We have #MeToo politicians now

I don’t even care anymore. Grab them by the pussy. I don’t like Israel, but I hate feminazis even more.


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Glad to know some of our friends will side with Israel to own some irrelevant women epic style.

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In my dream world she is using the #metoo tactic as a pragmatic way to make israel look bad to liberals and shake the political system of america. Either way, fuck israel, fuck netanyahu and his minions, may them be accused of 100000 false rapes, if netanyahu was submitted to surgical ball torture I would hope a live stream was made so I could watch with the popocorn

This is real anti-imperialism right here

you're doing a great job helping the socialist cause

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I hope Fidel Castro or Che Guevara get accused of sexual assault to discredit them. Only then will you understand the consequences of liberalism and idpol.

I'm sure you give a fuck about that and not saying somebody's wrong on the internet

I'm not sure how to tell you this user.
I hope it doesn't ruin your day too much.
But both Castro and Che are dead, for some time now too.
I'm sorry.

Posthumously. That is indeed a thing.

Why do so-called "leftists" care so much about a purge in the elite? You should celebrate them destroying each other, not mourn them.

What is, irrelevent shit that doesn't matter in the slightest, Alex?

send them to the Saudis to get "enriched"

You can always forge it.
Americans are good at it.
If someone asks for proofs, post Russian chicken

You must be over 18 to use this board

agreed. its good that there is so much infighting porky vs porky.

By not capitulating feminism, a form of idpol? I think you're on the wrong board

Quite frankly, never join women's movements at all. Fuck their entitlement mentality.

I don't give a flying fuck about women's rights, like at all. I'm an aromantic guy and I couldn't care less about women and their bitchfits. That's why I'm a proud "manarchist" and an utter asshole to women. Turns our it works great, because you still get some pussy.

Women are gay.

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lets have everything be run by white men. see how it's been working for the past several hundred years

those historical men being male or white has little to nothing to do with the decisions they made. you're on a leftist board you stupid fuck at least read some history

White men are history. I don't believe women and the third world have much, if anything, to add.

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So you're not a socialist.. Got it.

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Opinion discarded.

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We’ve made huge progress. Our society has transitioned from feudalism to capitalism and we almost got to socialism. Slavery has almost been banned worldwide, most deadly disease have been eradicated, and literacy rates are at an all time high.

Don't bully Butters!




i know correlation is no causation etc.
but you know if you look up govt spending, and draw a line at womens voting rights, you see the spike

I’m glad that she won. However, I don’t believe in using #metoo shit to accomplish things. It’s witch hunting.

What the fuck are you even saying?

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People who post this pic to dismiss feminist issues are honestly pathetic.

If by feminist issues you mean bitching and whining about the white men boogeyman (which isn't any different from complaining about the Jews), as that person did, then you honestly deserve it and much worse like a liberal trash that you are

I felt second-hand embarrassment on your behalf for a few moments when reading your post. Then I decided to carry on with my day because there is probably very little to gain from that kind of sad feeling.

You seem frustrated, did a fucking white male greet you today? Must be hard being 400 pound landwhale. (you're not a feminist btw)

I don't think my physical appearance matters much but you'd probably be surprised by the outcome.

Forgot to sage, sorry.

Liberals and idpol trash can




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I'm the furthest thing there is from a liberal though :^)
14 years old kids do the best they can to seem tough but I can plainly see you're a theoretically confused person. I don't blame you, you do whatever you can and so do I. However, I can do more and that is because I am not you.

Should this be ban-worthy?

Do I have autism or is that an extremely smug face?


t (you)

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