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3Division put out another video showing off their upcoming game Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic.
I'm kinda intrigued with how they seem to have the game economy.

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Video games are petty bourgeois consumerist garbage

Video games are a medium like any other.

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Game seems crude but I appreciate the effort.

sidewalk dlc is gonna be sicc

You niggers should play TacOps, ARMA, Close Combat, and Combat Mission. They don't replace real world training, but they are an asset to showing things in a visual manner.

t. brainlet anprim

What is the game in second image?

Kremlingames next game Mao's Legacy.

Kremlin games are so based

misread that as 'brainlet sperm' all day until just now

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no he's correct

Only if we accept that literally every post-feudal passtime is also inherently bourgeois garbage, including but not limited to; film, recorded music, football, this imageboard, stamp collecting, et cetera.

that's cool.

Someone's surely already made an idle/clicker game satirizing capitalism, right?

I can't be the only person to have that thought

What does Zig Forums think of Hatred?

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Looking for people to play Supreme Commander Forged Alliance online. I also play Osu! (taiko mode) and Dark Souls.

its a game

It is edgy for the sake of being edgy and has a plot as deep as your average porno. Also in the later levels you have to cheese the A.I. to beat the game.

Very realistic graphics, I have yet to see the ugliness of a place be so accurately displayed.

I fucking love it.
I wish there was a sequel.

Isn't it already a sequel?

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Looks like they added sidewalks.

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As ex army, I'm skeptical and I don't think combat can be conveyed adequately on a screen.

I actually quite like it, look at all the grass.


Someone tell 3Division 'money' is singular and 'moneys' is plural.

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dead meme

oh sick I might actually look into it

Goddamn, that looks good, like a cross between Tropico and SimCity. Let's just hope that the gameplay is up to snuff.

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To me it seems like Tropico with an emphasis on heavy industrialization. The Tropico games limited you to mostly an agrarian economy with resource extraction. Workers&Resources on the other hand from what I gather, seems to be geared more to building the means to further industrialize further then Tropico would allow.

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Give Kenshi a try. I have about 350 h in this game and it rocks!
You can beat up slavers and get eaten by cannibals.

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This is the worst timeline



You should try Atom RPG

agreed reconquista was a mistake

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Morocco is a shity nation there the only country in MENA (besides Israel) who supports Isreal over Palestine. Fuck them. There traitors to the rest of Pan-Arabism. They need to be annexed by Algeria.

Yes like any other country in the maghreb, due there material conditions of the region and the Makhzen & royal family fucking everything around
wow you're ignorant of the Geopolitics in the region of the last 50 years ?
Turkey,Jordan,Egypt,Lebanon,Saudis dogs all trade with this rogue state.
Moroccan people support the Palestine cause, Moroccan doctors and soldiers are deployed in Gaza.
Also citation fucking needed.
Panarabism is as empty as is ideology.
a failed state will annexed a another failed state.

And you people call yourselves commies?

Atomic Heart is an action RPG with FPS elements set in the alternate version of the USSR . Technological revolution powered by Communism has already happened: robots, the Internet, holograms and other futuristic stuff make everyday life of the Soviet citizens better & brighter. These great technological advances are made at special facilities placed all over the country.
The world of Atomic Heart consists of several regions with different biomes. On the surface and under the ground you will meet exotic mechanical creatures designed to serve the needs of people, for some reason turned into combat-ready killing machines.

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I am still baffled, to be honest

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That looks interesting but I'm more interested in a strategy/management game that lets me industrialize a nation to greatness. The Geopolitical simulators by Eversim are buggy messes with horrible UI (where just keeping track of your economy is far more work then it needs to be). Supreme Ruler is more focused on war like Hearts of Iron, leaving Kremlin Games that are good yet the low production value shows (yet they are getting better).

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I want to make open source video games but all the ideas I have are too much for a single man to do.
I really want to meet people who wants to make open source video games and try to collaborate on something.

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You lads gonna get Red Dead Redemption 2?

Legit question, what would be the point of video games in "full communism"?

It is ritten by Dan Houser.
So I just assume, that the game is even slower and more decelerated than the last Rockstar game.
I doubt Rockstar would allow him to make the main character as unsympathetic as he did with GTA 5 though. But he will die. Dan House loves to show the world that he has a midlife crisis, and we are not allowed to have fun anymore, so the protag will die and he'll be replaced by a fella named Jack. It happened in two Rockstar games already, why not a third time?

So we will have a beautifully detailed world on which 3000 people worked backbreakingly, which will be ruined by one man's hack writing, which will make you scream out WHAT A WASTE.
Just like GTA V, just like LA Noire, just like RDR 1, just like Max Payne 3, just like GTA 4

You learn things better if you play them.

Legit question, what would be the point of football in "full communism"?

No thanks I have standards.

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Maybe I'll get a used copy from gamestop or something eventually, but I ain't about to give money to a company that was bragging about running a sweatshop.

It's a mix bag with me. I have never been so interested and uninterested in something my entire life. I wanna get it, but at the same time I don't.

GTA 5 was absolute ass everyone could tell you that. The gameplay was great story was a bit all over the place. And the multiplayer is basically whoever is the richest in the lobby, rules it. I fucking hate sharkcards and the new vehicles they added.

