So this is the 2020 DNC frontrunner…?
so this is the 2020 DNC frontrunner…?
embrace yourselves

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you guys think trump is not gonna use these images against the Dems? they are so fucked. just wish they both fall together…

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This is leftpol, not liberalpol. Democrats aren’t left. Biden’s handsiness with kids is pretty funny though. Can’t wait for Trump to insult him to that effect.

Biden is old as fuck. Would be 82 by the end of his term, which means he presumably would not run again, which means the Dems would forfeit their chance of an incumbency bonus in 2024.

Also I suspect many Dems will conclude from 2016 that they need to nominate someone with brown skin to get minorities to turn out. They will try to win using the 2008 formula - racial politics plus vague left-wing appeal to neutralise the socdem wing of their party.

He looks much healthier than Hillary did during her campaign.
But your right that the dems wont win unless they choose another black candidate.

I expect them to push Booker or Harris harder.

If Bernie Sanders isn't /ourguy/ 2020 who will be?

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Reminder that Biden said Shrillery didn't need Sanders voters in 2016, so he shouldn't need them in 2020 either :^)

Hauptmann Lehmann-Willenbrock?

yes, there is admitedly a lack of neon green, silver dollar-sized goobers in that pic

I mean I'm M-L but have you watched the video?

Sanders burned away all his good faith when he refused to challenge the massive voter suppression and election fraud during his own Primary. Why would anyone waste their time and energy supporting him again expecting him to do that same shit again? He served his purpose but his usefulness is done now. The next /ourguy/ won't come out of the Democratic Party.

Can't really get mad at a guy for liking cunny. Biden 2020!

fuck off from this and other threads you're falseflagging, pedo

It's a joke, fam. I don't really think Biden is a pedo either.

The Dems are in a tricky situation. They used idpol to try and stir up people to vote for them, but it’s backfired. If they pick a white candidate minorities won’t vote for them. And if they pick a minority candidate they lose lot’s of poor whites. And the only people who can look past the idpol are leftist who don’t like them anyways. Hope they die. I’m voting for the American Party of Labor in 2020 and everyone should vote for a smaller socialist party.

We need to fight as caucuses within the Democratic primary, 3rd parties are fundamentally worthless under FPtP.

The only alternative attack vector is replacing FPtP with PR using the direct ballot referenda system in place across 26 states. Due to the structure of the US federal constitution, this might even be able to make votes from those states in single-winner federal elections (congress/president) subject to IRV. Also, PR/IRV measures would be attractive to rightists, centrists, and leftists alike, making them easier to sell to voters.

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rofl fuck off, nothing has been more useless than this strategy of attempting to "reform" the Democratic Party over the last century.

Instant runoff voting is also a shitty alternative to plurality voting; it contains significant enough tactical voting incentives that unless you get it with proportional representation it still succumbs to two-party domination just like plurality voting. Since proportional representation in America is a significantly more difficult reform to obtain than voting reform (especially at the federal level), IRV is not the stepping stone to proportional representation that its proponents make it out to be. Voting reform advocates (which should include everyone organizing third parties) should push for genuinely more expressive and less tactical voting systems like Approval or Score voting if they actually want a functioning multi-party system.

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Except that the Dems constantly purge leftists in their Party

Third Parties are a protest vote that lowers stability in the system. Besides If I had to vote either Democrat or Republican I’d vote Republican. Tariffs are cool causes their reindustrializing America and will make class struggle in the future more possible.

They don't really work that way, tariffs are mostly about enriching American capitalists.

Look, we don't have to be nice about this. In fact, we should be as nasty about it as possible, pushing fraud cases into court and getting scum like Clinton in jail where they belong. Here's a classic article I highly endorse, and feel to be quite relevant still:
…are completely worthless. If you want to vote/campaign, do so using whatever strategy will result in electoral victories for at least some part of your platform. And don't pretend that parliamentary activity is mutually exclusive with activism outside the voting booth.
Sorry about that, you're absolutely correct. My basic point is that FPtP must be eliminated, I also agree that an eventual shift away from organizational structures that require single-winner elections is also highly desirable.

Tariffs are about closing the offshore sweatshop spigot. Combined with cutting migrant quotas, they're key to empowering organized labor both at home and abroad.

That's nonsense, leftists shouldn't have any illusions about bourgeois electoral sabotage, the point of politically independent campaigns is it's an avenue for building class consciousness. Organizing under the thoroughly bourgeois liberal party like the Democrats is just a stamp of approval for the system.

If you mean voting for Stein in 2016 instead of Mickey Mouse, okay. If you mean voting for Shrillery because she isn't de ebil Doland Blrmph, no.

That is some "ethical consumption under capitalism"-tier moralizing bullshit, the point is to change material conditions through legislation.

I voted Trump for president, straight democratic ticket for everything else, to keep Clinton from strangling the wave of populism that could overturn the neolib/neocon pseudoconsensus dominating politics since the 1970s. It seems to have worked, so far.

where the fuck do I say approval of the system has to be a thing? I'm saying Stein winning on some Putney Swope offchance, or getting a decent percentage of the vote, would be more productive than Mickey Mouse winning.

Sadly, the Greens have never come close even to the threshold needed for guaranteed campaign funds in the next election. The one area where 3rd parties are theoretically viable, local races (seriously, one well-connected person's social circle can win a civic council or mayoral vote in a disturbingly large number of places) still produce an astonishingly weak showing, with the Greens accounting for just 158 officeholders, and all 3rd-parties put together with probably far less than 1000 between them.

This might be so. However tariffs are only helping the American NATIONAL bourgeois. There harming the American INTERNATIONAL bourgieous who makes super profits off of imperialism in the third world. And by destroying America’s Imperialist power the American Bourgeois will have to rely on exploiting there own prols. Which is not nearly as profitable. Also it will make class struggle easier because American prols won’t get imperialist benefits so they will benefits more from overthroughing Capitalism.

We only need one or two socialists in Congress to agitate for socialism.

If enough people get sick of the false dichotomy between the Republicrats and the Demopublicans, they may protest-vote Green.

Reminder imperialism has never benefited proles of any nation. Those cheap commodities from offshoring come at the cost of a labor market so deflated that real wages relative to commodities have been stagnant or shrank for 1st-worlders.

There is no real advantage to contesting the field against Republicans too, instead of restricting our first rivals to the Democrats. In fact, there is a significant advantage, in that once control had been attained the structure of party primaries has zero legal obligation to be FPtP, and could be switched to something more democratic with a simple DNC motion.

Yes, I'm sure the billionaire Porky political machine will leap at the chance to implement a system that would undercut their power, as would the autistic-screeching SJWs and idpolers. You go try to conquer Hell, I'll keep trying to get Stein to 5%. Also there's no reason you can't do both.

Legit point

Put your rose back on.

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I wasn't using any flag, I told you I can't because I have Pozzscript disabled. The only posts I've ever made here haven't had flags. It's weird, they're required for posting on one of the Star Wars boards and I can get em to work there.

Just because you vote, doesn't mean you can't do anything else too.

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We despise both demoshits and cuntservaturds. Same shit, different asshole.

The problem aren't democrats or republicans. They are the symptom. The problem is capitalism, as always.

Voting is meaningless. Organize, syndicalize, unionize, arm yourselves against the bouregois and the pigs. That's leftism.

You've convinced me user, democracy is cancer.

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