What motivates or creates school shootings?

What motivates or creates school shootings?

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Societal Alienation. Teens with no friends feel like they aren’t part of there community, thus they have no stake in there community, and they feel like there loneliness is caused by there community rejecting them. So they try to in there eyes “even the scores.”

This basically, extreme alienation from all of society. They know the only way they can get anyone to care about them is to do something crazy. Doesn't explain to me why they shoot up a school instead of a politicians or bankers or even celebrities but that's my own unique pathology talking.

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How do we fix that? I also heard ist because of capitalism and the way the current school system is.

Make socially awkward teens think they actually have a future where they can be happy. Yes, I would say it's because of capitalism and the school system.

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Capitalism has degraded culture to the extent where these boys, who would usually be put to work in more productive and rewarding areas of society, suddenly have no place. The social media culture is also insanely bad for people. Everyone is trying to compare themselves to the richest and best-looking people, and they feel that their wife/husband isn't good enough, or they themselves aren't good enough, or their children aren't like some genius kid, and so on. One of the main goals of a socialist society should be to rebuild families, but not just the nuclear family, the whole damn thing. People need love, and lots of it.

I like this post. People try too hard to be cold, but they only come off as unsure nowadays.

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Because most teens barely know shit about Mainstream politics, much less radical politics.
t Burger teen


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Or lack thereof.

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Untreated mental illness. The solution is a better heathcare system.

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I wish I'd saved some of the toilet spam from one of the i/n/dia threads, there were some pretty interesting ones


Who the fuck cares? Just get the media to stop talking about it, so we can concentrate on something that actually matters on a statistical level. It might even cause copycat crimes to decrease.

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chad and stacy
Actually the realization that they would literally accomplish nothing in their lifetime, and this is there easy ticket to fame.

They are often bullied in those schools so it can be an act of revenge


Compulsory education causes it. Without exception these school shooters were bullied.
They did some bullying but to call them bullies is a stretch and they didn’t inflict the regular bullying they suffered from.
If school wasn’t compulsory children could stop attending when they felt bullied or felt the environment was otherwise toxic. Then administrators would be forced to address their issues or lose more money,

Well, Charles Whitman had a brain tumour.


Who the fuck has never thought about opening fire in their school/college/work place?
Some people just don't have very firm mental or moral restraints so they end up putting their bad thoughts into practice.

Read Heroes.

1. radical right wing ideology
2. alienation
3. bullying
4. suicidal depression
5. easy access to firearms that could be regulated by just a psychiatric check or the rise of the age to acquire a firearm license.
6. material conditions

I honestly think when it comes to America that banning them would prevent a lot of school shootings but at the same time that would breed a huge black market of firearms in America anyway…

So… It's difficult to say. The weapons to kill each other with are already THERE, there is even enough for revolution but these weapons are just not pointing at the real despots. Thats why it's such a waste.

Places like Japan, Germany, Denmark, etc are safer because there aren't as much guns circulating, although I know there is a black market in Germany due to Switzerland passing firearms through the borders. Material conditions affect a lot.

it's part of the truth not the whole. so the internet is also the problem in the internet is where these sperglords get radicalized and their views encouraged, etc.

he is just interested in philosophy. stirner being the only symbol of philosophy here and it's good since stirner is great, it helps a lot pointing out what is spooky dooky ideology and what isn't.

nah that is a part of the truth again not the whole. thing is batshit insane individuals will always exist but yes Capitalism breeds a lot of em indeed. Weapon violence on itself will never cease forever, you can just forge the material conditions for having less reasons for it.

if you notice school shooters are almost always high class or what is called "middle class" (so it's poor pretending to not be poor) not poor ghetto poorfag. It's individuals (almost always if not always male) that go to a paid high school or university.

Dirt poor shooters are gangsters.

Industrial society.

This. Also, one would quickly notice that most non-gang and non-bully related school shootings (ie crazy spree killers) occur in or near CDC teen suicide clusters. One of the things lost in the debate about school shootings is that they're just the natural consequence of teen suicide, a problem which nobody in academia wants to study since the #1 cause for teen suicide is social pressure to succeed. This is due to the limited amount of college seats available, the high cost of college, and of course students being competitive and stroking their dicks over which colleges they get into. Social media amplifies social alienation while TV glorifies school shooters with free press and sympathetic views.

