Article 13

This is something I expected Burgers to do, not Euros.

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Burgers did months ago with sesta-fosta, it just applies to hookers instead of memes.


Meme control

Look how happy these little conserfs around Axel Voss are
Why can't you be happy for them?

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CDU and CSU (conserfs): in favour with one accord
Left Party: against with one accord
SPD (socdems): in favour
Greens (progs): in favour
FDP (libs): each for, against and abstained (one each, just in case)
AfD and their splits LKR and the blues (Zig Forums): split almost evenly
The independent German MEP who posted this (Martin Sonneborn Die PARTEI): against

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What about Britan?

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As in are there any Blairites that voted for this that need to be ==PURGED==

Interesting, how many layers of delegation lay between democracy and these elected representatives?

Told you all Brexit is a good thing. Now do you see?

They are leaving the EU to do even worse shit than this tho

The allies should've nuked germany in WWII.
Also this sort of thing is what happens when people pass too much time without killing not even a single politician, they grow bold thinking that they can do whatever they want.

They did not have to nuke Germany, it would have been enough for the AmeriKKKans to grow a spine and purge it of the Nazis instead of recruiting them for the CIA.

What a fucking weasel

based EU

As somebody living in EU, I don't know if I really care after all that much. Yes, it's step back from internet freedom but, not seeing on social media replies with only star wars gifs? All those memes made from shitty movies will disappear? That's some good shit right here, however, yes, for what price. Anyway I can tell you about that thing (I don't know if it was 11 or 13) when facebook will have to pay news if they repost their article under certain conditions - media in EU wanted this to pass so much of course because it means easy money for them, however scientific institutions and libraries even those "official EU ones" were strongly against Articles 11 and 13. What can happen in worst case scenario though? Will Google, Facebook and Twitter block EU IPs or just block news etc. so they won't have to pay them anything?

Memes are fascist. This is a step in the right direction.

Feels somewhat good man

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Better than expected tbh

t. falseflag