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Also yeah, I won't be getting the '100 hour a week' game (westerns are boring as shit anyways) but we should talk what I just saw about the other 'big release',

Bethesda games have finally reached their logical conclusion

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Does anybody actually read those things?

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Geopolitical Simulator 4:Power & Revolution has some good ideas with horrible execution. The big stumbling block (other then bugs) is the shit UI where the game can't even properly display industrial growth with graph so you can see the growth of say your steel industry over time. Hell even finding out who you are embargoing and on what sectors is broken. Then there is the fact the only way you can nationalize industries is to buy your way into the sector, you can't expropriate them (even though you can install a communist one party state). Finally you can't peacefully assimilate bloc members like you can Realpolitiks if they have good enough relations with you.

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Postal is a great game.

What's the point of anything, really?

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You know it's true.

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My god that looks absolutely gorgeous.
I must admit I am a sucker for Soviet punk.

I would really enjoy a open world, murder simulator. Much like this without all the black metal school shooter edgyness this game tried to cater to. Sort of a mix between gta and hitman, sandbox game, where you can kill anyone.

I thought this was a bioshock sequal.

Also, are you really a ancap?

Dev update on Mao's Legacy

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Is population just a number of identical people or does age distribution also matter? If just the former, that's already enough to have some simple effects like the mentioned bigger army and also entering some crude Malthusian limit if the natalist policy gets too extreme (food requiring more than a proportional increase in work because you are now also working on less fertile land).

But it gets really interesting when you add a three-bracket distinction according to age: too young to work - right age for working - too old. Since everybody needs to eat, the age distribution can be a big factor in booms and busts.

Not sure, we'll have to wait and see. Speaking of which soon we can play Albania in Ostalgie.

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Shieeet, they also made Czechoslovakia and Hungary playable, added Czechoslovak music and I think the other countries got music update as well!


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As much as I want to like Ostalgie, it's really fucking lame to be dropped in 5 months before the peaceful revolution and being told "fix this btw your main option is something in between Juche and getting Allende'd, assuming you don't get cannibalized by NATO and Gorbachev first"

Should it be anything goes? There's a fundamental conflict between having even a small dose of realism and games as wish fulfillment. Decent piece about that issue:

Same. But won't commit bc other things in life.
Just do small projects for now. Never get rusty. Always be busy coding something. Do something that can be shared as a demo to get people interested and want to collaborate.

Do any of these political/economic "simulation" games even implement a physical input-output table? By that I mean having lists of what ingredients are needed in which proportions to make one unit of a particular thing, and that these proportions aren't set in terms of dollars. Just like a recipe doesn't list amounts of ingredients in terms of money. How often you make the dish is affected by the price of ingredients, and a very high price gives you also an incentive to look for alternative variations (researching tech), but a recipe doesn't change by itself when prices change. Even a highly aggregated toy model would be OK.

Many of these games, especially small-budget ones, seem to use something not much deeper than a multiple choice test where you have to figure out what the dev believes. There's a bunch of topics, each topic has a bar that fills up and when it's full, it triggers something good or bad to happen. You get some questions and each answer has data associated with it to change how full the bars are (on answer can have +1 for popularity and -1 for sustainability, etc.). The little bit of depth that's there comes from concealing some of the bars and some of the value changes associated with the answers. I understand that you can't simulate everything, so if I were to design such a game, I would also fall back on that method, but I don't see the appeal of games that seem to be almost purely made from that.

Tropico. El Presidente's cloth factories need so much cotton and wool to make so much cloth (which must then be transported to the cloth factory by teamsters), and his garment factory needs so much of the resulting cloth to make clothing. Likewise, steel mills need so much coal and iron from mines (or expensive imports) to produce so much steel whic can then be made into other things at other factories. It does the same thing with several or
ther resources and their various resulting commodities. The most recent Tropico has various stages of capitalist development that the island progresses through (colonial resource extraction -> industrialization -> post industrial). It is funny that it is a comedy game that gets economy right.

It requires a certain sense of ruthlessness from you.
There is a reason why winning as reformist gives you the madman achievement.
And in the end you need to remember it's a Russia-core game. A game hard to get into, but once you are in, it's easier. That's why they love HoMM and Dota.

You can comprehend, where it came from, into what the product was transformed and where it end up used to.
Achieved a One World government in 2, almost all my territories gained statehood but since every state now had factories, my game ran like shit until around 1900 it broke and refused to run anymore.

No. The don't even met their own requirements they set for themselves.

This is what RDR2 wants to be

This is what RDR2 actually is

Y'all seen this shit? >>>/v/15785896

Bethesda's chickens are coming home to roost finally.

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3Division has put out a 19 minute video of their upcoming game Worker & Revolution (too long for me to post a webm) so here is the link.

I'll never understand the whole "Fuck you! It's impossible to refund a PC game. So we ain't gonna do jack shit" thug ass position developers take. It's not only doable but unethical to deny it. They need to cut that shit out.

That looks a whole lot like Tropico. Tropico is fun as hell, so I will give this a chance when it comes out.