Feminism the idpol that is killing leftism

Feminism is the worst form of idpol because it sets one half of the population against the other. It’s the best way to divide a population along arbitrary lines. Gas the hags, sex war now.

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Feminism is nothing more than belief in the full equality of women with men. Name one thing wrong with that without going into a Zig Forums-tier rant. It’s not a “war of the sexes”. All of this is coming from someone who hates Tumblrites with a passion too. You can’t strive for the liberation of the proletariat if you want to oppress half of humanity


one day women will be enslaved again, and we shall have our revenge

Hopefully sooner than later.

This is why I don't support women struggle at all.

Why should I? I don't care about a bunch of whiny bitches that complain about meaningless shit like "mansplaining", "manspreading" or "manterrupting"; of far more worthless shit like "muh media is sexist!!1111!!"

And no. I don't oppose women's rights. I just don't give a single shit about their struggles. I'm completely apathetic towards them and their "struggles". If it doesn't affect us as a whole (the proletariat) then it's a bogus issue. I won't oppose a woman's right to have an abortion, but don't expect me to LARP alonside you on the streets. Also, pay your abortion with your goddamn money; I have no obligation to pay for your abortion, via my tax dollars.

As a matter of fact, this piece of opinion gets the point across:


Long-story-short: I agree with the author that feminism is no place for men. "Intersectional" feminism is a delusion. Idpol is sectarian by it's very nature; if only because they place women emancipation above class struggle, and even think placing women in hogh powered positions will benefit everyone.

That's false. Feminism is much more complex than that, as it's a long-standing movement with copious amounts of theory.

This phrasing/concept in particular is a problem because it presupposes a lot of things about how gender roles work.

Women in limousines are still porkies!

Yeah I bet that's why you posted about it.
bottom text
I'm sure a lot of people are interesting in your principled stand against taking a stand for something.
"I'm totally an anarchist you guys." People being born has a social cost you retard. By paying for abortions through taxes (assuming those exist) you reduce the amount you would pay later. A person born into a situation where the mother couldn't afford an abortion is basically guaranteed to need government assistance throughout their lives.

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No. I'm fed up with their unwarranted self importance syndrome. I thought this was Zig Forums, not reddit. Why are we embracing idpol, again?

They sure as shit are pissed off about the fact that we, so called brogressives/brocialists/manarchists, don't support their "struggles". I always hear feminists complaining that men are "indifferent towards women's issues". They always banhammer any so called "dudebro" on reddit.

Being a left leaning anarchist doesn't mean I have to 100% agree with feminists and their bitchfits. That's like saying anyone on the left has to support fully automated luxury gay space communism. There are a fuckton of ideologies on the left. As a matter of fact, I'm more of a market socialist and a class essentialist.

This is because of capitalism. Under socialism, this would be meaningless, assuming you're a respondible individual of course.

Feminists, on the other hand, feel like getting shitfaced, to the point of being utterly wasted, then they fuck with a guy they never knew, under influence, then they get pregnant and they demand we pay for their abortion. Why must we subsidize negligent behaviour? If you wanna help a homeless family, fair enough; I'm down for it. I, however, refuse to support an idiotic and irresponsible cum dumpster.

By class essentialism, I mean class is all that matters, not social darwinist horseshit.

Feminism is liberal and bourgeois
whilist female emancipation isn't necessarily.

Pretty sure u just hate women faggot

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Socialism is in itself emancipatory for women (as it is emancipatory for all), though not necessarily completely emancipatory.

This. Feminism is sectarian by it's very nature of focusing exclusively on women's issues and not class struggle. It's liberalism 1.01.

I'm pretty damn sure most feminists subscribe to neoliberalism and are the same bitches that chastised anyone that didn't support queen hillary over "socialist" Sanders.

I am disappoint that people actually took this incredibly weak bait.

No, but that particular guy/girl/whatever is.

How is market socialism Not True Socialism™? That sounds like a no true scotsman fallacy. Under market socialism, workers would have full control of the economy, under a market economy of course. It doesn't conflict with socialism at all.

There is some form of individual responsibility; just not on a massive scale. I'm not talking about a reductio ad absurdum fallacy, in which the individual is all that matters, but a 1st world entitled college cunt getting shitfaced and fucking a random guy isn't a victim; she's just a dumbass.

You're thinking of egalitarianism. Feminism is a grabbag of gyno-centric ideas that colloquially mean misandry.

Feminism is liberal because it seeks the enhancement of the Female identity.
Female emancipation has more to do with the emancipation of individual from family. Also banning pornography and prostitution count, although I support the destruction of the sex industry, because most people who watch porn, or buy prostitutes are pathetic.

That's contradictory. If the market controls things then you don't. The Market is an abstraction of people's economic behavior that arises when there's a lack of coordination. A market has other problems as well, including parallel development and capital accumulation. To say nothing of commodity fetishism. Market socialism could theoretically lead to "true socialism" i.e. socialism, but if not reformed that way it will just revert to class-based capitalism.

