Best posters thread

nostalgia thread for our favorite left*pol anons.

I'll start.

Naziposter - didnt always agree but i valued his well-written posts and willingness to debate Zig Forumsyps.
Yugoposter - a yugofag user who debated a Zig Forums user here in a long-ass race thread. Serious effort.
Proudhon-user - another yugofag who typed up reading notes on Proudhon. I never had a chance to read it all but the effort was appreciated.
Hoxhaposter - an user who used(?) to contribute to leftypol but I haven't seen around in a long time. Wrote some very good posts.
E-celebs - bat'ko, pierre, various others deserve points for contributing OC.

honorable mentions:
hoochie - "she was like a son to me"
baboonposter - unironically funny.

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Catgirl Drawfag
Piratefag was okay as long as nobody mentioned ponies or burgers
Hoxhanfem was entertaining when they were figuring out how the board worked

Jim Profit/James Lucrative
Adolf Stalin/J Barg
Satan Chan
That one blackpilled socdem from Canada
The Leftcom that posts smoking anime girls
That one German tankposter/ML that likes black metal and has apparently smoked weed in the DPRK
Swedish Socdem Incel

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now i unironically agree with jim profit now

the baboon poster

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forgot flag

Fuck that guy.

That poster was me, wow you really remember all that. It felt like I was just yelling into the either and that I muddled my points too much and wasn’t really destroying the Zig Forums anons arguments like I really wanted to.

Oh, I forgot Hebephilia-kun

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Hoochie was a shit and I hope she got killed.
But not as bad as checkers.

TFW no domme hot fashy older gf

checkers was hilarious tho

t. samefagging pedo

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"checkers" ?

n1x just for being such a legendary shitposter.

no, I'm saying you're a samefaging pedo


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That one guy in the sailor moon thread debating a Zig Forumsyp that think the docker government is anti-gun.
>>>Zig Forums2642904
Would bring up Hoxha but whatever.

Sure is nostalgia, just happened a couple of hours ago.
There is a bunch of others I forgot the names to. His/her name's Anonymous I think?

Professor Heidegger - Only person ever on Zig Forums to know his shit beyond memorizing texts like the Hegel, Lacan, Stirner and theory posters.

I still post. But I never really trip-fagged a whole bunch, people mainly recognized me by style and usual flag. Usually, I'll leave a comment under the Ba'ath flag if I'm actually using a flag to mark my post; might go back to using the bunkerflag. I don't have as much time for big autistic effortposts since I work a lot now. I definitely still lean towards Hoxhaism and anti-rev but am unsure about what is necessary to overcome the problems for Marxism and the Left in the 21st century.

Does anybody here remember Milo?

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I remember the tranny chasing racist ancap. Megyn too.

thank ya sir

That Serbian Trotskyist that liked Debord and TGM
that other nihilist that always posted ecchi animu pictures

Antonio Wolf. AW was the best poster that ever walked this board tbh.

Strangely I actually have been around long enough to remember Milo. That means I've spent too much time on these boards.

I like all the good-faith posters, and a few of the shitposters even

keep the trip. it's nice to know there are some oldfags around.

i miss hoochie minh

Admittedly I'm starting to miss the tripfag pseuds like Yui and Rebel despite constantly shitting on them when they were around.

Maybe pic related will help?

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I liked that Anomymous guy. The rest of them were fucking faggots.

thanks fam

Stop trying to impersonate me, asshole.

What happened to Hoochie?

probably b& in one of Body Odor's purges.

where tf did everybody go?
the bordigaposter(s) were pretty rad imo.
I haven't seen bordiga mentioned in a long time.
there were more anarchists before as well, now it seems more ML dominated.
I DO NOT miss afroplasm, glad that's over.
I always thought hoochie was a guy.
onanist was very active before, I wonder if they got purged as well.

Away from Zig Forums. It's likely they'll never come back.
There was an import of MLs from reddit and the anarchists were driven off or had left for 0chan.

It’s weird watching shit that makes references to pre-split board culture, like old Bat’ko videos.

Don't forget user, he made great posters probing the minds of left wing extremists.

ancom-flag who always posts charts & graphs deserves a mention. usually always makes interesting posts.