What does Zig Forums think happened on 9-1-1? Coverup? Collusion? Bourgeois Zionists? Fuck up that was 'capitalized' on? Jet fuel? Thermite?

I'm curious

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Most of the conspiracy is just really retarded shit but I smell fishy. People think that if you challenge the narrative you must believe in jewish reptilians, but this kind of stuff can just be planned to justify shit, it happened many times in history that stuff was staged to achieve certain goals

KRS-One said something about how the people who died in 9/11 deserved it, right?

pretty simple, funding terrorists all around the world eventually leads to getting BTFO yourself

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He's ancap

It was revenge for American imperialism plain and simple. Labor aristocrats and assorted porkies deserved it

Zionists and Saudis providing the western MIC "legitimate" entry to fuel, support, and supply their imperialist goals in the region.

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The very least that can be said is that Dick Cheney shut down multiple investigations and reports that could have prevented it.

9/11 was America's fault, see

It most directly affected porky (primary deaths were working in the upper floors of the world trade center and it fucked up the stock market naturally) so almost certainly not an inside job. I wouldn't put this kind of thing past the US or CIA for one second, but I've never seen a good case made that it was a government plot. What's far more likely is a Pearl Harbor scenario where they knew something would go down and allowed it to happen because it would benefit them. Regardless of how it happened it has been more valuable to the US Empire than the Louisiana Purchase.

There was easily enough debris to bring down another building, and IIRC there was fire spreading outside the towers.
This actually is more indicative of the official story than a controlled demolition. With a series of charges going off the timing is going to be differential (look up any demolition video) and cause the buildings to tip as they fall. With a few layers of burning jet fuel spreading more or less evenly across the floor and heating the steel support beams evenly they would reach their point of failure simultaneously (which does not require them to fucking melt - they were heated enough to distort, and the melting was caused by huge amounts of friction generating heat as the weight of a god damned skyscraper pushed the metal together).

it sure is a mystery…

so, how are the Uighurs doing these days? All is well like the propaganda trucks say? How about the Tibettans? How about your own workers, cunt?

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ow the edge

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Thanks for the explanation. People really think it's not even worth talking about it because muh conzpiracyes but stuff can seem to make a lot of sense and if it's not taken sedriously it only stremghtens the idea. But you know what, I think that in the end it doesn't even matter, even if it was bush and cheney that push the button to male the towers fall. The problem is that either way, in any case it was americas fault, of course I am not cheering for the dead janitors but fuck, why it is that the american military can kill whoever they want whenever they want and they are brave heros and if people get killed in america than oh boy time for the whole world to cry? They just got the consequences, and also ironically it turned into a jackpot for middle east meddling. So in really doesnt matter.

It’s Important to understand how much 9/11 changed America. Before 9/11 there was a large revival of leftism in the form of Anarchists, labor unions and anti-ree trade socdems. See the WTO protests and Ralf Nador. Than after 9/11 the whole country was awashed in ultra-nationalism. Everyone had American flags on there cars. George Bush’s approval ratings soared to 90% 9/11 happening didn’t just helped the MIC. But saved American capitalism. Because of the 90’s leftist resurgence was allowed to continue and was alive and well when 2008 happened. America wouldn’t be full Communist, but would be a LOT more sucdem, and a lot more open to far-leftism. The reality is that if another big leftist movement gained traction here, the CIA might pull another 9/11 and awash the country in Ultra-Nationalism.

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even if theres a conspiracy beheind it the material consequences are the same, its just pointless to even mention the 9/11 inside job shit at this point

It's true.

I remember that in the early Bush years there was a huge leftist presence online plus lots of support for people like Nader and other progressives who saw themselves as to the left of the Democrats. The Iraq War + Patriot Act energized the left for a short while, but in the end the biggest gains went to the political Right. Far-right groups exploded in America while the former leftist ones seemed to vanish. Why? Possibly the patriotism scam, but I'm not entirely sure. Obama was voted into office after the disaster of the Bush years plus the 2008 crisis that was just happening. Unfortunately this simply dissipated the left instead of energizing it, since Obama was a fucking stooge for the big banks.

