This is what Zig Forums actually believes

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Are they implying that ancaps are anti-porky even though their ideal society would give all control to him?

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I actually find it a good comic in a sense, namely that in the final comic the ancap/burgerlibertarian finally realizes that is worldview is completely nonsensical. But this only if the tug of war is read as his ideological narrative.

Worth mentioning is that this comic has a lot of self-reflection. It admits that f*scism and ,,,anarcho-capitalism'' is the same ugly thing

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Yes, when I've lurked /biz/ I've seen them claim that corporations, in general not specfic corps, were communist. It's retarded, but they're lolberts and ancaps.

"Scratch a libertarian and a fascist bleeds" isn't just a meme, the second lolberts feel threatened they will go nazi. And they feel threatened by everything from a black guy walking down the street to workers wanting 10 bucks an hour.

Can reactionaries decide if we're fat burgers who swallow fast food or veagan soyboys who couldn't bench 5 pounds already? The strawmen are getting too confusing.

duh actual conflict b dat fascists b with jews in shit like dat, and so be liberals, and the communis guy b duh only one holding duh oher side of the rope, or some shit liek dat

This is literally me because McDonald's is tasty. Send me to the gulag I don't care.

Derivative memes based on right-wing formats are bad in general, but this is especially bad.

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I want communist mac donald

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Worker-controlled McLenin's

well, it's true

the only meaningful action leftists take irl is violent attacks against people who have mean words to say about brown people who porky pig imported here to drive down wages and sell loans to

tis true Zig Forums, tis true, you are the capitalists, let's not even get into the fact that 9/10 """""leftists""""" are straight up the children of well off bourgeois types in the first place

Actually existing socialism is disappointed in you user.

Try again.

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If you swap the communist shirt for the DNC donkey and the fashy shirt for the GOP elephant then it's right. Lolberts are suddenly finding themselves having to defend nationalism with people they generally dislike (Zig Forums) while their allies (capitalists) are fighting against them with neoliberals who hate nationalism.

It's more tragic than it is funny. Rand Paul spent a huge amount of work preparing for his 2016 run, specifically he went out to UC Berkeley to talk about how evil the NSA is and why they need to be controlled, as part of his attempt at a populist lolbert-lite campaign based around legalizing weed and muzzling the NSA. Two weeks later Trump announced his candidacy and blew it all to pieces.

I'm sick enough of responding to your head-up-your-ass narrative(s) that you spew at us with no possibility of changing your own mind, that instead of trying to argue with you because I know you argue in bad faith and it's a waste of time, I'm just going to beat you over the head with my random-ass, unsolicited beliefs and not listen to any counterarguments like your faggot ass has been doing to everybody else for the last four years:
-spiders are cool
-pizza is delicious
-portions get smaller on everything every year and the megacorps volley-fire their price-hikes (which isn't price-fixing somehow though!) because fucktards like you and the SJWs autistically screech so loud about your idiocy to the point that it sidelines actual political debate in favor of divisive bullshit pitting the working class against itself
-you've failed to ruin metal because your music is still overwrought horsedick-gargling masturbation, neener neener neener
-you loudly claimed credit for electing what turned out to be an orange potato who loves Israel inb4 that wasn't you, just the wreckers from nu/pol/ because you're le troo oldfag, haha fuck you dumbass told you so lol
-unite the shite 2: memefrog boogaloo failed miserably because you're a bunch of punkass cowards now that you know people aren't gonna take any more of your bullshit
-the only reason you're not in jail for making all the actable threats you've made is because you're a useful idiot for the police state
there, your b8 caught an old shoe, a tin can, a spare tire and a book of fishing cliches

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who hurt you sweaty?


They also imported them to create racial tension that would allow fascist movements to gain a foothold in mainstream politics. Never forget people like you are useful idiots playing into their game.

Also can they please decide if we're all pathetic sexual deviants incapable of doing anything or if we're literally about to declare war on conservatives and kill them all with our antifa super soldiers.

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It's true though. Dialectical materialist Marxists are unicorns now a days, especially in the US. Just go on left twitter for 5 seconds. Most leftist now a days are champagne socialists who want more gay WOC senators and CEOs. Read about the Weather Underground. They were a group of radical socialist upper middle class Jewish college kids who went on a bombing spree and collaborated with other far-left, anti-white terrorist groups like the BLA and the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional. The group had support from powerful and wealthy organizations like the National Lawyers Guild. The NLG was part of the International of Democratic Lawyers, which was a front for the Soviet Union.

