What I always find funny about the Nazis is the fact that they think that the evil Jews control the capitalist system...

What I always find funny about the Nazis is the fact that they think that the evil Jews control the capitalist system, but still see it as a ideal to work for it and pay taxes to the corrupt "jewish puppets"… xD

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Pride comes before the fall and the past 200 years has been full of it. Their egos are incapable of seeing the greater picture.

um sweatie? you're wrong? why do you think they call us neet socs? we don't pay taxes or support ZOG Occupied Government in any way whatsoever, and we are very anti consumerist.

Uptop kamerad, neets are the way of the future

So, did you make that computer of yours out of pine cones you found in the woods and power it with coal made from sticks and raccoon feces?

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The USA is not zionist occupied, it is simply a oligarchy, retard…

i stole this computer from a good will yard clearance sale

all of my clothes are stolen from the salvation army

I haven't had a job or paid taxes since 1991 Nazis are the real illegalists and anarchists

50% of those oligarchs are ethnic jews and AIPAC basically runs politics on a federal level, and 100% of the media is owned and staffed by jews

your Autism Level and shoe size are interchangeable

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you're just damage controlling, I've already won


Or, to put it another way, there are forty non-Jewish billionaires on the Forbes tp-50 list.

Jews are 20% of the forbes international billionaires list despite being

well you're certainly much better than the people OP is shitting on lol XD

but doesn't that hurt the Job Creators??


you behave like a nigger tbh.

Or to put it another way, you're fine with sucking corporate cocks as long as they're uncut.

Lol xD, no, you are even to afraid to steal a snickers from Walmart and Nazis are the first ones that cry like little bitches when radical anarchists plunder "your country"!

Which means that 80% are not. Are you really stupid enough to think that those ten people are more powerful or have more influence than those other forty? Oh, and who are those most powerful names on that list? Bezos, Gates, and Buffet.

are you really so stupid that you don't understand proportionality in terms of population? or actual sheer dollars? what about the power the comes not strictly from dollars and cents money wealthy? who is more powerful, the two Jewish CEOs of Facebook and Google or the one guy from Indonesia who is a billionaire in name only from selling halal lamb futures?

get a grip

forgot flag

jews always love to put their shabbos Sassenachim out front to take all the hits for them

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meant for , sorry

They don't want abolish capitalism.
They genuinely think that Jews are in charge of the system and if they replace those Jews with Whites, like the Koch brothers for example, things will improve automatically for everyone.

third time's the charm
meant for

lel filters

This is Freud level of nonsense
It's about sex, but when it isn't about sex, it's about sex unconsciously

Zig Forums logic thread?

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it's all so tiresome🤡

The best thing in life is sex, why wouldn't it be?

…and creating more states hostile to Israel when those people go somewhere other than the middle-east, please read more carefully next time
it sure is lol

The fact that the USA is fighting for oil in the Middle East, sees itself as an empire and wants to weaken Assad's army, has nothing to do with the refugee crisis…

Not to mention those 80% Sassenach billionaires don't have solidarity with eachother or common objectives like those 20% jewish billionaires who are pulling all of there resources together for one common goal

They'd rather fight 5'2"-5'4", 65-72 Austism Level Arabs and Africans than 5'9"-6'0" 100+ Austism Level Europeans

Again, a bunch of sickly, borderline retarded brown mongrels suffering from out breeding depression would put up less of a fight than a healthy homozygous European population.

because the best thing =! the only thing?

haha okay

why would they need to fight Western countries since according to your meems they already have Western countries bought and paid for?

except you don't.

When we did It took the rest of the industrialized world to stop us. Plus there's still people fighting back today.

The truth about the capitalist system is only Joooo-propaganda to wipe out muh white race !!!!

A few Arabs near Israel isn’t a threat to Israel. High tech Western militaries who can carpet bomb Israel a million time worse than the firebombing of Tokyo are a threat to Israel. There’s a reason why Israelis often support Zig Forums propaganda against Arabs in the west. Isreal’s military can fight weak third world countries, but not a European or American military. And if that fails there’s the Samson option.

There's an old meme pic; Zig Forums's Bar Mitzvah that points out many of the founding reactionary theorists were Jewish. You can't expect them to dig too deep on the subject, most aren't even aware of their own subject bias; it's sorta like how tankies have to forever justify Kulak pogroms. Only in this situation, they ignore every clear reason and made it into a lengthy esoteric shitpost about how the Jew has no concept of locus but ya know what? I'll tell you plainly why Jews find success.


Isadore Rabi, winner of a Nobel Prize in physics, was once asked why he became a scientist. He replied, “My mother made me a scientist without ever knowing it. Every other child would come back from school and be asked, ‘What did you learn today?’ But my mother used to ask: ‘Izzy, did you ask a good question today?’ That made the difference. Asking good questions made me a scientist.”

So, be honest now, how many people do you see asking the genuine questions? Zig Forums lacks the self awareness to see their reactionary ideals are cut from the same cloth of those that killed Socrates for corrupting the youth. You don't get to question the truth; fascism presupposes itself to be true. Yet it can never admit it's only parading around the shed skin of Italian Futurism asking in the mirror, itself the distorted image of the Roman empire, “Would you siege me? I'd siege me. I'd siege me hard. I'd siege me so hard ”.

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What I always find funny about communists is the fact that they know that their government is a bourgeois dictatorship and control the capitalist system, but still pay taxes and prop up the system

this it what happens when you stay too long in your censored echochamber and in the libcommie fantasy section of the library


Dont say that. Socrates was a shit philosopher. He deserved it for being a public nascence by refusing to shower.

Here's a (you) now fuck off

you know, the ruling class could be 0% or 100% any race and it wouldn't make a difference, the thing i care about is them being the ruling class not them looking like me

except that Freud was right, sex and survival are the only drive for animals, all humans did was create societies where we have proxies for sex and survival which are very accessible

we live in a society, gamers rise up

mfw proletarians seize state power and abolish class (and taxes mind you)

What the fuck are you even talking about, faggot?

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Who gives a fuck? The most powerful people on that list are not jews, and most of the people on that list are not jews. By what absurd alchemy do you imagine that handful of less powerful people controls that much larger group of more powerful people?

Bezos, Gates, and Buffett

you're missing the point, even if all the CEOs and powerful people were jewish i'd still only oppose them for being CEOs, not for being jewish

Read what that post is in response to. The Zig Forumstard is arguing that jews obviously rule the universe, because there are ten of them on the Forbes top-50 list despite the plain fact that the most powerful people on that list are not jews and that 4/5 of the entire list is not jews. How does the lesser 1/5 dictate to Bezos, Gates, and Buffett? Only Zig Forums could imagine a cockamamie answer to that question.

Well yeah, but I don't I'd go to jail and I don't have the power to take on my country's entire armed forces, so there is that to consider :^)

>here is a sauce that refutes or even contradicts what yours says

that still have ICBMs
That those 'ruined and failed states' would still have. Or let me guess, sandniggurs ar stoopid so the technology would fail instantaneously the minute our population got a certain percentage of them like a Vicky2 event or some other speed-of-plot badly-written Invasion Story hogwash?

Oh neu it's zat eediot who thinks 'e can speak French

this guy understands

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It should be self-evident. Hate the government? Well stop paying taxes, retard