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Is anyone else keeping their eyes on Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters? For those unaware of brainwashed by right-wing propaganda, the EFF is a South African Marxist-Leninist party with inspiration from Fanon, Sankara and others. They are internationalist, anti-imperialist oriented, pro-feminist and anti-racist.


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"We are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now"
"Shoot shoot, shoot the Boer!"
"Go after a white man… we are cutting the throat of whiteness"
-Julius Malema, leader of the EFF

What did he mean by this?

Kill the Boer, kill the farmer" was sung by none other than Mandela himself, after he was released from prison and emphasized national reconciliation. That's because it isn't a song against whites, it's a song against Apartheid. The National Party based its identity around the idea that God himself gave Boers permission to rule South Africa and to have control over its best land. The "Boer" in this context is the overall system.
Its lyrics torn from their context can be used against whites, but in context it's another way of saying "give Black people their land back," which is one of the stated goals of the EFF.
What does whiteness mean in this context? Undoubtedly for anyone familiar at all with the EFF beyond crying about supposed racism, it means white supremacy

Are you daft or hopelessly romantic? I’m not a fan of Apartheid or Boers, but historical revisionism is not good either. The whole issue of Apartheid is connected to race. You can’t have one without the other.

the South African government is a government of people who have risen from oppression themselves, I unironically do not care if they want to kill white people

Oh you mean the context where "black people" never "owned" that land in first place

Or more the context where a few black people profit from this farce immediately selling or leasing the land to the next best foreign bidder for 100 years

Oh, wow. Commie or hypergeoist?

Rising from oppression does not give you the right to be an oppressor. Look up what Fred Hampton said about Papa Doc or stop calling yourself a socialist.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Yeah, amazing guy
GTFO with your millionaire socdems

Or the context where the majority of landowners are black in some parts of the country, and racalized rhetoric of any kind is incompatible with a class struggle?

we don't want baboons

I don't like the EFF, they openly flirt and use black-nationalist rhetoric that calls for racial violence. Regardless of your personal edginess levels, I cannot stand by any group that calls for identitarian violence, incites identitarian hatred, let alone call them communist.

Hard mode for replies: China claims it is socialist, I dont care about their manifesto I care about their actual actions. For example, land expropriation from rich farmers is fine, expropriating land from farmers because they are white, and giving it to black farmers (thereby not destroying the class structure of society) is not okay, especially since it just feeds reactionary groups and identitarian ethnonationalist groups.

Spreek iemand hier trouwens afrikaans (ek spreek hollands maar afrikaans is byna dieselfde), of is julle allemaal gore engelssprekers? Of erger, amerikaners?

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EFF is nazbol as fuck. Neck deep into idpol, constantly use thinly veiled fascist and black supremacist rhetoric. If they ever came to power, all r*ghtoid myths about "Wh.ite Genocide" would probably become realities.


contrary to popular stupid internet meme belief the National Bolshevik Party is actually anti-racist. it's a meme that they are racist…

do some research.

I see, their primal struggle of the Eurasian race against degenerate international cosmopolitan elements is the anti-racist one.

Nazbols, as in the actual Nazbol party in Russia, are civnats and renounce racism. The whole Eurasians vs wh*tes thing is the product of Dugin.

And they probably also released a statement stating they're for the love and brotherhood of all mankind..

Since they are disciples of Frantz Fanon (the same guy that Malcolm X based his theory on), "whiteness" has a very specific meaning, particularly in regard to apartheid. It is the conceptual polar opposite of "blackness." Both "whiteness" and "blackness" refer to the social perception of all things civilized (whiteness) in contrast to all things uncivilized (blackness). It is this perception to which Fanon's followers are opposed. It is notable that the Black Panther Party was also influenced by Fanon's writings. Bobby Seale refered to the artificial social distinction between "blackness" and "whiteness" in this context.

and how about "shoot the boer" lol

So tired of westerners being illiterate tards, nazbols were never racist or ethnic nationalist they promoted multhiethnic empire. We have Russian ethnic nationalists/nazis in Russia who at odds with nazbols because they want pure Russian ethnostate in the historical territories while nazbols wanted a federation with all the untermenschen together with russians.