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[citation needed]


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Can you not read? One of the leaders of the Weather Underground was a member of the Lawyers guild. Fuck. They even hid members in a fancy boathouse after bombings.

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Zig Forums, stop dumping your interracial porn collection again.

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"Mean words"

in a way is true because accelerating Capitalism only furthers it's destruction. Read on what Accelerationism is.

The ancap is unironically on our side because he is a retard that doesn't even thinks about how the free market can be fascistic.

Black separatists are reactionaries.

liberals aren't left, but anarchists are radical liberals. They willingly give power to corporations to doxx and censor rightwingers, and then are ambivalent that McMega-Corp decides to censor leftists as well. Go tankie/nazbol or go liberal.

Not Liberals though. Plus a lot of Marxist academics consider black separatists as revolutionary as opposed to reactionary like white separatists since blacks are just trying to protect them selves from white supremacist capitalism whereas white nationalists are trying to maintain white supremacy by outlawing miscegenation and preventing upward mobility for POC

Use the better one.

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Not surprising to me. Parroting stuff is easy and Zig Forums has no clue about the left.

How does that work?

Like anarcho-capitalism does, I would imagine.

so brownpanels guy works for Punch?

Depends on where. Anarchists form the back of Greece’s Antifa movement and they are actually well disciplined, organized, and effective.

This. Politics is more like Starcraft 2 than tug of war.

It doesn’t

If they don’t put class above all else, are idealist and refuse to embrace a dialectical view of history than there radlibs.

How do anarchists "give power to corporations" exactly? It's not like corporations need anarchists' consent to do what they do.

Facebook: "Hmm. Let's see what the anarchist collective thinks about this before we make a decision." Politically I'm more partial to the Leninists but I don't get this line that seems common here. The corporations are far meaner, bigger and more ruthless than everybody and they don't need anyone's permission to do anything.

Anyways, I agree with the anti-fascists' goals and I am for deplatforming and otherwise screwing with fascists and Nazis. Some anti-fascist groups are legit, but others are basically groups of incompetent, edgy kids. It's a crapshoot really.

Is this loss?

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jokes on you, if the nazis only killed 10 jews and the soviets killed twice as many i'd still be a communist

"anarcho-" fascism, monarchism, feudalism, etc are just anarcho-capitalism but more honest and almost to the point of admitting that they are the authoritarians

youtube banning alex jones was clearly an anachist psyop

Why can't leftists meme?

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why do right-wingers think that hitler was a rightist

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Why do NAZBOLS think Hitler was NAZBOL?


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because they are brainlets spooked to hell and back on nationalism

Nazbols are people who discovered that letter "S" in NS means Socialism but they think even Hitler didn't knew that so they decided to make new meme political "movement", call it nazbol and say that Hitler was in fact nazbol just he didn't knew it.

tl;dr nazbols are kids lacking knowledge about history and are too spooked by political compass

Every bonafide hippie I know (they still exist in the hills in Mendocino County) actually denies the holocaust. No doubt this happens because they exist right next to Zig Forums tier attempts to create WN communes. Did I also mention that both are constantly stoned because weed is the biggest cash crop up there?

For context this is the type of area where people fly Jefferson flags and want to break off of California to be the 51st state.

Most Nazbols don't realize why "nazbol" has to exist in the first place, because Hitler killed all the Socialists in Germany before starting WW2. It's an attempt to remake national-socialism as national-Socialism.

Make of that what you will.

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Also, this is now accurate; though it's 50/50 whether topman hat is porky or just an anarchist that got dressed in an occupied mansion.

I don't know if Zig Forums really likes lolberts that much but lolberts definitely see fashies as friends because they are unironic retarded just like that.

Because most nazbols are people who get caught up in memes. There’s very few serious nazbols.

replace the top hat guy with an anarchist.

Lolberts are useful idiots for fashists. Fashists know it.
How stupid do you have to be to be a black, white surpremist lolbert? Reminds me of these posts.

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You probably missed the irony of your post

The left can't meme.

