Is the collapse of western civilization the end of history?

Is the collapse of western civilization the end of history?

I keep asking myself this question.
Acording to the clash of civilizations books there's around 10 civilizations right now (anglo, europe, slavic, t*rkish, arabic, persian, african, latino, japanese, hindi, chinese).

If europe collapses, what do this mean for non western civilizations?
Something good, something bad?

Lets remember that feminism and other SJW garbage doesn't exist outside the west, japan and maybe some south american nations.

Even gay rights is considered a taboo among other civilizations and being gay is considered a death crime among non western nations.

So, how do pol view the downfall of western civilization because of progressive isues, gay shit, low birth rate, feminism, while at the same time the rise of other more younger civilizations?

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Which game is this from? Sounds fun tbh.

real life international politics.

according to LOTR there are elves, hobbits and dwarves
what the fuck does this even mean?

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No, it's not. It's the end of capitalist tyranny.

It's no surprise the anglosphere is entirely involved in constant wars and are the ones that developed capitalism as a system to exploit the proletariat. They are the very same ones mantaining capitalism on life support.

The end of "western" civilization is merely the end of capitalism. Instead of being scared of the collapse of the anglo empire, we should be planning for a post-capitalist world.


shit OP

Depends how you define SJW garbage, for example India decriminalized homosexuality this week.

The western world is more advanced when it comes to the development of capitalism in general, which is naturally followed by being further on the scale of demographic transition or having stronger movements founded on the basis on social liberalism, you're foolish to assume "other civilizations" threading on the same economic path won't follow suit.

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Wew lad what a retarded book.

That covers a real big fucking part of the world though. Also

The collapse of europe would be much more "impactfull" if it werent for the fact that europe is not a true geopolitical entity and is mostly just either an american puppet region or a russian puppet region. A very well developed puppet region, but its not a core of the geopolitical power like it was before world war 1&2.

Also do people actually believe the humans-vs-orcs tier shit you espouse or are you just pretending to be a 3 year old?

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After the times of global conflict and instability, we will enter the era of Chinese hegemony, a transitional phase in which socialism will gradually increase. The historical process will continue as before, there will be no setbacks on knowledge. Many """"western""" civilisations and ethnicities will disappear due to decadence. History will continue navigating its' course.

Well, that explains this idiocy.

even you don't believe your own bs Zig Forums

You mean Capitalism with socdem chaterisctics.

You don't even know what book we are talking about, do you?

the Sam Huntington book? i know it, it's half right (it's bad because it doesn't mention Jewish power and ZOG Occupied Government, it's fundamental thesis is correct
however it's just too bad that it used to prop up neo con Jewish aims)

"There’s no “clash of civilizations.” What we have here is a clinically dead civilization that a whole plethora of artificial survival apparatuses are deployed on, to keep it spreading its characteristic pestilence throughout the planet’s atmosphere."

Good joke. Global capitalism is at the most powerful it has ever been and class consciousness is at a record low in the first world and even outside of it to some degree

Maybe because “Jewish power” as a distinct force doesn’t exist and not everyone government in the West is controlled by a cabal hivemind of Jews?

Class consciousness is at a record low in the first world BECAUSE of western hegemony. The first world working class is fat off of the labor of third world workers. Their lifestyles rely on superexploitation. Why would they want socialism?

But as western civilization collapses imperialism will turn inward on those first world workers, as capitalism cannibalizes the labor aristocracy to sustain itself. And as this happens, class consciousness will spread.

it will never happen

Humans are very adaptable creatures. The only end of history is if the Earth becomes uninhabitable to us.

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fun lead to the collapse of Greece and Rome. Try again, sweaty

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Although op is an idealist retard, in ancient society homo sexuality was seen differently. It was different from today with this conception of sexual orientation, where people are attracted to only one sex, and ppl fuck bcuz they 'love' the person. Back then sex was more of an assertion of dominance, then something done out of meager pleasure.

Several things wrong with this post. Homosexuality wasn't seen as a virtue, but not necessarily as a vice. 2. Trannies are dumb, and not women, although alienation that persists under capitalism is the main cause of this. 3. May may reaction face ruins your argument.

He is talking about the cultural collapse of the Roman Empire, not the political collapse. In that case, the cultural collapse of the Roman Empire was created by Christian nihilism.