As a homeless person, I can ALSO build myself a shelter all alone now. What kind of skills are you looking for?

The way you talk it sounds like you are like 16, or at least still a highschooler
Tell me, which country are you from?

someone that knows how to install solar panels or build ecodomes. agriculture is easy I already have friends good at it.

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…this is REALLY easy if you go micrlopower. Less than 3m from me is a 0.1kwh portable USB charger, and you can get USB refrigerators, swamp coolers, lightbulbs, pi running OSMS on an LCD screen, and more. Meanwhile, if you can get outdated tracphone flipphones, for instance, the standard little lithium batteries are narrowly locked between 3.7v (almost dead) and 4.2v. Wire 3 together, hook it to an inverter… you're good.

For the larger stuff, all the work is done by a $20-30USD charge controller. Any voltage in -> controlled charge out. 0.75GWh 12v lithium is available, you could literally run a goddamn city out of a backpack these days.

You can also get microhydropower and wind. Or, ANY 12v motor, turned by something (waterwheel, wind, bicycle) will provide power to your charge controller. The hard part is keeping a series of batteries with energy comparable to a small nuclear bomb dry.

Sorry my solutions tend towards "as a homeless person, I can run a fucking city out of my backpack," but there's a bit about installation power in there. An LM2577 or its clones (about a $3 chip) can step up USB to 12v, also, if you want to join me in that "USB solar -> 0.75GWh backpack" thing. The batteries are about 2kg each, so you're not carrying more than a gigawatt-hour and a half easily.
Not familiar with this trendy term. Explain…

Thats why i do it
Its not so bad if you have a naturally contrarian personality and dont accept everything they teach you at face value.

t. retard who believed the propaganda universities put out to shame people into paying for knowledge they could easily have gotten for free off the internet

I'd be too embarrassed as a human being leeching off of my parents. Living with them is cool but I cant really imagine being a bum and having them carry me around all their life

College isn't about the education its about the connections you make and that little piece of paper which signals to employers that you're willing to participate in their games.

Except in the social sciences, where socdem polisci professors, neoliberal econ professors, and communist anthropology professors struggle for the souls of the youth.

It's never been about the knowledge unless you're in a graduate program. University is a status symbol that you need in order to increase your potential earnings. It's always been that way. If you want to end up self-employed in your life then I'd agree that it's a giant waste of time.

The problem is not college in on itself, but rather that you're going to college to be exploited by a bourgeois scumbag and enslaved to capitalism.

If we were actually living under anarchism/socialism, we'd go to college to become scientists/etc and finally become a type 1 civilizacion on the kardashev scale. Capitalism is preventing this, via consummerism and wasteful profit incentives.

No. Work, education, and leisure would intertwine, to create a rounded life experience in which one's body, mind, and soul could exist in a natural state, free of alienation.

Even pre-capitalism, it was considered normal for skilled trades to train their own workers, with purely academic institutions dedicated to loftier philosophical education rather than base professional skills.

You can sorf of call all pre-capitalist systems as "proto-capitalism". Whether it was feudalism, monarchy, arostocracy, they are all classist systems that exploits peasants/proletarians.

They were all diven by greed and power. Capitalism is simply the ultimate form of classism; the one that classcucks die for.

There’s something seriously wrong with that guy’s skin. He’s still in his 30s right, his skin should NOT look that leathery.

That would be true if we didn't have decentralized technology, something which was never available in history before now. Now you don't need to live by the standards set by severely outdated industrial-scholastic consciousness which trains people for factory life, and the work-a-day world of last century.
One alternative would be to learn and teach skills which enrich your life for ☘️crypto☘️ outside of any centralized structure.

no. that's the carrot on the stick. there are phd's running around with $3 in their pocket. most americans can't afford a $1000 emergency. getting a master's degree doesn't grantee you a job at starbucks. wake up and smell the roses.

I personally don't. Nothing about the knowledge of say, the physical properties of light require me personally to earn a degree in order to obtain that knowledge. We have the internet, stop acting like we don't have access to all knowledge.

my proposed solution is cypher-schools acting as parallel institutions

man this is why I should keep reading… The thing you're missing is that while apprenticeship & labor training like that is individually gratifying, it's still enlightenment -> renaissance value western trash garbage which needs to be purged for a generation or two. Gilles Dauve, Gilles Dauve, read Gilles Dauve.

engineering is a legalized profession, medicine is a legalized profession, law is a legalized profession etc. Good luck working in these fields without the accredited degree required for them.


I'm not an anarkid if that's what you're asking.

Book related is about how graduate school turns people into obedient tools for porkies, but his critique and suggestions are probably also applicable to college before that to a lesser degree. The author recommends going anyway but using some strategies to maintain independent values and thought near the end of the book. Most important of them is finding and organizing with other students who oppose the institution.

(Link since I can't find a pdf, you can read the whole thing with a throwaway account: There's also a free audiobook:

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School Bad

Commies are even worse than socialists.

that isnt true applied to anything that isnt economics or strictly related to, lets call it capitalist ideology. The sciences and humanities are worth studying and do not turn you into a porky. In fact the scientific community is kind of communistic, since all knowledge is shared and always available, not to mention the academic philosophy community which seems to be mostly made of leftists.