Any good arguments against the greek communist party?

any good arguments against the greek communist party?

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They failed to generate more than 10% support during a record-breaking period of austerity that should have forced voters to their side.

why did they tho/?

Their leadership is old and they are not very effective at grassroots organization.

The country is a shithole and they haven’t changed that.

They're led by geriatrics and function as a red socdem party, going as far to defend parliament from anarchists a few years back.

They let fascists hold speeches at their pickets and defended cops from anarchists during protests.

Oh god Greek here
WE have a thread like that every 6 months
so what other anons say

loipwn malaka i 8a postaris kritiki i ton poulo

a re malaka
diladi kathe fora pou kapios ellinas erxaite prepi na tou eksigo giati na min psifizei KKE
As poume oti exi kanei polla lathi
Etsi kai allios iparxoun bollika kommata gia na dialeksis stin ellada mpou kanoun oti kani to kke kallitera
o monos logos gia na psifizis kke einai gian na iparxei to spectacle tou megalou koumounismou stin ellada

prwton ellinas den ime.. defteron, exeis ipopsin sou kamia olokliromeni kritiki pou graftike apo kamia silogikotita i apo kana entipo?
nomizw to periodiko koinonikos anarxismos kati egra4e alla den to vriskw pou8ena


eis'oreos, steile

Oxi den enousa auto …
Den exo sxesis me to elliniko anarxiko kinima(opos i simaia mou dixnei)
Eisai o op i allos elinas?
An omos thes olokliromeni kritiki gia to kke kai tin istoria tou ,kalitera na psaksis kati apo kapio allo koumounistiko komma para apo anarxikous(oi opioi den exoun kai polla koina me to kke gia na prepi na to kritikaroun se megalo batmo)
Mporei na exo kana comments apo kana foroum gia tin istoria tou kke i kati tetio

Source on these claims?

Koutsoubas and his harem blocks your path

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I don't speak Greek, but here are some things I found on the defense of parliament in English. During some anti-austerity protests the KKE blocked a march on parliament to play "responsible opposition", going as far to collaborate with cops.“communist-party”-is-no-more-than-a-barrier-against-the-attempt-to-bury-the-parliamentary-corpse/

They have said that during the revolution:
No one glass will brake

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*Not even one

Wait dont you greeks have your own alphabet? Why are you writing in latin? have some respect for your culture jeez


Nee. Stop Amerikanisering.

They went Eurocommunist in the 90s which still leaves traces of revisionism in their ranks. They are officially anti-revisionist ML now but have some unorthodox positions, especially on police unions. I don't know about Greece, but in my country police unions are absolute scum that sympathize with far-right neoliberals, I am in no position to judge the situation in Greece but I would not work with them. They proposed to implement a right for cops to strike, which is not the worst (no cops on the streets) but don't forget the cops in Greece are literally the enforcers of neoliberal EU austerity on the ground. Secondly, their position on homosexuality is retarded, and their justification is some mumbo-jumbo. Basically they are saying we should have no gay marriage because we shouldn't have any marriage at all and the abolition of the family as suggested in the Manifesto. This is either a super-ultraleft position or a right-wing shift, either way, it is uncalled for and doesn't connect with gay workers and comrades.

However, there are some smears against them as well which anarchists in Greece bring up, for example the claim that they "platform fascists". This is beyond retarded. What happened was that a Golden Dawn speaker appeared at a factory strike and held his speech. The event was organized by an organization that is loosely affiliated with the KKE. The KKE was there as well, and held a speech after the other guy. What were they supposed to do? Pack their bags and leave the stage to the fascists? This is not "the KKE platforming fascists".

Historically, the KKE is a mixed bag. During the Greek Revolution, they eventually gave up on it because they followed Stalin's line 100% who didn't want to upset the allies. This was one of Stalin's main mistakes as I have pointed out on Zig Forums before, Greece would have 100% turned communist because the progressive front, the DSE, led by the KKE, was the strongest organization in the country. Only Albania and Yugoslavia supported them, which allowed the British backed monarchy to win. Had Greece turned socialist, the Eastern Bloc would have had access to a ice-free harbor to the mediterranean without going through the t*rkey/NATO.controlled Sea of Marmara and strategically important location.

This is an accusation I do not share. The KKE is arguably the most successful communist party in all of Europe. In other European country the CP is at 0,5%. They also organize the IMCWP.

