Why do you support LGBT?

Fags claiming to be socialist are not socialist or even leftist. Their fight for equal rights (and they already have equal rights) is a fight that appeals to the bourgeoisie. Their struggle is anything but class struggle. I haven't seen anything remotely socialist on gay parades. Instead, they want equal rights they have and recognition of a thousand made-up genders. And yes, same-sex marriage is gay privilege. Marriage has always been a heterosexual union for raising children and there's no reason gays need it. The parties supporting them are reformist, and this has spread to Cuba. Thus, I can say that gays ruined Cuba

The LGBT rights movement is a liberal political organization, similar to reverse-sexist liberal feminism. Those who put communist posters alongside Pride flags are spitting in the face to those who lived under these posters

Homonormative movements existed in Engels' lifetime as well, as evidenced by his letter to Marx, which does shed some light on what fags want

Still not convinced that fags are polluting socialism? Congratulations, you're an SJW

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Because consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies.

Supporting LGBT people is not the same as supporting liberal LGBT movements.

All LGBT movements are liberal. They distract you from class struggle. Fags already have equal rights and trannies are not even human

because im not socially retarded

fuck it this thread will just become a mockery of the OP like always

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Says a Nintenfag. Nintendo makes kids games

The socially retarded are those who show their deviancy on public

Do you read what you write or is it just an unending stream of shit?

You didn't even went out on this Friday night did you? ofc not you're another of those chan board misanthropic loners, and you call others deviants lmao pathetic nothing is as pathetic as the unlikeable which is why you're so alone. I'm gonna go to sleep I got shit to do tomorrow gn.

You are not fooling anyone, fuck off back to Zig Forums

That's true tho. If I ever saw a tranny on the streets of a socialist state, I'd call the cops because children should not be exposed to these abominations


Literally who gives a shit. If they really are a socialist then good, if not the make them one. Although I do have to say they do some gross ass shit in streets I wouldn't go near on of them.

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Hey the USSR called and said you're a revisionist and they legalized homosexuality.

The USSR always had faggotry criminalized because it was based

The biggest fag of all is you OP

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Cause I don't care what consenting adults do in bedroom. If they are not socialist, make em socialist, and if they are even better.

Aside from obvious false flag,
I do not like the LGBTP "movement", I think the concept of sexual orientation is dumb, and ppl become gay or straight only as a result of external factors.
The proper position is of course, he who gets bum-raped is a fag, but he who bum-rapes is a pretty cool dude.

Comrade, I made this same argument on Zig Forums and when I came back the thread was deleted. Don't bother trying to convince these individualist anarchists pretending to be socialists. They are so concerned with personal pleasure that they are incapable of thinking about what is best for the state and society. It is like a parent trying to reason with a toddler.

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What the fuck how can anyone swallow that whole and don't end up with syrup instead of blood?
Is that guy a burger by any chance?

I don't know but I wouldn't eat it. Chocolate makes your throat very dry, so imagine that thing. Although the thought of that being a boy is….arousing

I'm going to a Pride parade tomorrow.

I'm taking my mom.

Try and stop me, red fascists.

Redpill some of the lads there while your at it


"Red fascism"
Back to r/socialism

There will be a socialist contingent.

Who can afford it these days?

fuck off breeder scum

And I'm going to be wearing this button.

During the festival today the organizers set the socialist booth up across from the libertarians. The socialists were much more popular rofl

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By excluding gay comrades you're sorta damaging worker solidarity there OP

Libertarian socialists? Or American """libertarian"""

American libertarian. Ultra pro-capitalists.

Now that's gay


As a movement, LGBT sucks. Not just because it is co-opted by capitalist interests to further enhance their neoliberal agenda but also because instead of overthrowing the heteronormative structures of society it tries to submit itself to them by creating easily-digestible narratives that merely incorporates queer people into societies notions of normalcy by transforming them into respectable citizens under capitalism.

That being said, OP is still a faggot and probably also a concern-trolling Zig Forumstard.

Stop pretending, Zig Forums, you aren't fooling anyone
made by queercom gang

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is this supposed to be a joke?

Not my comrade

So, youre obviously false flagging, but regardless wasn't East Germany actually known for giving free gender reassignment surgery?
I cant remember where I read it but there was an article from when Germany reunified about how East German trans people feared for their lives after reunification with the conservative west

Gays are fine trannies aren’t. Try to prove me wrong, you can’t.

People outside of LA and NYC who are poorer than you.


yup is a Zig Forumstard

I live in Texas dumbass.

One of these is not like the other.

I dunno, Harry Hay was pretty awesome.

Pedos, zoophiles, necros, etc still > lgbt, because fuck trendies.

I forgot to include Austin and Dallas, oh well

Hay was exceptionally fucking awesome.

because we support the oppressed and fascists oppress lgbt people, next question?

your red mask is slipping a little there fashy


lmao did you just finish watching ben shipiro's debate tutorials

there are many gays among capitalists. do you also support them?

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Lmao you have a point

Anti-TERFs go home

you are suggesting that being capitalist is a permanent condition of a person and then i'd have to choose between supporting or not supporting that person
take their private property away then they're no longer a capitalist, problem solved

if you say group x isn't human you're a fascist yes

you're oppressing my right to be anti-anti-terf shitlord

It's saying something when leftpol is more reactionary than left*pol on social issues

Sorry but contrary to your sperg out Fascism has a specific materialist definition and is not just what happens when people say mean things about other people.


Okay, so you're comment wasn't necessarily fascist, but referring to certain "degenerate" groups as not really human is super fascistic


…and this.

Hitler drank water so a true communist never drinks water

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This guy is based, this gives me some hope. I saw a tranny on the bus today and that shit was disgusting.

OPs argument could apply to all women by that logic in many ways.

"Their struggle is anything but class struggle. I haven't seen anything remotely socialist on womens rights marches. Instead, they want equal rights they have and recognition of a thousand made-up gender disparities. And yes, feminism is female privilege."
"The parties supporting them are reformist, and this has spread to Cuba. Thus, I can say that females ruined Cuba"

tldr OP is a faggot that appeals to the bourgeoisie.

leftypol is 80% bug chasing faggots, you've already lost OP.