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Is Zig Forums the last bastion of freedom of speech on the internet?

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Freedom of speech means nothing if nothing is said.

there's still Tor tbh, which is better than nothing

saved and unironically rmmt

Freenet lives. Barely.

Really? Tor?

No wonder Jim acts the way he does. How deep into liberalism are you where you think a bazaar is freedom of anything? So you can download your little cartoon porns anonymously. Who gives a shit?

Your women are trash.
Your job is a slow suicide.
Your employer of said job is commiting some form of tax fraud and violating several laws.
You can't say dick without getting banned.
The people who ban you are child molesters and tax embezzlers.
Shit is even tougher for you of you're anything but a white Christian woman.

9/11 is only remembered as the one day America got cucked before it got the chance to cuck somebody else.

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Mastodon is pretty free, being that it's federated (decentralized). So is IRC.

What was the drama/fauxtroversy about Wil Wheaton on there? All I've seen autright asspuppet screeching about it and 'leftism' and how the pepe ap moral alternative is free and wonderful with flowers and kittens and puppies. All I was able to glean from the dicksucking noises was that it involved something to do with trannies and LEL LEFT EETS DEIR OWN lefTARDS btfo

I don't really understand anything you said, but it's freer than Gab. Anyone can host a server and most servers that you join won't ban you unless you do something to trigger its own little feudal lord.

It does have a high % of libs, but overall it's more left-leaning than twitter.

No clue what the fauxtroversy is, I don't even know who Wil Wheaton is (don't care either)

Leftypol Mastodon –

that's a pretty frightening ghost story

You will get banned from any board for going against the hugbox hivemind.
Unless by "freedom of speech" you just mean "omg, I can say nigger" then yeah, you still can do that on image boards for now.

Wil Wheaton (some Z-list celebrity who was on Star Trek) was supposedly kicked off Mastodon. All I've heard is the alt-right's side of it. I want to know more about what happened.

They don't really ban on /liberty/, even if you are a "collectivist" or "statist" (lol) i think

Prove it, I've been posting contrarian shit on Zig Forums, most of the major boards, and Zig Forums for months and the vols haven't done shit against me despite the fact I've done it all on the same IP.

Mastodon is nothing more than a shit fork of GNU social designed to bend to corporate will, sort of like how Apple and Microsoft claim to support open soares but just leach of the communities work. Whil Wheaton isn't relevant to this, he hasn't been relevant since TNG aired. He's just an orbiter to some network people and has probably sucked a lot of corporate dick for people to even know he's still active. I think he's shilled socialism of some sort, but it's likely as meaningless as from any other "celebrity" claiming to endorse any ideology as most of them are hypocrites that will never actually put it to practice no matter how they think they will.

It's not about him being a celeb. Stop trying to obfuscate my question.

Is babby mad r/MDE got banned?

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Think he got kicked off one server, nothing stops him from joining a more open one except that the fediverse has very few people and most of them hate his guts, so why bother.

Is there any new reason they hate his guts besides being shit on Star Trek and his other twattery tho?

why are there still nazbols in leftpol?

90% chance this guy is an edgy pubefarming burger

I think the better question is why does Jim appeal almost exclusively to nazbol?

Freedom of speech is subjective.

If you piss someone off, they'll banhammer you.

Most of the times, however, right wingers are the ones to get banned for being racist and xenophobic shitbags; in which the case I shed no tears whatsoever.

The Bizzarro Nazbol flag is supposed to be a shitposting flag, it doesn't indicate any tendency. Jim is not the least bit nationalistic, racist, or conservative/trad but he has some views that would be considered heretical to most of the left. His misogyny being one of them. So perhaps third positionists and other non conformist/non leftist anti-capitalists find it easier to get past that. The kind of people that are more likely to get banned on leftist boards are also more likely to be sympathetic to his anti moderator message as well.

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Nazbols were recent converts from Zig Forums. We were all Nazbols at one time or another.

Nothing wrong with entryism. I was never a Nazbol however.

its was kinda like that yes. I took my political evolution very much like Ernst Jünger did.

Only much faster since the internet has a lot of information available, Jünger had to seek books, recommendations, search libraries, learn in the old fashioned way when free e-books weren't a thing.

You can spare your tears, but be honest and don't go on to claim right-wingers are actually in control of everything and have oppressed you all the way down to the position of deciding what people are allowed to say.

Old leftypol had a couple reactionaries(afroplasm and the whole gays are in a conspiracy meme) yet honest leftist also some more liberal than the normal user

anybody got any reading material by/about him?

because they originate here and no one accepts them on Zig Forums or anywhere else

There banned on Zig Forums and Zig Forums so they come here

Tax the fuck out of corporations who play favorites

ComrProfit for

I meant to say comrade Profit for prime minister.

