1. Discord sucks

1. Discord sucks
2. Slack sucks
3. Matrix kinda sucks
4. IRC is a pain in the ass

My solution: using the forced-anonymous IRC's webchat.
It's like IRC but it's forced-user. Anyone want to try it out?


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No need for that my comrade, discord just recently received a new update and is now 100% red-pilled and based. I encourage everyone to sign up on discord.

can we share images and shit there?

based fbi protecting our country super powers such as: inbreeding, getting shot at school, being fat and speaking only 1 language.


You can link to files, but there is no direct uploading or downloading of files. There is also no voice chat, no logging, etc.

IRC is a very simple internet protocol but one of its many benefits is that it's open source & is actually a very good *minimalist* chat tool.

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Cool, I cant wait to Talk about my plans to Counterfeit Money. and Buy illegal drugs and Bring them over state Lines, on discord with my Communist Antifa friends :D I hope to make a Lot of friends who want to Bring drugs over state lines, and Sell guns to convicted felons, on this Discord app.


If you really want something that's private and well encrypted you could try this: wire.com


forced-anonymous IRC is a different kind of chatting than wire or signal

do your homework

Why the dick is the SRA tring to get me to sign up on slack


just make one on rizon how is IRC pain in the ass

Just post on the board you retard. Why do you mouthbreathers always need a circlejerk?

I'm in the chat room!

there's already #bunkerchan

Discord is literally just a bunch of teenaged gamers.
Literally why would the Feds be interested in that shit.

And a bunch of retarded Altright and Anarcho-liberal activist groups.

Do they even matter in real life?

and intelligent ppl don't use discord for organizing lol.