My comrades are drinkers and I don't know how to handle this

Recently I've joined my local communist party and I have made a weird observation. At almost every meeting I have attended so far, my comrades were drinking. We were talking about political issues and we were working. But I find it strange, that they were drinking alcohol during this. Personally I think, this behaviour is for me a sign of lack of discipline. Otherwise, this is the biggest communist party in my country (Germany), so this "praxis" can't be that wrong?!

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read Debord

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How heavily? Like a meal and a beer, or like falling-down drunk? The former doesn't seem like bad praxis, the latter certainly does.

Lifestylism is everywhere. Face it, most self-described leftists are more interested in LARPing and cheering for their favourite social issues than theory and bona fide activism.

Holy fuck! I want to join this chapter.

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What you do for fun is none of my business. Have at it. Just don't pretend it's serious activism.


benis tbh

feed me the 502s, Ron!

benis tbh

it says I posted but my posts don't show up, if I'm spamming I don't mean to and sorry
feed me the 502s, Ron!
feed me the 502s, Ron!

Stupid post. You can dismiss anything as "lifestylism" as long as you're the first to point the finger.

by this logic the pro-capitalist parties are more 'correct' than the communist ones.

tbh i wouldn't waste time with people who spent their spare time drinking. it's not productive and ultimately there are too many bad choices made when drunk.

enjoys armchair

How many layers of hysteria does one have to be on to misrepresent this hard?

That's a semi-ok criticism, but surely you're not denying the whole concept of lifestylism?

Are you talking about the DKP? Have you been born in this country and brought up with German culture? It is completely normal here to drink a beer or two during a political meeting. How many drinks do you think are served during a CSU meeting? I mean, when someone overdrinks why don't you give him a friendly reminder next time? Guy would probably be embarrassed and cut down on his alcohol consumption. Just don't be a fucking autist. Drinking with comrades on festivals, more social evenings and more casual talking is fine. Also alcohol has the ability to turn your guard off, your comrades are very likely to tell you their true opinion and their rants will sound more like Zig Forums posts. What is not okay is to show up intoxicated at offical events or rallies. Absolute no-go.

start arguing anytime, teaboozer

let people drink in peace, user


Let's have you give a non-strawman reply to the first thing first.

Alcohol is degenerate

Literally nothing wrong. I hope you aren't serious OP

If you come to discuss something serious with me, and decide it's appropriate to start drinking, then yes, I will leave and let you drink in peace.

Basically this. A few drinks is really nothing to worry about, it's not gonna seriously obstruct thought patterns or alter behavioral patterns too heavily. If they're getting shitfaced and stumbling and yelling though, avoid.

Yeah, it's the people in the literal communist party that are lifestylists, not the people posting anonymously on Zig Forums. Isn't lifestylism supposed to be a criticism on individualist anarchism anyway?

>here's how
stop throwing together random arguments you've read on this board, you're too autistic to understand context

I love how a beer with a meal and getting so drunk you piss yourself are no different to you, it makes you seem very reasonable and worldly

Never mind. I don't need this bad-faith unconversation.

it's become one of those meaningless 'stop disgreeing with me or else you're X' insults that don't have to make any sense in context, like accusing somebody of Live-Action RolePlaying because of their post on a Tibetan calligraphy appreciation webring

confirmed for throwing around insults in hopes something will stick while still making no arguments, and don't let the door hit your ass on your way out now that you're decalring victory and leaving

Autistic German posters at it again

If your comrades are drinking heavily I suggest you get them some coke or speed. It'll even them out. If you don't this will happen - and it's bad for the revolution, but good for a good time!

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Where do I start?

context, description or summary?

Do you honestly expect Krouts to not have a cup of Beer in there hands at all times?


also this

If "discipline" is the most important thing to you, you probably want a fascist party instead.
If purging "d.egeneracy" from society is the most important thing to you, you probably want a fascist party instead.

If the Red Army could beat the Nazis while blitzed out of their gourds on vodka then I don't see a problem.

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Alcohol is one of the greatest things invented by man.
Anyway if you are a German unless you are some autist Hans you should know that a beer or two is completely fine

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That's a much larger problem than the alcohol, OP

There is nothing wrong enjoying hennessy every once in a while

I dunno. A party where the means of brewing a keg of craft beer is open to all is my kind of party.
Goddamn slow, though.

Nobody said you can't drink ever. You niggers need to work on your reading comprehension.

In Germany you can literally wander about the streets drinking beer openly, it's like water. Actually it's frequently cheaper than water, you can get a 6 pack of Radlers (beer + carbonated lemonade) for less than 1 euro.

That's terrible! I joined the party, because I was expecting central comittee-tier discussion culture and not shitposting in real life.

That’s basically the entire history of German politics though.

Jason spotted

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Hey, they finally brought the price of Hennesey XO back down! I can't believe they thought that people would pay $300-some for a fifth of Hen when Courvoisier and Remy Martin kept their prices the same. Courvoisier is better in my opinion anyway.

I recently got my hand on some Georgian sweet wine. I'm going to try it and see why Stalin thought this stuff was so good.

It even has a portrait of Stalin on the bottle. Bought it at a Russian market.


Piss off cunt.

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A 'party meeting' is usually an informal affair that last for 3+ hours in a pub though. Not exactly like they're in the Reichstag.

can you post a picture?

Yeah but that's the plastic bottled beer from Penny Markt or whatever. What's it's called, "Adelskrone"? If you want good beer you need to at least pay more than 0,90 Euros per bottle. Still cheap though.

What is really disgusting is the fact that you can get 1,5 liters of wine for 0,90 Euro in Germany.


If Germany is anything like Belgium which i suspect it is you'd have to be a complete social outcast to think drinking a few beers at a social gathering is unacceptable. If they're getting shitfaced on shots or something though that is kinda weird though

Well I said a little lie. The Stalin pic is actually on a tag hanging from the bottle, not on the bottle itself. And the bottle is ceramic, not glass.

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nothing of value was lost

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Gotta love when illiterate Zig Forumsyps take that quote as meaning "enjoying life is capitalist"

Germany & Bier are like bread & butter.

Also worker alienation, lots of workers smoke weed too because it helps them cope with their working routine way faster. I smoke weed when working construction sometimes because of that, not for anything else. Just cuz it makes my automated day faster.

You could consider weed & alcohol "the opium of the masses" but it's not opium luckily it isn't as strong & doesn't kills your ability to think permanently. They know the bourgi have them by the balls thats history so far, but they still gotta work to survive & live their daily lives… Drugs is one of the many ways to cope easily with a lame working routine.

Take what comforts you can in life (within reason), fuck this lifestylist ascetics bullshit

can't listen to this band any more after I learned they don't support any IRA

Marx hated his life after he became ill, so.

All this.