Amazon has patented a system that would put workers in a cage, on top of a robot

Illustrations that accompany the patent, which was granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office in 2016, show a cage-like enclosure around a small work space sitting atop the kind of robotic trolleys that now drive racks of shelves around Amazon warehouses.

It don't get any worse then this.

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I get the idea behind this of combining a human with ai to be more efficient. What I don't get is the purpose of the cage part.

Why is the lock outside

To keep you in there till your brake or when you go home of course.

also hers link.

I'm guessing the point is supposed to be so the workspace is safe from crush hazards since it's for warehouse work, but yeah I dunno, I imagine making workers have to ask permission to take a shit is also part of it.

Or for productivity monitoring purposes. The keypad/cardkey combo makes me think that they'd track who is using what machine, what times they use it, how long they use it, how they use it, and other micromanagement shit to track your movement down to the 1/100th second.

Reminder Jeff Bezos needs to be assassinated.

Actually, I'm surprised there isn't a camera in there to monitor the occupant as well. Since they can't move around too much inside the cage, a lot of problems with monitoring technology can be avoided.

Of course, and they already do that anyway currently.

Just trying to say that there's probably a practical reason too, this seems to be basically a replacement for the forklift.

Anyone have any alternatives to Amazon?

The Post Office?

Does The Post Office sell Tao clean toothbrushes?

Go outside?

To prevent those lazy workers from going to the bathroom, of course.

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Fuck off pig!


Jeff Bezos doesn't get a bullet when the revolution comes. He gets a gas chamber, specially constructed for his demise. And it won't be cyanide. First, he'll be steamed with a mix of water and teargas. Then, mustard gas. He will be injected with adrenaline to ensure he will not pass out and escape his torment.

He will not be buried, he will not be cremated. His mutilated corpse will be hung in front of the -white- RED house to be pecked by birds.

can we not just put Bezos and Musk in the wage cages and make them fight to the death instead?

No. They must *suffer*.

Reminder this sort of thing isn't exactly new

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And a couple more, notice this is used both in elevators, and in operator cabs.

Notice the undetailed looking control box with a joystick off to the side. I can only imagine that has a door operation interface of some kind, and the one shown in the illustration is to note it can be locked and unlocked from the outside.

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what do you think these are

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How about Zuckenburg and Bezos fight each other. Musk should have to work as a miner at an Emerald Mine.

What's the problem? This place defends soviet industrial work conditions that were far worse and which were forced onto people by gunpoint.

Why are you such a resentful loser?

Since when?



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Yeah, I was going to say that thing in the OP is just a robotic cherry-picker. It even has a chair to sit on! As a forklift operator, I would drive the shit out of that. That is if it were not in one of Amazon's warehouse gulags. Seriously, I would never work for those fucks.

Yep. That's there so that guys who do not belong on forklifts cannot take them for a joy ride. I do wonder how the driver is supposed to control the forklift from the cage. Is there a seperate driver operating the lift from the ground?

Wait a minute. Are those things on the bottom supposed to be wheels? Is that thing supposed to roll on the ground without a lift? Holy-fucking-what? If those are indeed wheels, what would even be the purpose of something like that? There is no possible way that such a thing would be any faster than just walking around and picking shit up by hand. Is it to prevent lawsuits from guys who have shit fall on their heads? That's what helmets are for!

Reminder the same frapuchino slurping kids screeching at a box covered with metal nets meant to protect workers, assuming its some sort of muh reactionary muh capitalist and other buzzwords oppression cage and given the chance would have immediately smashed and destroyed them in "protest", want these very same "means of productions" redistributed to them insisting they could in their "theories" perform much better without the "theft" from the guy purchasing and introducing them because he decided a safer work environment and increased effficiency was worth the investment or just selfsufficient.

First, I want to know exactly what that thing is. If it's a cherry-picker with a robotic arm that's cool, but if it's some kind of goofy-ass motorized fat scooter that rolls on the ground then it is indeed fucked up.

Oh man, you can tell it's already being considered an essential part of life.

dangerous and a vector for surveillance and control of one's movement?

commies whining about work safety cages.

Explain why the lock pad is on the outside.