Trump officials secretly met with Venezuelan officers to discuss overthrow of Maduro

Trump officials secretly met with Venezuelan officers to discuss overthrow of Maduro

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We all know it's all about the oil.

Venezuela is already a colony of international capital. Goldman Sachs has bought millions of dollars worth of Venezuelan bonds. They have also allowed Russian and Chinese capital into their country. Also, after the last elections the Venezuelan government quietly began making moves to privatize and open up more sections of the economy for exploitation by capitalists domestic and foreign.

Goldman Sachs buying bonds:

tbh I believe that the struggle waged against Venezuela has more to do with their independent political line than anything. Many years ago, when Chavez was still alive, the Venezuelans were part of the "pink tide" in Latin America and the Chavez government was cultivating close ties with other left-wing govements as well as Russia and China. There was even supposedly going to be a Kalashnikov factory opened in Venezuela. Not sure if that plan ever materialized.

correction, Goldman Sachs bought almost $900million in bonds from Venezuela (their oil company, specifically) that were supposed to be worth around $2.8billion)

Now tell that to liberals and reactionaries, they will not take it

Good fuck Maduro.


I'll always side with the revolutionary option. A coup at a time of impeding economic collapse would destroy both the Maduro and US factions and pace the way for a third option

Get a load of this liberal

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This might be the case in your fantasy land, but name me ONE example where a US backed revolution ever helped the locals in the end.
One place that is in better condition than it was before the US got involved.

South Korea.

War, war, war…
As soon as the senate asks for it.
War on terrorists,
War on foreign leaders,
War on idolatry,
and all for the enemies within.
Are the enemies within our greatest?
Why distract us from our most formidable enemies,
to lead us into a trap?

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Everyone loves win American armed missionaries show up to preach freedom and overthrow your government. A great way to make friends.

South Korea was poorer than North Korea for 30 years and was ruled by a almost genocidal military dictatorship which was a puppet of the US.

South Korea socks dick but it's true that they enjoy a more democratic & free life than Northeners who are isolated. At least South Koreans have the option to travel out of their shitty government. Northeners cannot gtfo their also shitty goverment unless people's party members ofc.

some revolutions sometimes end up making things worse.
as for Venezuela the death of Maduro at least right now wouldn't bring anything good for Venezuela so it's not worth it.

If America was a little different (socdem) then yes but rn we know the current rulers of America are just preying on Venezuela for it's oil like all the other societies they prey upon.

First off, South Korea isn’t what you’d call a model democracy. Plenty of people get arrested on political crimes. It’s basically illegal to even imply sympathy for the North, and their government was run by a literal cult until a couple of years ago. Second, nobody even knows what is happening in the North, since the only sources of information are western media, government intelligence, the DPRK state itself, and defectors, none of which are reliable, unbiased sources.

Still though, South Korea su(o)cks dick, we can agree on that.

get a load of this absolutist

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This meme would be better with a stereotypical Zig Forumsyp image

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If you think that anything would come of this except a NATO backed "peacekeeeping mission" as the country fell into utter chaos you're a total dumbass.

The American Revolution :^)

good response tbh. but rn the t*rks hold the weapons the americans where using to help ypg, so yes but no. America has interests not friends. That is their mundus operandi.

Now if that were another America like I said… a socdem america for example I see them genuinely supporting ypg for the democratizacion, progressiveness & socialism of the middle-east. This one with Trump or one with Obama nope, not a chance in hell it was a genuine allience with the Kurds.

another good response lol