3000 dead burgers wasn't enough

Change my mind (pro tip: you can't)

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Dang this meme was really cool when I was 145 user!


megumin did nothing wrong

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So was it Mossad or Saudi Arabia?


Why not both?

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Why is that vans in Europe are threat but airplanes in USA are not? Whomst've behind this?

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You're fucking dense.

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you do realize anti-Zionist presidents can't be a thing here unless the bureacracy is overthrown.

Coolness is fascist propaganda

Everything is fascist propaganda comrade

My penis is fascist propaganda, I had to send it to gulag. I miss it :(

t. American


Ah yes, the delicious smell of cooked burgers.

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this containment thread is great, it attracts all the cancer. We've got Feds, Pootinboos, $.50 Army and edgemeisters all in one shortbus thread

burgers arent like they are by choice, they are born to fit into the system. We should not rejoice when amercian civilians are killed, since they didnt have a say on what they became and they werent lucky enough to stumble upon leftism as we did, in a way or another. I bet a lot of people here were originally as false conscious as your average burger one time.

also the obvious Zig Forums falseflags

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stupid fat Zig Forums BO bumplocked my last thread

go to hell ugly cow

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boogly doogly

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cant stop


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this day only comes once a year

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i sent this to my lover and she thought it was hilarious…

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using "COINTELPRO" as an insult is disrespectful to actual victims of COINTEPRO like MLK

fuck off shitgoblin or I'll ruin your day by posting a pony

They could've just *not* armed jihadis to drag Afghanistan back into the stone age desu.

Martin Luther King was an overglorified Zionist and Republicunt piece of shit so who cares

You're right about the Zionist part but he was not a republican (his father was). MLK himself was firmly on the side of the poors. I love MLK.


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