Ms. Piggy strikes again

Banning TOR posters, really. This is a new level of stupidity.

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Not new but pretty hilarious that a board for radical politics doesn't allow TOR.

Allowing tor users is a board setting that is available to the owner of every board. Some use it, some don't. But that setting has been in place for as long as I can remember on leftypol, which is pretty ironic considering how BO is so paranoid of people being spied on.

I wish all boards would ban TOR posters. I have never seen a good post by one.


I always see pedo tor posters only

You know TOR is funded by the FBI right?

this tbh

anyone who uses tor expecting to avoid the feds is hilariously incompetent

they've already cracked it

Proof? I don't even use tor but I am ijnterested

"for some reason" even HotWheels recognizes that this level of authoritarianism is absolutely retarded.

Ms. Piggy is just Ms. "pseudo-red" Porky at this point.

Well of course he fucking is, he's a moderator and cannot be a real communist by definition

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link to that jim profit's video pls

forget it i found it lol

"g-guys please don't use encryption" said mr. Not-A-Fed

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everyone grossed the fuck out except the horny sexually starved pajeets on the internet.

Is that snape? jesus christ super ugly people shouldn't ever record porn, its one of the few things I wouldn't mind being illegal & punished with death.

TOR posting have always been disabled.
The real stupidity is adding even more autistic wordfilters.

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oh no I can't use CIA exit node for posting on some irelevant shitboard what am I going to do now oh nooo

Glad to see BO still has an awful sense of humor.

Here's the full list:
5 is just the maximum number of images in a post

Yeah in the 90’s. Now it’s an independent org that isn’t involved with the FBI. besides I don’t use TOR to get around feds, but to get around ISP dataminers.

Oh its "le 14 year old consents" TOR ancap bro, still butthurt that we diagnosed you with BPD?

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It's because tor is imperialist. We should all emulate China's handling of the internet.

This shit bothers me.

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