Thanks to Obama's imperialism-lite policies the left was demoralized and Trump won the last election. Now the Democrats are distracting people from real issues by blaming Russia for Trump's election instead of the fact that nobody ever fucking liked Clinton and nobody wanted her to be President aside from big donors.

This makes way too much sense… Great, now I'm having an even worse day.

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Alqueda is from Saudi by hopeless virgins and LARPing rich kids. Taliban is rural, ass-backwards, but not responsible for 9/11/2001 attacks. Al-Qaeda did it to have a war with the US in order to get more recruits from the ensuing alienation that follows an invasion, and as a side goal they shorted the stock exchange before 9/11. CIA did nothing to stop it because it is a government dream come true.

saudi + cia

not israel , not zion

If there’s a conspiracy it would be a propaganda boost.

This. After the ridiculous stunt that was the 2000 "election", Dubya's "presidency" was hanging by a thread, and the chances of the Republicans being impeached and thrown out on their ass, even without the cooperation of spineless weenies like Gore (who could've personally swung the process in his capacity as Senate leader on several occasions).

The day I turned on the TV and saw the news, my very first thoughts were "great, 8 years of war and embezzlement, capped off with a depression". Follow the money, and an inside job is the only explanation for 9/11 that makes sense.

Reminder "Al-Qaeda" was 99% literally fabricated by the CIA using PR flimflam, with most of the membership and past deeds attributed to it done by unaffiliated groups or just straight-up lies:

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the Afghan war was only a part of why international islamic terrorism arose after 1979: there was also the revolution in Iran and the seizure of the Great Mosque in Mecca. It's also tied to the fizzling out of the leftist-inspired secular anti-imperialist struggle.
related, but mostly a nationalistic rather than islamic terror attack.

Americans are just extremely submissive. It's a population largely descended from the most religiously repressive people in Europe. Subjugation to some larger power is deeply ingrained in American culture.


No not really. America was founded on the basis of liberty and liberation. American culture (except for big cities) values macho-masculinity, and submissiveness is fronded upon.

On the contrary, Americans just have to submit to the right /kind/ of authority. That is, not faggots like doctors or teachers, but manly bosses and generals.

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Why do any workers let this faggot film them for his porky show?

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Not only does pointing to and researching conspiracy theories serve propaganda purposes, it allows us to understand the tactics porky has and will use against the proles and prepare accordingly.

Israel probably knew about it, and may have even provided some backing to the terrorists involved, but they weren't at all masterminds, and merely benefited from it through their middle eastern invasion that followed.

This has always been my attitude. The U.S. government milked 9/11 for everything it was worth and used it as political capital to invade Afghanistan + Iraq.

Whether or not the US govt was involved or simply took advantage of the event doesn't matter. What mattered was the way the US govt reacted, which was to invade and occupy not one but two foreign countries. The first (Afghanistan) was occupied on the premise that it was the hiding spot of the terrorist leader, the second (Iraq) on the premise that it aided terrorism and was hiding WMDs. Well, bin Laden wasn't hiding in Afghanistan at all and Iraq never had WMDs. The Iraq information was actually fabricated. So that entire war was engineered from the start and 9/11 provided the excuse.

Don't worry. I think the lessons we learn during this time are more important than whatever we hope to achieve. Lenin had a saying that "there are years where nothing happens and weeks where years happen."

And that doesn't even include the Patriot Act, detaining people without trial, increasing "domestic surveillance," and turning police into fucking assault troops.


I don't think that the US government planned and executed 9/11, but they definitely used it as an excuse to do shit they'd wanted to but couldn't because of lack of support (like the patriot act). This is par for the course though, the US has always used convenient tragedies to further porky interests: sinking of the Lusitania, gulf of Tonkin, Nayirah testimony, etc.

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They actually did get up the Gulf of Tonkin though. And the German government rightly pointed out before the Lusitania that is was unfair and absurd for the US to continue to transport weapons aboard commercial ships but expect their shipping to be safe. But I digress.