Yeah but it's overshadowed by material conditions in capitalism, so it's a dumb meme argument. My entire point here is that bitching about abortions costing you tax money is fucking stupid, capitalism or state socialism.

Aye. That's what I tried to imply.

I cannot agree with this statement. I'm more or less indifferent towards the sex industry. The only ones I'm vehemently against is CP (like any rational person should) and the whole "lolicon" hentai thing; if only because it's disgusting.

I don’t agree with your prescriptions to ban sex work, but I think the sex industry as a function of exploitation should be abolished. I think sex work can be a very noble profession if used for therapeutic purposes and not explicitly exploitative.

Fair enough. My point is that market socialism doesn't necessarily conflict with socialism. Socialism is merely the workers control of the economy. Of course it needs social oversight; I'm not talking about laissez faire.

If that tax money was used to perform abortions when they are explicitly needed (like when a girl is pregnant and there are complications/the mother is at risk), then I'm ok with them.

However, how many abortions fit that criteria? I'm betting most are promiscuous whores that acted recklessly.

Actually idpol is saving the left. You leave the shame and confusion for the Sassenach stupid. You don't actually believe this shit lol

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If the term feminism is more often associated with tumblr radlib trash, I’d definitely consider myself an egalitarian over that then


They always use the "no true scotsman" fallacy and the "argumentum ad dictionarium" to defend their "not true feminist" position, much like capitalists use "corporatism" or "crony capitalism".

Feminism is partisan and a form of identitarianism. The alt right and feminists are two sides of the same coin. Same tactics different ideology.

In other words, whoever wins, the proletariat lose.

Ah, the weekly "forcibly seize the means of reproduction" thread.
Pedobear, at least, is doing whatever xer feminist majority tells them to do.

Lolno. Kill yourself cuntzi.

This. Turd wave feminism is just woman supremacy.

Feminism isn't actually about equality though. It's a female supremacist movement. All their talk of equality is a smokescreen for that.

You seriously need to leave this bit of indoctrination behind. You're holding onto it for purely emotional reasons that don't hold up to logic.

read a fucking book dude

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fuck off pedo


Moralfag detected

This brings up an interesting point, the problem is most leftist idpolers are massive white knights, but then again as demonstrated on here and Zig Forums plenty of "anti idpol" leftists are as well

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Liking little girls in a non sexual way it's ok. I sure as shit love my little niece.

Actually drawing lolicon cartoon porn is fucked up.

why though? fictional children don't have rights, on account of being, you know, not real?

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Pathetic degenerate nihilist detected

Pedos also don't have rights and those scumbags are the only people who want this shit.

why not? surely the problem with paedos is that they abuse children, which more often than not fucks the poor child up. the sexual attraction to children itself is irrelevant. only things that are actually bad should be prohibited or controlled, not 'things I find icky'.

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Wew lad

Nigga kys

no, friend. the point is that what matters is the abuse, not the paedophilia. why does it matter if someone is paedo if they don't actually do anything with negative consequences related to that paedophilia?

I'm not your friend. kys pedo.

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I'm not actually very into loli though, I just don't think it should be banned. I do like me some shota though, especially /ss/ with bonus points for femdom. Lesbian loli can be pretty good too though

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Nah, it's the opposite.
- runaway laws
- "totally not the hetero parent"
- remember not to talk to strangers about it!
…etc, etc. These fools are basically conservitard rape advocates shouting "it wasn't me, it was, umm, those guys!"
Of course… a cat is fine too.

What is this shit, go back to r9k

Dead on, down to the pedos showing up.

This is also the key difference between typical SJW positions, and genuine leftist ideology. SJWs care about shallow short-term acts that make themselves feel like good people and signal their virtue to others. Leftism is about pragmatic praxis that actually improves the world.

Also, if fetishes could be targeted based on what they fetishize, surely S&M would be pretty high up the list.

Egalitarianism > Feminism
Moden Feminism just is rage culture or seeks to establish a reverse Patriarchy

Incels are the new left. Get used to it.


Letting kiddie fiddlers crystallize their sick predilections by wanking over CP does not improve the world.

…except, you know, not having a hitler-tier idpol culture.


So you're saying Hitlerism and idpol are good.

Or maybe even being able to do something about runaway retrieval. Or any part of domestic and intrafamilial violence.

What is runaway retrieval?

How do you think people in Western society discover their sexual tastes? If you've got a fetish for, say, anal sex or facefucking how do find out that you have that? It western society, it's largely pornography that does this. It's also why pedos are so keen to spam CP. The more they were exposed to CP, the worse their child rape fetish became. On some level, the pedophile erroneously assumes that if the rest of us are exposed to sufficient volumes of this material the process will be repeated in others.