It's the other way around, I would say. Just look at Franco's purge of the fascists in his government at the end of WWII. The ruling class only ever keeps fascists around until the war is over.

would kindly ask you to have yourself shot into a ditch

I'm not read-up on that so uninformed opinion but it seems like the Allies wining the war and fascism becoming a four-letter word might've had something to do with that.

It had a lot to do with it. Hitler's body was just getting cold when Franco began sacking the fascists. Franco needed the fascists until the war was over. Then they found out who was really in charge.

Because the poster above isn't nazbol and just wants to give /leftletpol/ an opportunity to let their hatred flow without the need of providing any historic sources or compelling arguments.

When will you learn?

it fascinates me how can you receive money from oligarchs to fuel your protests, be placed on trusted flaggers and other censorship committees, be immune from censorship, be employed as the state/capital harassers and not experience the faintest of cognitive dissonance

Right wing = mental illness.

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got any further reading by this author/from this book?

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here's the text in full
Eco is quite a famous author you know

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Umberto Eco, the Italian semiotician was once lecturing in a university about language. He jokingly said that although people may use a planned language for dealings with people publicly, people do not make love in a planned language. He received a somewhat embarassing letter from one of the women in the class. She wrote, “Sir, you are mistaken. It is certainly possible to make love in Esperanto.” Then she added by saying that she does it.

Eco gave a series of lectures at the Sorbonne on the idea of a perfect language. He later published his research on this topic in The Search for the Perfect Language. In this book he quoted with approval Antoine Meillet who wrote, “Toute discussion théoretique est vaine: l’Esperanto fonctionne.” (All theoretical discussion is beside the point: Esperanto works.) After studying the language Eco became a proponent of Esperanto.

In an interview he reverted to the theme of his student’s letter.

He said, “People have taught Esperanto under very bad conditions for some decades, and look – human beings make love in Esperanto. Latin has been taught very intensively for hundreds of years, but you can be certain that even if a priest and a nun were to make love they would not use it under those circumstances. Draw your own conclusions!”

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Nobody cares about your meme language.

Enough with this idiotic meme. Where did you get the idea that protests need large sums of money to happen?

Righties Are projecting because their movements are always astroturfed

Because they aren't real protests. They have to pay people to pretend.

hindsight is 20/20

Most Stormfronters and Neo-Nazis don't know anything about real not socialism, they don't even know that NS is left-wing. But they act as if they knew everything with their black "White Pride" flags, Skinhead and Christian Identity fashion, economic Capitalism and phony altered Pseudo-NS flags. 
Why Neo-Nazis are NOT not socialists:……
The problem is that NS can only be understood by socialist Germans, not by "Anti-Socialists", British reactionaries, fashionable Skinheads, Christian fundamentalists or racist American Republicans, non-progressives, whatsoever.
Hitler was "anti Marxist", yet he was also a Socialist and Marxian to a specific degree. What he opposed was the foreign Russian method of practicing Socialism. He was also against Internationalism and democratic Liberalism, but he was a Socialist, a yellow one and also a folkish-revolutionary RED Swastika-Flag "Nazi-Sozi". Not really opposed to what Hegel, Marx and Engels said in their various writings.
The Socialism of the NSDAP, the not socialist German Workers' Party, didn't stop with the death of Gregor Strasser and Ernst Röhm. Hitler was himself a radical Socialist who SUPPORTED the socialist element of Marxism in Germany, and the nationalist idea of Bonapartism, the Superman of Nietzsche and the artistic expression of Wagner.
The NSDAP wasn't right-wing, it wasn't a pragmatic fascist group like Italy's Nationalists and Hitler wasn't a fucking Conservative! Don't believe the hype made by postwar Anti-Fascists and phony Neo-Nazis on YouTube.
They are scum. Read the truth about phony right-wing so-called "White Nationalists":…

Pshh this dude sounds sheltered, I bet it's like a full on Claude Frollo thing for some of them.


forgot pic, sorry

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This is so dumb I don’t think I should even waste my time on it

Meanwhile the proud boys and patriot prayer are funded by elite american bourg. In other words they are quite literally paid protestors. Really makes you think.

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Don't forget Turning Point with their weird diaper demonstrations.

Absolutely this. Typically for capitalists, they are so deeply submerged in the status quo they can't even conceptualize something like organic people power protests.