Worst Zig Forums posters?

I've been lurking leftypol for a while and recently started posting cause the Stalinists were becoming unbearable with their bullshit. Post screenshots of retarded posters and their arguments so that we can all laugh.

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Body Odour
Ebil Gaymurr Falseflag Guy who I ran into that one time I got drunk and accidentally started posting there instead of here one night last week, if that's his regular thing
Chinaboos/$.50 Army
when Rafiq shows up to shill his own posts, him

They are some of the few leftists who aren't hypocrites though. I think you meant to post a pic of an anarchist.

stfu nigger tanktards are literally the worst

body odor doesn't even post much afaik.
dengposter is OK. at least he tries to back up arguments with evidence.
rafiq's clone is fucking annoying and he has derailed a couple of threads with his insanity.

there's a stalinstache poster who is really fucking stupid and rarely contributes anything except shitposts.

lol, the "tankies" are willing to quote sources from right-wing historians if it can somehow make their daddy stalin look better.

Is the hapa pastafag butthurt about burgerland because Steve McQueen got replaced by male models still around? He was bad.
The tranny stache was retarded.
That tripstache was dumb.
Gingeet wasn't funny and only produced shit.
I haven't been by in months so I assume all posters are shit, those are just the ones I remember being exceptionally bad and who likely still frequent the board.

A bit offtopic, but for anyone still scabbing on trannypol, is one of my favorite posters, the British SocDem nostalgic, still posting there?

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You mean Karen Kujo? He dropped by a couple days ago saying he doesn't regret quitting the board but gave an update on his life situation and organizing at work.

yes, but everything they post is shit

I thought he was a site-wide problem or endemic to REEEEEE9k, or a copypasta

That one stacheposter who is a NEET and Jim Profit fan recently got banned over there. Its honestly pretty sad since he was one of the only people who stood up to the BO and other moderators on that board. Apparently expressing any solidarity towards incel/m.g.t.o.w./MRA and being anti moderator is bannable there now

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Are you saying that you aren't that poster?

imagine not being a Jim Profit fan

tankies tbh everyone agrees with this lol.

I'm a bat'ko fan

Why would you be a bat'ko fan in 2018 honestly

What do you think?

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gooks pretending waving a red flag makes them socialist

Any of the ultradogmatic "marxists" who proudly call themselves materialists but then refuse to analyze any empirical historical events.

These are the sort of people who say to not talk to US army vets for being "imperialists" while waxing about the importance of "organizing the working class" like Lenin did without a clue how hypocritical and ironic it is.

This pretty much
Those retards are on par with Antideutche morons

Telling vets who lost there buddies in war that THEY are imperialist just turns them off. Bu telling them how THEY were exploited by the war machine is a good way to organize them. Don’t hate on vets. It isn’t them that the war happened. They were brainwashed by Porky propoganda.

Nah, he was a pastafag who claimed to have a kid and a cushy job.

he got permabanned

Dengist Leninhat gets BTFO all the time and tries to back up his arguments with sources so I don't mind him. It's not like Dengists are about to take over the board like the Twitter ML bubble. However, there is a Khmer Rouge poster that is also a Dengist and is full on retarded. I like the tankie from the Cockshott thread. Honestly that thread is one of the best things about Zig Forums, that and the recent Venezuela thread which had two actual Venezuelans posting who live in the country.

And yeah, that German Stalinstache is uber-autistic and super angry all the time, and that Stache poster that is a Jim Profit fan or Jim profit himself is also kinda annoying, he posts here under bizarro NazBol. Almost as if posting under the stache makes you retarded, I remember the times, over a year ago, there was a tripfag stache that actually managed to argue and form coherent senteces until he got banned. He's at /marx/ now. I wish Ismail would come out of his torture chamber and start posting here, he argues with libs on reddit all the time.

The problem about the army situation is that the US army currently is a professional, mercenary army and not a people's army. As long as there is no conscription, the military will only form reactionaries. Which is the difference to 1917, the Russian army was made up of poor, conscripted peasants who had no choice in the matter, obviously you need to organize these guys. Some knucklehead wehraboo types that join the military in Western countries will never be sympathetic to socialism, and also, American soldiers are welfare queens, actively profiting from the military industrial complex.

that why so many of them are homeless or an hero?

