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I heard some of you guys are really poor and into illegalism. Some of you are looking for illegal, but lucrative ways to get yourselves out of poverty. Perhaps you're interested in selling or distributing drugs? Perhaps you want to rob people? Well, i can't help you, because i refuse to do anything illegal.
On a completely unrelated note, if anyone is interested in chemistry or mycology, you should check out these links as well as pic related. There's a lot of money in science. if you click these links, don't produce any illicit drugs with the knowledge found there, with the intention of using or selling the stuff as drugs. Keep it strictly for scientific purposes!
Brought to you by illegalist gang

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stfu lumpen go peddle your drugs somewhere else

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It's information you can use to dig yourself out of the hole of poverty. You're welcome Christcuck.

Yes, prole. Do drugs. Especially the ones that make you feel like the universe is in harmony and balance.

While chemists don't call the gaseous form acid, it most definitely is still the same compound so I wouldn't fucking breathe that shit in. Also don't do chemistry in your fucking garage because you have no idea what unintended compounds you could make and then put into your body; there are plenty of students in Ochem labs across the world with instructions and a professor who still fuck simple reactions up.

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Drug manufacturing is very dangerous and not practical unless you have the buyers to move your supply. If Zig Forums is looking for illegal activities for profit, they would be wise to stick to robbery, dealing, or prostitution (though sesta-fosta fucks this up for burgers) instead. All hypothetically speaking of course.

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CIA thread

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You do realize that we here want to abolish the market, not profit from it.
That word doesn’t mean what you think it means. Illegalism is robbing banks and giving the money to the homeless. Not “breaking the law because I feel like it.”
LSD is a shity drug created by the CIA that can be pretty harmful to your body. If you want a hallucinogen, get DMT.

Wrong. It was created by a Swiss scientist, Albert Hoffman, extracted from south american mushrooms. It can't harm you as much as bourgeois media says.


Yeeeessssss prole. Take these mind altering substances - I promise there aren't any side effects!

All the people seriously thinking muh CIA is behind this thread or whatever should really stop browsing the internet. It really shows you are in politics to play some 007 shit, it's truly pathetic and stupid, you actually undermine serious discussion (NOT this one, this is stupid) by shitting up with WUT ABOUT THE CIA??? And naive normalfags are scared away by this. I swear you fuckers are in every thread about organizations and you are so useless and counterproductive that if I was as delusional as you are I would think people like you are the CIA

it wasn't created by the cia thats a meme but yeah drugs aren't a good way to push socialism at all tbh. While idc if people do them, they won't do anything good, you will only have a pile of stupid physiologically addicted costumers that are going to keep coming back for more since they want to escape their worker irl alienation. Not good, you're porking pretty much, but whatever you do you.

also Dextrometrophan is easier to make & has very similar effects to LSD. Just steal a dextro med & do a dicantation sublimation or just filter the solids on it, remove the liquid.

Or shrooms they're easy to adquire & grow in mass…

sharing guides on how to get high isnt fed bait you fucking retard

Shrooms are easy to grow at home, but legal research chems are probably less hassle + less illegal in your area. Also yeah anyone can grow shrooms or pot as long as they have enough privacy.

On the topic of narcotics, definitely don't use cocaine. Now that's exactly what the CIA and cartels want you to do. Just use adderall instead if you really need an upper.

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dude did you know if you mix gasoline and concentrated orange juice you get napalm

it's gasoline and termofoam. mix it in a bucket really good.

LSD actually made me a leftist. It works by changing your worldview to be more all encompassing. If you gave a right winger some lsd and explained some leftist fundamentals you would change their mind. Im pretty sure of that. (Dont call me a CIA psyop or something for saying this, its the same as pol naming the jew.. Lsd isnt a magic mambo juice that just "makes your mind work like the cia wants")

I'm far too lazy (and too much of a pussy) to bother actually doing this, but I've always wanted to know how it's made for curiousity's sake