How come that famines and genocides in capitalist countries are never admitted to be a fault of capitalism but even the...

How come that famines and genocides in capitalist countries are never admitted to be a fault of capitalism but even the smallest natural disaster in a socialist country is universally accepted to be a deliberate genocide masterminded by the ruling government?

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Ideological narratives.

Lots and lots of brainwashing and propaganda

The same reason why wearing Nike shoes is unpatriotic now.

That, but also the way so many people just assume capitalism is natural. By this, I don't just mean the usual "muh hooman naytur" argument socialists laugh at that capitalism supposedly lines up well with inherent characteristics of humanity, but a whole 'nother level of ideology, wherein capitalism isn't even distinguishable as ideology.

People owning a home they live in or their own toothbrush? Capitalism. People buying and selling stuff? Capitalism. People providing services for compensation? Capitalism. Money instead of barter? Capitalism. Civilization itself? Capitalism, capitalism aaaaaall the way down.

In a lot of peoples' minds "act of capitalism" and "act of nature" aren't distinguishable.

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Barter isn't a thing. And the fact that money exists may not be capitalism per se but it's the thing that allowed commodity production to happen. Money based markets comes from kings paying their armies with coins and then demanding taxes from citizens in the form of those coins. By doing that, the whole country now has a mission of making shit to sell the soldiers to acquire the coins to pay their taxes. Prior to this class based expropriation was in the form of having serfs/peasants/slaves work their lord or master's land. Prior to that (and concurrently within community relations) there was simply communal property. "exchange" as we understand it did not exist at all. The introduction of money was revolutionary in the sense of technology.

It's called "Red baiting".

Anything to the left of "anarcho"-capitalism, even if it is by a yoctometer, is automatically considered "far left". That's the right wing modus operandi.

They even had the balls to steal libertarianism from the left and branded it as reactionary laissez faire capitalism; then they claim they own the term, despite the fact that it was fist used circa mid 19th century to describe FAR left, anti-capitalist, anarchism (first one to use the term was Joseph dejacque, an anarcho-communist himself).

Long-story-short: The right is wrong about everything. Their entire shtick is to spread misinformation and lies. Classcucks are merely the idiotic masses who lick the bourgeoisie assholes.

Even speaking as a burger, I'm pretty sure Ayncraps in other countries aren't brazen enough to steal our name and standard, and outside burgerstan (and the Anglosphere more generally) "libertarian" and its etymological relatives is still primarily associated with anarchism.

Fair enough. I was mostly refering to the autistic Rothbardians that claim they own the term.


People do not recognize the conditions of their own existence, relations of production and distribution reproduce themselves every day which disables people from experiencing them as anything else but "natural". Only the foreign, the intruder is recognized, which is why flaws of society are blamed on "corporatism", migrants, "cultural Marxists", "money in politics", "unethical business conduct", etc.

This is why Marx is such a revered philosopher and is still read and examined today by intellectuals. He was able to deconstruct his own reality.

Elon Musk has called himself a socialist my dude.

Except social issues

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You need eugenics

Because both genocides and famines can happen for many different reasons.
The question you should be asking is why they're so rare in "capitalist" countries, and so common in "communist" ones.

Are you seriously asking why ruling ideology (system) does not accept its mistakes?

Remember when being "econimically leftist but actually reactionary" was a bannable offence on Zig Forums? Maybe we should have that here too

Alternatively, you could go back to your tranny board, instead of wanting this place to be just as bad.

If you want to talk to Nazis you can just go to any other board. I'm here to talk with leftists.

Yeah… it sounds like you should go back to your Zig Forums safe space.

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The holodomor was caused by human actions, but by the kulaks burning their crops because they didn't like the new system, however deaths caused by this are often exaggerated.

Social conservatism isn't an exclusive monopoly for the right. I'm merely using "right wing" to define a group, since the left-right axis only encompasses economics.

I'm pretty damn sure nazbols and stalinists are as conservative as they can get, yet their ideology is left wing.

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