This shit is stupid and divides working class and only dumb spooked fags want cultures to never interact and evolve to save their "autenthicity", its a fundamentally capitalist ideology where every different group of people is pictured as the noble savage, and their cultural identity as a commodity preserved only to be shopped, because an "americanized culture" or whatever its like hot coca cola, it's shit, but it is only a spoiled commodity, while the bourg forma mentis wants everything to be readily exploitable

I think about half the police in either Athens or Greece as a whole support Golden Dawn, though I don't have a link ready. In any case the police are uniformly agents of the bourgeoisie and supporting them in any capacity is a mistake.

Jesus christ that's dumb.

Humiliate the fascists in their speech.

Like that's possible, go rant about muh historical materialism, dialectics, and spooks. I'm sure the poor worker is far more interested in your magical theoretical society "that has never existed in the past" than ending crime and poverty.

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Lenin was a true hardcore revolutionary that killed people, robbed banks, and fought in wars. He understood that lemmings only really give a shit about their quality of life. "As goes the saying, Peace, Land, Bread" Modern Marxist "intellectuals" are weak, spineless, pompous, and detached, caring far more about theory than reality. Lenin was the type of person to sacrifice himself for a cause greater than himself, while modern Marxists are completely motivated by nihilism, self interest, and cultural relativism. Which is why for all your debating, papers, and discussion you will never win the people hearts, and why fascism is on the rise. I look forward to your screeching and whining.

Also the USSR was socialism, not communism. Which has never existed, and never will.

Culture is not "evolving". Commodifying everything, killing languages and infecting the whole world with pro-capitalist liberalist consumerism is not evolution, its a cancer. And cultures do not "interact", american culture is forced upon the whole world.

Fuck your country, american, i hope you all kill each other.

You watching American History X and becoming a highschool skinhead to impress your friends doesn't mean much.

Yeah, fascism is the ideology of the youth after all. Only boring old men with sticks up their asses can appreciate communism.


Projecting much?

they're ineffective and are allowed to run since big bad Golden Dawn got locked up. its funny how far left parties are allowed clearance but if you're right leaning in any way they reeeee autistically. pretty funny for a country that invented democracy.

1 I'm not american and the very fact you think you are surrounded by ebul americans or that every person who disagrees with you is american really shows how deep into ideology you fell
2 YOU are the commodifier, YOU fell for the autenthicity meme that sells vacation villages and all the shit, YOU are the true americanized and the sad thing is that your brain has been raped by burger ideology so strongly that you can't even realize it. It's sad but please at least don't keep the working class divided, thanks

Do you actually think that golden dawn members don't deserve to be jailed or shot at any turn?


the "Ebil Amerimutts" meme, just like "Da Joos" for the right. convienient dogwhistles.

it doesn't matter, if a country founded on pure Democracy is legit, it shouldn't jail extremists. of either kind. period.


Kke was banned until the 1980s
And golden dawn is tottaly allowed to run
Also kke has not organize any pogrom yet

You can do better comrade.

Reminder that this is what people think of when they think of modern communists. Lol your "socialist science" is being cucked by mentally ill trannies and post modernists. All the supposed "Marxist groups" are actually just edgy liberals. Lol communism is dead.

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You didn't, so why should I?

Projecting again?

Why are you people so retarded?


Maybe the word "people" was a bit generous. More like creatures.

Who's edgy again?

The moment they come to power is the moment a military coup will happen.
Europe will wag with the finger but will do fuck all (just like in Honduras) because they secretly support the coup (just like in Honduras).
Believe it or not, but if the choice is austerity or bloodshed, people pick austerity, because there are still things left they own to cling on (it is just when you take everything away that they become free and fight).
It helps that some people still remember the last dictatorship.

They have a really autistic feud with anarchists and at times they have attacked anarchist refugee squats and other dumb shit. They are like SocDems but worse, both in attitudes and electoral performance

Lets be honest for KKE to do anything it needs around 40% of the vote
For that number even most of the millitary will have to vote the (50% of greece is either petit bouj or self employed)
Also dictatorsips dont work anymore
And lastly even with clear rule the only thing KKE will do(maybe ,i am not even sure about that) is get us out of the Euro and again maybe eu

KKE thinks anarchist give the left a bad name (by smashing shit)
Anarchist have the same problems with KKE as other leftist
But they seem to think that a lot of KKE voters work for the greek intelligence agency(not traitors or sniches literally agents)
Sry for bad english