Smoke Weed Every Day

Smoke Weed Every Day

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His cult supporters are bound to praise him for "not giving a fuck" and "doing whatever he wants". I would bet money that Musk knows very well that celebrity status is far more profitable than his electric cars.

My neighbors are probably pissed, I was cussing up a storm last night over normalshits caring about this and not the DRMobiles


What if Musk is super retarted, but he got rich because of luck. Tbh if a socialist government took power, Musk is one of the few Silicone Valley CEO Porkies who should be spared from the gulag. He should be tthe ambassador to South Africa.

so how many y'all like CANNABIS?

Of course he is well aware of it, or do you think that investors give him money for all that wild crap he does just because they care about electric cars? His "status" is the only thing he has, the financial model behind Tesla is as stable as me taking shit after eating milk and cabbage.

I hate elon so much, he's the very personification of the smug selfish bourgeois cunt stereotype.

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Musk is the poster boy of neoliberalism. Daddy owned an emerald mine in South Africa lol. Imagine the kind of work conditions in that. Anyway never really got ahead because of talent or even hard work. He got in early enough on the Paypal to get a significant cut of it but was not really part of why it was such a success. Capitalist economy shits out these imposteurs taking credit for others' work. They are raised to the pinacle and seen as daring creators who take risks to change consensus. They're the opposite of that, leeches that reap other people's invested time and mind.
Anyway, Musk is headed for a mental breakdown and Tesla for bankruptcy. More like Enron Musk.

Musk is the child of a South African emerald mine owner. He was born into it, so this is not a what if. It was luck.

digital restrictions management? I would be too if I bought into commodities and the spectacle and/or that it is forced upon me like the DRM in the HTML5 standard.
Elon doesn't interest me but if anything outlaw weed and cocaine and I guarantee you that a very large majority of prokies would be gulaged on the spot.

WEW LAD, the more things change the more they stay the same.

/liberty/poster here to thank you for enlightening me, I was unaware that musk was a product of imperialism, it makes sense considering that he didn't personally do much of the innovation or work that has made paypal, tesla or spacex as useful to society as they have become.

I don't smoke reefer because I'd turn into a psychopath. and nobody wants that.

They rarely talk much about it, liberals and ancaps are comparing him to real-life tony stark and acting like he's some kind of technical genius. He's not.

Stop right there Bourgeois kiddo!
Imma affraid I'll need to send you to juvenile gulag for that!

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The really cringy part about this is that he doesn't even inhale lmao

Sure is temporary embarrassed billionaires in this thread.

This isn't the ancap board.

No, this is the board where people fail at the thing they claim to understand better than anyone; wealth creation.

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Musk is such a tryhard and his fans absolutely eat it up, Christ

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But Musk doesn't create wealth whatsoever. His employees do, in spite of management.

Hitler never harmed a Jew. His employees did, in spite of management..

Now if Musk truly doesn't create any wealth whatsoever, then I'd like you to prove your theorem by creating a company worth billions, without doing anyrhing whatsoever.

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg creates wealth?


That is true. It is always the lower classes that do all the dirty work for the parasites at the top.

What's really funny is that you don't think that is exactly how it happens. Some useless fucks who happen to have a shitton of capital through no action on their part steal some ideas, hire some managers to allocate their capital for them, and then rake in the wealth that gets created by the people who actually do all the work.

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Well, there is no fixing stupid like that.

Then Hitler would be innocent of all the crimes attributed to him, so would the rest of the Nazi elite. The Nuremberg trials were a sham.
You just hire managers, that's all there's to it! Makes me wonder why you aren't yourself billionaire, or why you don't work at an investment fund. It must be because you are to morally upright.

Says the one who knows it all and still manages to fail where people who just don't get it all succeed.

Innocent, guilty… who cares about his moral culpability? He is dead. He shot himself like the bitch that he was.

They really were. It was just a show that was intended to blame a systemic catastrophy on a handful of individuals who were not important to the victors. Notice how Werner Von Braun and Hirohito were not there.

Yep. The rest is golf, hookers, and blow.

Yeah! I should totally do that. Let me just reach into my massive stash of capital that I did nothing to earn and… oh, wait.

Because knowing how ecomics works is all about getting a job working for other people. Sucker.

Gee, it's almost as though a person having gigantic quantities of capital that he did nothing to earn makes it impossibly easy for him to make a profit even without him knowing a single thing about how economics works. But that can't be right, because capitalism is supposed to be a meritocracy!

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