Wait the stache that posts tomoko and bizarro NazBol aren't the same person?

The US has soft conscription, where poor rural guys join the military because it’s the only job available.

The Stalinstache that avatarfags with tomoko and the one who loves extreme metal and Jim Profit are different people. People just get them confused because they are both NEETs and like to post anime reaction images. I think the tomokostache is trans too.

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also that one Leninhat was insufferable to the point I couldn't tell ifhe was right or not

good posts, ricecom.

No said anything about me?

Worst posters on leftypol and even here, are the anarchists. They have no theory to discuss among themselves so they shit up ours with their autism

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opinion. ;*

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The BO of leftypol is a bi polar jew, which explains a lot.

Jim profit likes trotsky
But he has said that MLs fighting with eachother over dead fags are stupid

Some people call him Frankestine
There is also the brit(i think) book poster he does trigger the tankies some times
And that junko poster appears(there are many junkoposters i think)
The weird russian nationalist tank disappeared

Also lets not forget BPP,the GOP elephant and that satanist guy

"Baboon Odor"

i heard that jim profit once touched a small boy.

This. Poor rural whites and black/Hispanic kids from the ghetto form the rank and file of the US Army.

wilsonposter was the best poster on the site

na he is a fucking leaf


Swedish socdem incel

That's one of the best posters tho

Those are bad on there own, together they're pure shit

I see you haven't been enlightened as to the horror that is the sexual free market. I was like you too once.

yeah, it was you

Its hard not to
The scandinavian incels make everything about there virginity

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That's rude :\

t. whore

If by pure shit you mean /r/tendies and thereby the only good subreddit

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Because It's a meme that formed at the end of WWII and ended at the end of Vietnam. The whole baby boomer phenomenon sprouted from leeching off of the pensions and Welfare the silent generation received when they finished the war.



>a dusky skinned tankie tranny will never ravage your bussy while bullying you for living in the imperial core

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Oh, so does this mean I'm not a bad poster then?

tomoko poster. The repeated insistence from that poster that excluding idpols is itself idpol comes directly from Butler's work (identity has no outside). If leftypol was genuine about being anti-idpol, tomoko poster would be banned.

I think tomoko poster is simply arguing that gatekeeping people from movements/parties/orgs on the basis of their identity or whatever identity society imposes on them is idpol, which I think most people here would agree with. It doesn't matter anyway cause the last thing Zig Forums needs is more people getting banned, really nobody should be getting band whether they are idpolers or not.

Zig Forums hasn't been anti-idpol anymore for at least one year now.
BO did even put hoochie, fucking hoochie on the mod team for some time ffs. All the people still posting on that shithole are probably just newfags that don't even know that there was a time when Zig Forums was legitimately anti-idpol and if you are an old poster and still posts there I'm sorry to say this but you are probably retarded.

Except that for many, perhaps the majority of idpols, the identity and the politics are synonymous. Deliberately, so as to allow decrying opponents as bigots. Accept those people and you are compelled to accept the cancer.

I see you are the sort of retard who is incapable of distinguishing that someone, even if they control an imageboard, may make claims that are at odds with reality. You come across as such a brainlet, you couldn't even administer imageboard software competently.

but how is that wrong?

That was him

That reminds me of one of my other favorites, CavAnon. Pretty sure he was banned into oblivion.

LOL that image


most black nat posters, while few of them exist, I've only one redeemable one so far. Bat'ko is just memey, he's no threat, the leftypol BO though is a cunt and needs eradicated. Jim Profit poster is cool ;)

most ancoons are more unbearable than black nationalist posters. imagine that.

Louis Ferdinand Celine had ideas about
THE REAL PEOPLE who should fight our wars. poor people don't need a fight a rich man's war.

no wonder…smdh fam

lol, fuck you its funny

before anyone accuses me of dogwhistling, you do the same thing to average Americans, so gotcha.

one more and I'm out, I didn't mention AnFems because they're worse than BlackNats considering idc that much about race and they only attack when you attack them, meanwhile Anfems (especially the ones who also consider themselves Egoist as well) don't understand you can't be both, or that the ideology they hold can be flipped around on them. they just shit everything up with gender separatism (I'm ok with ethno-communes) which solves nothing unless you are non-JP type of accelerationist who just wants humanity to die. better start with yourself, then, puto.