Here we see OP's goal in starting the thread in the wild…

In the US, the cops drag the rape victim back to the abuse they left.
Legal in most states, too. California recently opted back out (it was the first)…
…but the other 37 states are still going. All of whom legalized it after 1980.
It's… basically what this "paedo" thing is about. "Family values," as it were, in the US. Because no one dares say "I dunno, maybe the hetero parent?"

Then why is actual pedophilia less of a problem in Japan, compared to more censorship-happy countries?


This thread is bad and OP should feel bad for making it.

Absolutely disgusting.

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Nice to see that leftism is about the island of misfit queers instead of removing private property. Yep, trannies lecturing construction workers is going to accelerate the revolution!

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man you are clearly being sexist by saying "it doesnt affect us the proletariat" when women are half of it you dumass.

women shouldn't be in the workforce, they should be mothers. Capitalists encouraged women to join the workforce, and that drives down wages.

Fuck off cunt.

Go back to Zig Forums please.

…or maybe just let them choose what they want to do with their time and life?

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Choice is for liberals.


socialism is for (positive) freedom, autonomy and self-expression

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A greater supply of workers means lower wages, especially when you can pay women less

Basic economics dictate that an over saturation of supply in the workforce means that, in aggregate, wages will lower.
Who cares though? Only capitalists and liberals care about your play money.

A bigger workforce means more people competing for the same job, so people have to accept lower wages to lock down a source of income. This is also why mega corporations are pro-immogration, because immigrants lower wages as well.

Why do you think working a factory job in the 1950s was able to get you a house and you could provide for a family of 5, but now you and your wife working a minimum wage job can't support your family of 2?

This is the problem with anfems and queers, they react with histrionics very loudly. Working class people see this and assume that this is the left.

As for "choice", you never had much really. Childfree women will be AG that no kids are tying them down, but then buy cats and treat it like a child. You're not going to escape millions of years of evolution by queefing about "choice".

Having children is literally the strongest oxytocin reaction you can get, it's a natural antidepressant. And you think you're above this? You don't know what's good for you, you just got brainwashed by progressive liberals.

well maybe you'd be happier if you went back there then

lmao what are you, Republicans?

So how do you explain changes in family structure, child rearing and fertility rates within the last 100 years?
How is any of this in contradiction with the liberty of an individual to make the choice of rearing children or not?

Are you an ancap?

Pic related.

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is your utopia some planet-wide slave camp?

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I want freedom for men. Freedom for women has cause nothing but trouble.

The problem with peadophilla is that it is for the WEAK, not because it is evil.

Why not both?

ow the edge

The absolute state of """"""leftism"""""""". Do you think people won't have to work once the ruling capitalists lose power?

God's chosen people subverting. Also, these changes never last long because it's unhealthy behavior that self-corrects.

Because you're retarded for thinking you ever had a choice in the matter. You will get hungry every day, and like a slave you will obey that hunger and feed yourself. So many independent career women end up getting a pet and pampering it, like buying 'ice cream for dogs' and other clothing for their pets. They also 'adopt' people they think are oppressed, like how liberal cat ladies support economic migrants. They think they escaped their carnal nature, only to succumb to it in another way.

As for freedom, the lifestyle of the people who live around you enable the same lifestyle. Many states put out propaganda encouraging women to leave the workforce and become stay at home moms after WW2. No women was forced at gunpoint to leave her job and become an incubator, real life isn't V for Vendetta.

if only you just put the nazi flag on from the start we could have avoided this pointless exercise

I must admit the nazis are right about a lot of social issues, what they get wrong is being overly concerned with race and cucking for capitalism. Progressive leftists are merging with the liberals, and true leftists are pulling nazis to the left and are uniting.

pick one.

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Yes. Agreed.
Holy shit that escalated quickly

just put on the nazi flag and wait to get long knifed, s​trassershit

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lolno. Land of endemic pedophilia is an example of how not to run your society.


And you. I don't know if pedophilia is really less of a problem in Japan or not but I know that crime tends to be severely under reported in Japan because they are so fucking autistic that often times the victim of a crime feel even more ashamed than the perpetrator and they avoid going to the police because they want to "avoid creating a fuzz" or to "avoid creating any more trouble and a mess", so you should take any crime statistic coming from there with a huge grain of salt.

Anyway, I think people should stop being weeaboo retards in current year because this shit is cringe as fuck, especially if you are a weeb just because you enjoy faggy cartoons.

We get it Zig Forums u don't have a gf and it's impossible for you to get one therfore hate women. good dude, keep it up eliot.

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Not seeing any facts about actual children and actual rape so far

The cause and effect is uncertain here. Wage stagnation of the '70s also forced women into the workplace because the salary of a single parent was no longer enough to raise a family.

>>>Zig Forums

You may as well start calling everything you don't like jewish cuckoldry at this point.

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