ITT: Post your political compass result

Post your result and name your selected ideology.
Mine: Trotskyism-Leninism or De Leonism
Political compass test - ://

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nice spook-o-meter you've got there kiddo

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In the past my results have been straight down. Perhaps a little to the right. Apparently mutualism or illegalism territory.

To think I self-identify as an ML

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I'm pro-Soviet and usually sit close to your position on the chart. It's almost like these false dichotomies are completely meaningless or something, or that political concepts created by Western liberalism are flawed and incoherent. Crazy stuff.

It's always fascinating to see this bizarre human desire to be classified in action. Even though we already know how we think, obviously, people still wish to be surprised somehow by being assigned to some sort of group.

If you're into this bullshit, try astrology. There's no salvaging it from a socialist perspective.

That piece of shit puts anyone besides unironic ancaps and ultra-conservatives in the green usually, even unironic fascists.

ITT: triggered liblefts

I'm ML and can get really tankie at times, yet from my compass I seem like a total anarkiddie

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It's just the test in awfully constructed, the authoritarian-libertarian axis mixes "is one party state good or bad?" with questions related to conservatism vs liberalism. Try to take the test while picking the typically conservative choices like "ban abortion, stone the fags, praise jesus ok" and you will end near the upper left corner.

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I'm not anprim not even in slightest though.

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Too lazy to do the test now, have these Vote1 results instead. And no I'm not a leftcom or a demsoc, you know how these tests work.

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"The individual desires judgment.
Without that desire, the cohesion of groups is impossible, and so is civilization"

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Social anarchy or anarchist communism in general. Specific ideological tendencies are only good for having internet fights.

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pic related

The political compass puts you on "libertarian" when you don't want to put LGBT folk in camps and tie woman to the kitchen. Which is completely retarded. You can be authoritarian and pro-gays and pro-feminism and authoritarian and anti-gay and anti-feminist. I think they just applied the right-wing scale of "more conservative social values = more authoritarian" to the left which tampers with every radical left result. The biggest tankie will get a "libertarian socialist result" unless you are actually a real unironic NazBol.

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>Maoism being this high on the authoritarian scale
Oh wow they really got into Taiwanese propaganda, didn't they

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Because Mao was a consummate libertarian right?

Though I agree Stalinism should probably be higher.

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Wikipedo tier.

MLism is already at the top.

Mao was libertarian compared to Stalin, Hoxha, etc. - it wasn't his fault that a personality cult formed arround him. The Cultural Revolution was ac completely grassroots type of thing. If anything, Mao should have been a bit more authoritarian especially during the Great Leap Forward.
"Stalinism" isn't even on the compass, are you sure you are not full of shit, Muke?

There is a slight difference between pancake man's council communism and Luxemburg, and we have no way of knowing how Luxemburg's thoughts would have implemented itself in Germany so I think the term is okay-ish.

My biggest issue with this "current" is that there've never been any organisations which claimed to be Luxemburgist or otherwise put her works at the pedestal to the extent they could be called Luxemburgists in denial, unlike eg. Stalin(ML) or Trotsky. Personisms in general are cancer, but that's another issue altogether.

Only if we use the ancap redefinition of "libertarian", if we're using the original meaning it's a binary rather than a scale and both ML and MLM are authoritarian. We see the same issue with socialism, where anyone who isn't a lazy fairy purist is socialist despite wanting to keep capitalism.

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I don't like to label myself but would say I'm between leftcom and ancom.

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Anyone who takes these tests seriously is either a high-schooler or a retard

tor users can't upload files but i get somewhere in left libertarian everytime

Neither of the axes measure anything coherent or meaningful. These results have no interpretation.
You can say it's fun, but I can't really see that myself. Maybe listing or talking about oneself and one's views in enjoyable, but I don't see that as a tendency in need of reinforcement either.
In the end, participating in this is just giving in on redefining important words to fit a libertarian bias.

Anarcho Communist/Syndicalist

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Compass isn't the best tbh

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This is now a political compass meme thread

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I scored economic: -10.00
social: 0.82

Used to be much higher on the authoritarian scale but my experiences with "authority" has generally led me to believe that good leaders who can exercise authority objectively, impartially, and without serious errors are rare. More often than not someone given unchecked authority will almost always use it to pursue their own individual interests even if it means ruining their own party / country.


This but unironically.
Lgbt shit is bourgeois perversion and just flat out disgusting tbh

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There has to be something better than politiscales. It's a step up from the awful political compass but still…

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my latest, I broadly identify as a Sorelian, but theologically I follow a modified form of Postive Christianity that sees Islam as a strong ally.

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what I get:

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Your mom should stop paying for the internet, if I knew your mom I could call her & show her your posts. Tell her that the internet is the real reason why you're so friendless irl so she forces you to go out more often tbh.

Actually the proper compass wouldn't have a libertarian left. Read Engels

Stop being autistic.

We need to destroy the homosexual identity, but more because it is a threat to individuality.

a "political test" wouldn't have a free side to it because politics are ultimately the subjugation of a higher class upon a lower class.

But this one. This one gets it.

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No, faggot. another dogwhistle. stop being a nigger. you happy?

speaking of which…..I bet some faggot is gonna call me a "turd positionist"

you idiots have more dogwhistles and wordfilters than pol and that's saying a lot. not that I like pol, too many pro-Trump morons.

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Third-positionist schizophrenic edgelord detected

nah there is no "3rrd positionism", there's just capitalism. And that's what you are, just a dumber one

Thx u2 bby

Damn this thing really makes me feel like a centrist.

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I'll just call you what you're in reality tbh

a lonely retard with authoritarian dreams but can't even get himself to go out on a Friday night to make friends, you know connections. How pathetic lol

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I'm an ancom myself.

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That's nice. Nobody cares.

You're probably oversocialized as well. Who gets into fringe ideologies if they have friends, ponder me that …..


Your ideology is simply 'I am evil and totalitarian DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD'
what disappoints me about many third postionists is that they are often NOT socialism but kill niggers lol, most of the time it is that 'uhhhhhhhh, I want a white ethno-state, but also black ethno-state in the US, uhhhhhh' which actually is the gayiest postion there can be,

still me

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I guess Social Democracy. I believe in private property, more or less, a progressive tax code, a progressive approach to economics and corporations. I'm vehemently anti-abortion. I'm an environmentalist. I believe in single-payer universal healthcare. I'm cool with gays and I like weed. I'm anti-censorship (that includes corporate censorship), anti-propaganda, and anti-surveillance. And, I'm anti-war.

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