Why would you support a black supremacist meme party, when the actual Communist party of South Africa is quite powerful and even has several elected members in government?



The south african """communists""" are as communist as Chinese """communists""". Read Naomi Klein/Shock Doctrine for more info.

can you please give me a tl;dr? (about the SACP, not the entirety of shock doctrine obviously)

Killing land-grabbing bosses? Let's hope that they kill the lot of them.

Wasn't the ORIGINAL NazBol party an IRL shiposting group on par with the Pirate Party, Beer Party, or Monster Raving Loony Green Giant Party, but with the typically edgy Russian twist?

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Not it was a serious political party/movement born from the strange conditions that was 1990’s Russia. Where he traditional left right political spectrum broke down. And the “left” were a bunch of social conservatives, and the right were a bunch of western venture fund capitalists looting the country. Not even exploiting prols for there labor, bust straight up stalling industrial equipment and selling it to other countries. What happened in 1990’s Russia was comparable the Romans sacking Carthage. So the Communists and Nationalists aligned to oppose that.

It’s an anti-apartheid song. Did Mandela want to commit white genocide too? Fragile white retards like you sperg out for opposing apartheid


different user, the shock doctrine doesn't talk about the SACP at all but it does mention South Africa.
tl;dr is that after the fall of Apartheid the whites in South Africa still held most of the wealth and had accumulated massive amounts of debt while still owning all of the most valuable private property and land in the country. Mandela and the ANC ended up accepting the IMF and neoliberal economic reforms during negotiations in exchange for political power in parliament. this meant they were legally prevented from doing land redistribution and were forced to accept an independent central bank that was pro IMF and run by a former member of the Apartheid government rather than anyone in the current administration, preventing the ANC from enacting the economic reforms they promised under the Freedom Charter.

Malema is a fuckin pussy

Boers still deserve it thou.
Dutch are subhumanoids

The ANC was always pro-privitization. If they weren’t why would they accept IMF reforms. They didn’t have to. If the ANC kept to the highly nationalized economy that Apartheid South Africa had South Africa would be fin right now.

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No they aren’t. Your thinking of Anglos.


No, both the blacks and Dutch deserve it because let's not play favorites and the dutch are water joos.

I wonder what is behind this post

that's a really simplistic way of thinking, most countries don't want to accept IMF reforms but they almost always end up getting forced to.
I'm not going to say that the ANC was blameless but i don't think they intentionally betrayed everyone either.

There's nothing about a multi-ethnic empire that contradicts with being racist. You're confusing literacy with taking people on their word.

Nukes. Posadism.

Now explain to be what "Go after a white man" means?

they already did you illiterate mongrel

Back to Zig Forums, the world is not a video game

Going after "Whiteness", or white suoremacy (which was a self defense mechanism against various non whites who tried to conquer Europe, including black Moors and Barbary slavers) is not the same thing as specifically going for white men.

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They talked about "whiteness" and "blackness" but not the part where Malema specifically talks about singular white men. Anyone else remember when we didn't fall for this idpol shit?

Lol, china probably runs that shit.
Look at thoe overlap of areas with high mineral content and the areas of farm siezures.
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You Zig Forumsyps truly are fucking retarded, your white supremacy doesn't exist outside of the US, and the only reason for that is because you all are some sort of mystery meat mongrels that feel ashamed because of their family.

If EFF had any balls they'd go after foreign-owned mines rather than rando farmers. If you want to know who is causing the corruption and profiteering in SA, look no further than Rio Tinto and Gina Rinehart.

You could say the same thing about 90% of Communist parties that have ever existed, just replace China with the Soviets

False. The reconquista began immediately and knights from all 3 of the major order participated. Not to mention the Crusaders had already Beaten the Muslims before 1215. In fact if the crusades didn't happen the Muslims may have killed Genghis Khan