One of the few studies done on teen suicide is here, due to the large amount of teen suicides that occur in Palo Alto, CA by train which causes local people to try and prevent commuter trains from running in the area:


However, one will quickly notice that it only talks about it in a medical way and ignores most socioeconomic effects, even though it is commonly known that students in the area are killing themselves due to the extremely high cost of living and extremely high expectations their tech manager parents place upon them. Instead there's a focus on "intervention" as the only way to stop suicides, specifically the idea is that some teacher or parent would report their child to the government at some point who would then treat that person like a criminal and force them to take drugs until they are sufficiently "healed" to pass an internal exam and not have a youth suicide (only an adult suicide which is not ever studied).

With this context it's extremely easy to see how school shootings happen: someone is branded "mental" and nobody talks to them and neither employers nor schools want them. At some point they either lash out, upon themselves or with the nearest available tools they can obtain. This is also how serial killers form. The whole time, expectations for normal students are ratcheted up and people who don't make it into a top 10 college are considered stupid. Which is another, more insidious angle here: banks who issue student loans have every reason to encourage this sort of competition because they make more money from it.

Additionally, Neil Postman wrote two very good books on this, pics related.

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Another graph, notice how the most teen suicides in this suicide cluster happened in 2009 during the height of the most recent recession. Also notice how nobody concerns themselves with adult suicides.


Also an Atlantic article on this subject which provides some good context;


Again this is only one specific example, one cluster of youth suicides. But notice how Sandy Hook, Parkerville and Irvine are all similarly gentrified.

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t. Franco "Bifo" Berardi

Most school shooters are apolitical

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What the fuck are you talking about my good slav… I mean worker?
Socioeconomics ain't real, you can look it up everywhere online and you'll notice that literally the only reason why people commit suicide is purely because of depression and mental illnesses 100% of the times. Social pressure, economic issues, environmental and social problems? none of those exist, capitalism is perfect.

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That's thing with the cliché's, they're so extremely easy to see that once seen, on can see no more than them. You don't see that countries where pressure to succeed is much higher than in the U.S, such as Japan and South Korea, don't have as much serial killers as the U.S does, or school stabbings. You don't see that school shooters in most cases were not pressured high-achievers who couldn't cope anymore, but instead were already so disturbed that this was not expected of them. You only see what you already saw before you looked at any of the cases.

If capitalism is perfect, then why is life so difficult?

Must be socioeconomics, must be porkies denying me my soft life of ease and comfort.

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Well yeah because in Japan and South Korea the kids just kill themselves instead. I mean, I guess that's better, but, not exactly a shining example.

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It disputes that pressure is the singular cause of school shootings and serial killers, the degree at which the counter evidence shines is irrelevant.

Then why do so many white kids (at least when I went to school back in 2011) were critical of Obama? To say that teens have zero knowledge of mainstream politics and or radical politics is ignorant. Maybe your school or group doesnt chat about polotics but thats irrelevant.

Its interesting that society likes to obsess over youth crimes and overlook the general crimes in the adult world. What about the murder-suicides of families? Or about the publoc (non-school) shootings?

Probably just parroting whatever they heard their parents talking.
Saying that people actually know anything about a subject just because they are critical of it is like saying that Zig Forums actually aren't a bunch of brainlet ignorant retards just because they talk a bunch of shit.

Not necessarily. You must one of those people who think that youth is a deficit. That young people have no real political curiosity.
Me, I am more science/music curious. I grew up with a religious Carribean mother but I always felt shes religious bc its her crutch.

Youth is irrelevant. The average person has no real political curiosity because they are alienated from politics under bourgeoisie democracy. What few political opinions they have are merely things they repeat from others, be it from their parents or their peers or the television. It takes a special kind of masochist to actually care about politics beyond treating it like some kind of team sport.

that's not what saying lmao, some problems can be socioeconomic, as in they're a problem with society and economy not just with individuals, and that doesn't automatically mean it's just caused by muh capitalist greed


Industrial society

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There might be enough to kill every cop BUT that's assuming the American government won't use the military (like drones) to stop the revolution.