got banned permanently for a pro-venezulashitpost, I am now anti-moderator gang

Probably the tomoko fag, as I was once arguing with her when he said that being a materialist is idpol or someshit. I then responded to him, and told her that even the CPGB-ML(person seems to get angry when ppl watch unruhe for news, and tells them to watch CPGB-ML even thou they don't upload very often) is against transgender idealism, and I think she might have reported me afterwards.

anti identity politics doesn't go far enough imho, we actually need to actual destroy identity in itself tbqh

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user I
pic related

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based, nazbols are waifu tier

well fuck you too, pal.

Ranked worst to bad
1. Dengoid
2. Stache poster who just gets mad and insults everyone
3. Christ Bol
I guess boon poster is bad because he's just annoying, but he's not really a leftist so I don't really know if he counts.

Other than that, can't say.

I shill Rafiq's posts aggressively on leftypol. I doubt very much he posts there.


NazBols are literally a meme. Hang yourself.

All of you know exactly the type of people I'm talking about.

Was that you, user?

Don't be afraid comrade. East Germany was better than West in everything except cars.


I hope that we can one day abandon ideology and fight the international financiers together.

Hoookeydokey strange naziman.

I thought Hoochie was actually funny, just because she stirred up so much shit when she posted. Being made a mod was a terrible idea tho.

Lol, fuck off Jason. Why are you everywhere?

Unruhe? never heard of her.

I find that odd, I see him more of atypical Leninist than a Trot. btw, Posadism is the only good thing that came of Trotskyism because of nukes.

Definitely that no-flag faggot who is always sucking up to the BO and has been panicking and freaking out since the recent coup lifted a lot of restrictions and wordfilters over at leftypol, now that he can’t cry to BO to save him anymore. I’ve gotten in a few arguments with him and in his autism I’ve come to represent the Zig Forums boogeyman to him. He always bitches about “Imperialist shills like that black cats faggot”.

Fuck forgot flag

I'm sympathetic to Syndicalism, just not the Rudolf Rocker variety, the Georges Sorel variety

agree with this. i came to see value in hoochie once i realized the board was becoming too serious. then BO made her a mod and… yeah.

I was looking for myself here, but I'm really disappointed you didn't go in depth about how shitty I am. FYI, you're right - tbh I could have made the post you just made and forgotten I did it, so I'm not even sure you aren't just me shilling myself. At first I had decent reasons, but I've really turned into that kind of namefag over the past year since I adopted it.


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Nigga stop making shit up, the least you could do is say Yugo-poster, because THAT would at least be believa le, but Tomoko poster? that dude is chill as can be and pretty damn well informed FYI. God you Zig Forums posters are pathetic. Anyway, just here to warn you that Zig Forums is preparing to raid you guys, have fun.

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both shit is idpol, you're just on the right end of this autism spectrum of idpol faggotry my friend
discriminating based on identity is not the solution
ideological (idpol) subversion is, and you deal with it the same, whether its your kind or that of screeching identity groups
you are the same kind of mislead scum

so this is where you salty little shit went
going to cry about me on a different board
thats just so sad

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less shitpost quickies more effortposting, GOPman

jesus I'm going to have a stroke

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Fucking kill yourself, these are exactly the people who will be on Zig Forums in a couple of years, they're useless reactionaries that have a brief leftist theory phase. TheFinnishBolshevik made a perfect response to this whole anti-idpol hysteria. Communists defend basic democratic rights as a matter of course, which obviously include Queer/LGBT concerns, liberals are just really fucking bad at promoting them. The point isn't to lash out like a retard and alienate everyone, but educate people why their problems are structurally related to class conflict and economics. The fact that we're historical materialists doesn't make every single movement that isn't about abolishing private property pointless, that's some peak revisionist determinism right there.

you're salty as my cum.

I would know because it takes a real man to suck his own cock

1. We're on Zig Forums. Aside from the occasional effortpost, 90% of what goes on here is acting like a retard and insulting people.

2. You seem to have missed the fact that most of the original userbase here came to this place because they couldn't post on other sites where you get banned for using "homophobic" or "ableist" terms.

hey can you tell them for me to stop shilling for markets and just be NatSocs for once?