Forced diversity

Your brain on idpol

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this wasnt decided by the studends it was decided by the school. so blame the corporations if anything. who cares. we already know privately owned institutions are usually stupid as fuck. They're trying to attract dark skinned students as costumers maybe? who knows.

they should show the real school's community not a fake one, it's fucked up. since he will go there expecting to see more brothers & he will be surrounded by white boys since they sold him something fake.

Why does this shit only happen in America? There’s tons of black people in France and apparently they don’t mind that there were no black people in the pic.


This is something that's always confused me. Why is the US, and most immediately afterward the Anglosphere, always patient zero for each new strain of SJWdom, even though the "Continental Theory" underlying its postmodern rhetoric was all written by French pseuds in opposition to British philosophers?

The first thing that comes to mind is, perhaps, Continentals are just more aware of what flowery gobbledygook it is, as opposed to wide-eyed Americans earnestly lapping it up (no pun intended) uncritically.

Because there’s a weird fascination with black people in the states. If something is black that means it’s cool, something is white it is dorky. And look at the entertainment industries: they’re dominated by black people. Why is that? Because white Americans go along with it. They use black entertainers as surrogates to express certain emotions that they otherwise wouldn’t acknowledge. It sublimates the discomfort.


Begorrah, dinnea let the sassenach know!

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I’m really talking about liberal middle class faggots. The same people who were in utter shock and disbelief at Trump’s election because it completely shattered their worldview of “progress” from neoliberalism.


hah this is like my college

It happened in France. The ad was just intended to appeal to Americans.

See the actual culprit was apparently a burgerlard in some consulting firm.

fuck off Zig Forums

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I wish this place had some of the Zig Forums filters

Well, the CIA only wants to poison the american left with this trash.

the preferred term is cumskin, thank you

Look at {{{who}}} runs the entertainment industries

Because Black people in France are only there because white French people allow them there. In America black people are there because white Americans forced them to be there. So (some) white Americans feel supper ashamed of there race. In France this isn’t the case. Blacks in France feel indebted to White Frogs if anything. Guilt, especially collective guilt is a spook, but a spook that is pretty strong.

I know what you’re getting it. I think it comes down to Jews having no qualms about social hang ups that “white” Americans have. Nothing more than that.

If anything, Jewish cultural insecurity has resulted in exceptional "hyper-Americanism" in the industry's actual output:

You need to study colonialism, my dude.
France didn't have slavery the same way as America but it had colonialism in Africa which is the reason why there's black people in France and it is just as bad as slavery.

Colonialism didn’t take place on France proper so there is no collective guilt from it.

Black people in France do not think like white people in America. Guilt is a distinctly european thing, the rest of the world knows only shame.

I thought that since France is Catholic, French were enmeshed in a culture of omnipresent preassumed guilt in every facet of their culture clear down to the Napoleonic code.

They don't feel bad about it though. This is a common misconception about things like white guilt, it's not about white people feeling guilty, it's about enjoying the guilt of others.

I personally don't know many black people who look like satanic guardians of Hell, so maybe they were going for more of a trendy demonic look?

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thats a stupid conspiracy theory made up by Zig Forumstards and you know it.
it ain't that, it was just photo manipulated by a stupid fuck whatever his or her ideology might be.

look at ((who)) is behind these posts
stormfags smh every time… like just don't try to hide it anymore, return to your shit board or go all out here say that you want to gas the jews and shit.

All SJW crap comes from Europe, this is a general complaint Americans have against Europeans. Blacks getting the right to vote, womens suffrage, and gay rights all began in European universities for better or for worse.

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And modern/postmodern "art" of course, was the perfect commercialized yet "counterculture" vehicle for:
And the Ford Foundation is, of course, a front for…

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It all comes from america. Until 7 years ago nobody fucking talked about muh white people muh black people muh gender. All this fucking cancerous race shit and SJW idpol bullshit is born and bred in the US.

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>What on earth could be so american about SJW'ism?

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Thank you. It isn't even theoretical; it's public record.

Oh no no no

Marxist-Leninists see culture arising from the material relations of production. So the idea of trying to change the culture but not the relations of production is nonsensical to them. But in the actual Soviet Union, there were various attempts to instill a "socialist culture" – including through organized efforts by the state-sanctioned anti-religious group called the League of the Militant Atheists. So in practice communists have not been consistent here.

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You would think that, but then the maoists start doing dumb shit like "cultural revolutions."

bonjour, monsieur user.. do not worry, I am merely a man of color, certainly not a lovecraftian horror from beyond le veil. I am here to learn, mon ami, not absorb le souls of innocents. So why don't you J̷̢̛̥̠̙̰̯O̤͚̫̤̜̮̦͢͡͠I̻͟N̘̬͈̫ ҉̙͖̜Ụ̷̶̧̘̤̙S̩̰̳̕

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Oversimplification. Culture is limited by said relations of production.


Akshually, it's better classified as a grass-root organization.

We do not claim that culture changes without any conscious efforts.

Change of relations of production creates change of ruling class. Then new ruling class uses his position to enact change of culture. That's it.

There is nothing hypocritical about Soviets directing change of culture after they had seized the power. Now they can change culture without Capitalists distorting or rolling back any gains.

No. The base is generally dominant, not the absolute decider.

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And pray tell, what is the origin of these stupid ideas, and why are they so prominent in america, especially among people who think they're leftist?

But it does, quite obviously. It constantly changes to match constantly changing material realities. There is not need for conscious effort. It will sort itself out.

Intellectuals doing what they do, read the German Ideology.

Obviously the German ideology is the reason why America is most cancerous. Thank you for your contribution.

name one relevant the past 50 years
protip: you cant