Because you fuck children

That's pretty spooked. Besides the same thing can be said for leftists who advocate violence against those that even with the slightest difference of opinion. That's why advocate pay cuts for CEOs or breaking up companies under anti-Trust laws if they play favorites with either side. It's whatever works.

Fuck off tripfag

>Jim isn't a reactionary turd
have you got a load of the Poopoopeepeewater lately?

>implying he is

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ah, sorry. I thought you were talking about Jim related

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I guess I should have specified Profit, yeah Jim is piece of shit, he represents everything Jim Profit has been raging against for a decade ironically

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Why would a leftist be worried about freedom of speech? All leftist countries enact ridiculously heavy-handed censorship laws.

the problem here is that the boards themselves have reddit-tier censorship. Zig Forums isn't bad but Zig Forums is run like an SJW subreddit.
4chan is better from a free speech perspective but you can't create boards and half the site are literal Nazis. Of course I think that's just going to happen with free speech anywhere, Nazis will have a strong presence in any community based on free speech.

historically it was conservatives who enacted censorship laws and leftists who got punished for our views.

"conservative" and "leftist" aren't different ends of the political spectrum. Historically, it's been "authoritarians".

I dunno, I get banned the minute I post so I stopped trying. way too extreme for literally anywhere. the old leftist board fell because redditors can't fuck off somewhere else where their cucked opinions are validated, like you know, reddit and tumblr. a month ago, I deactivated my reddit because of all the downvoting and people attacking me in my inbox (usually over shit that happened fifteen or so years ago, they love bringing up the past and harp on it like women love to gossip) hell the asmr board assumes I'm a "pedo" and a "rapist" because other people said so. do these people know me IRL? rhetorical question. they do not, and unless I confirm (because I hate lying) its not true. you can even look up records of me. clean slate. its out in the open. people are just too lazy to look.

Why do you think that is?


That's pretty spooked. Besides the same thing can be said for leftists who advocate violence against those that even with the slightest difference of opinion. That's why advocate pay cuts for CEOs or breaking up companies under anti-Trust laws if they play favorites with either side. It's whatever works.

Nah you first, nigger


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Because anonymity and the ability to connect with other le epig nazis across the world, gives them the ability to harass, propagandist and bring down the quality of sites in an organized manner. And say things that would usually get them punched irl. Free speech absolutism on the net, in my opinion, is bad for site quality. Some people out there just want everywhere to be just like 4chan, and they rely on edgy absolutist libs to defend that "right" for them to shit things up.


And now its leftists turn and they're doing the same, congratulations!

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The quality of this board compared to 4chan pol is much better. Also less brainless here. Pollack's just want to unleash aggression at others from their frustrated lives.

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People at least make a pretense here of knowing how to read.

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I'm referring to any community that doesn't have shit mods or better yet, no mods at all…
Was not referring to halfchan. I think everyone on here can agree that the "discussion" on halfchan is diluted at best, absolute drivel at worst.

The intention of my post was to draw attention to user's hypocrisy over "free speech absolutism… [being bad for] site quality", not defend halfchan or imply mods improve site quality.
user declares that reddit-tier censorship is a problem, and yet is a-ok with lesser forms of censorship that he agrees with because it benefits him?

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Oh, sorry user I meant to replay to the guy you were replying too, was an accident.

Oh… well then. Did we just become best friends?

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I hope so, I am glad more people are starting to realize moderators are a problem

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What if we democratically selected moderators, and someone could only be a moderator for a certain amount of time before re-election? A week, for example. If the moderator doesn't fuck up they could be re-elected, but if they fuck up even once, down they go! This could of course backfire if the user going up for election based their platform on majority special interest groups. It'd be an interesting board experiment, nonetheless.

Also, I've been looking into the governmental structure of the Roman Republic lately, and shit's fucked.

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The first amendment is a bourgeois American concept. why should I as a communist be beholden to the constitution?

I have no problem with completely censoring nazis or any nationalists.

for them, us or both?


I don't give a single fuck about muh constitution, I just want to shitpost freely without some moderator banning me all the time

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Freedom of speech is a Liberal delusion. It does not exist and never existed.

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How is this any more extreme than LETS LYNCH THE BOURGOISE


Representative democracy and anonymity don't really match up. The only form of democratic moderation that would work with forced-user is some sort of direct, distributed democratic moderation. Closest I can think of is probably NNTPChan.

Fuck off

Yes, it would be. Crisis of capitalism would inevitably escalate the violence. If the porky has to resort to harsher measures, it means he is loosing control of the situation.

And by the way, he never needs your "allowance", because he is in full power, he simply resorts to more effective methods in normal situation.

You sound like a fuckin liberal


great counterargument, you convinced me :^)

This is true actually, we actually don't have free speech in the states. This is more reason to actually get rid of moderators instead of lying down and getting banned all the time though.

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