To all anti idpol, anti feminist and anti whatever similar shit you happen to cry about

Since when we consider the centre left, liberals and shit "the left". What the fuck is wrong with you all. Every single person that supports idpol and shit and doesnt support the end of capitalism is not LEFT is a liberal as false councious as any other anti-fem or whatever centrist liberal.
I even sympathize more whith idpol and feminist liberals because at least in their false conciousness they try to emancipate a minority while other liberals just cry like you all and jack off to the bald head of bernie sanders. I support minority struggle, but that doesnt fucking mean that i am willing to slow down the emancipation of the working class, that just mean that i also wish to archieve their emancipation. What we should do is not crying about >MUH FEMINISM DIVIDES DA LEFT/DESTROYS WESTERSDKLAJ.
What we must do is reclute this liberals, just as any other liberals, into the radical left, because they are already are left leaning they are higly reclutable. Even if you think that women struggle aint legit (which it is you fucking incel) just step aside and keep the anti capitalist agenda, because radical left feminism will also do exactly that PLUS fighting patriarchy.
What is actually happening here is that you are a bunch of edgy incel teens who have never talked once with a woman or a queer, you really cant begin to understand such a pain in the ass shit they have to endure, i can go deeper into this if you want. you just keep this toxic views because of your own personal prejudices and ignorance.

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Try again later.

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Once the red fascists and the nazbols unite, people like contrapoints will be put into the gaschamber and there's nothing you can do about it.

reminder that mao was a feminist idpol cuck

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housework is also a job

im not a native english speaker
>try again dude, you misspelled something, your whole argument is automatically wrong without me even saying nothing

pic related

Maoism is third worldism. Its needs were very different than they are now. See Cambodia for instance. With the child prostitution and absolute destitution that the country faces under capitalism, it needs another khmer rouge.

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You can't even respond to the right posts. Lrn2numbers mate.

Abandon thread, terminal retard detected
Relevant video, I recommend giving it a watch if you're vehemently anti-idpol.

i love anarchopac more than my mom

learn to speak about the things in question m8

because that worked out great for Occupy, didn't it?

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I think we have some trannypol visitors. It is best to just sage and ignore OP.

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You didnt have to post your face OP.

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Get your shit together faggots

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wew, you fellas are poaching our latest memes within 12 hours of their creation these days

right, I forgot how you invented Pepe – oh wait that was Matt Furie by way of SA by way of 4ch/r9k/, and wojak – oops no that was krautchan

Matt furie has about as much to do with Pepe as Henry Ford has to do with the average hybrid sedan you see driving down the street

classic reactionary victimist rethoric of the right modernized

im not fighting for more females ceos and utopic minorityless capitalism, i say that you should just stop crying about them because firstly they are not on the left, they are as false concious as any other liberal. im not glorifying them, thats just your auto pilot response born out of butthurtness.
im talking about antifeminist berniebros
its not also, thats my main point. im arguing that these liberals are misled in their political views by capitalist false conciousness, and that we should recruit them, since they are easely presuaded to the radical side of the left

again, not a single point was made

A lot of people can't realize that if we want to enlarge our movement to relevance we HAVE to sway liberals toward us, it's an essential move. I essentially agree with you, how do we draw the line between mere co opting for the movement's interests and the danger of poisoning our project? I think it should always made clear that 1 class war is in a sense "the real and only war": forms of ecploitation exist, but they are simply consequences, and should NEVER be the priority or be seen as autonomous, parallel (so possibly competing, for example neoliberal feminism). 2 the most important one: real emancipation can be obtained only through socialism. the old "if a man wants to lynch me its his problem, if a man has the power relations in his hand to exploit and eventually lynch me its mine" applies. For example there is much autistic screeching about transexuals here, but in communism these people wouldn't have the power structures to oppress transexual people like in capitalism, which then would see their condition greatly improved (for a very simple example, no work place obstructivism). Besides these people who screech about trans/women/whatever, while putting on the facade of being true anti idpol warriors, are ironically idpolers themselves in 2 ways: first because they assign identity to the hated group ("but trans/blacks/women assign identity to themselves!" not so obvious, for example one could regard these as conditions, or mere traits, not as something wholly defining and that shapes his projects and social partecipation) and cook up specific policies and social relations for them, and second, the most important one, because one of the most important factors in deciding identity is the "definition against": by building an identity to oppose you tacitly build a righteous counter identity, that is entitled to what the hated minority has not. Basically the "aggressive" anti idpolers are the real idpol liberals, only with rudeness and backwardness, there is literally no difference in their ideological map.



Reminder that female emancipation(which has more to do with freeing the individual from the family unity) is not the same as feminism.

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They are in the DPRK.

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Bad optics: the thread. Why would you purposely associate yourself with neoliberal corporations and other liberal entities? Better not eat cheese or else you're a misogynist.

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The modern working class is the most propagandized group of humans in history. Western states these days are profoundly illiberal, and are drifting further towards one-party rule every day. So much of society, from law and media down to the built environment itself, encourages atomization, alienation and a lack of class trust or solidarity. The average worker is (quite rationally) apolitical, if not anti-political, and this makes organizing them into a mass movement incredibly difficult.

Thus the Left is reduced to French levels of deference to the nation state, and to existing bourgeois sources of political power, in addition to fighting over the few identity groups which are still self-evident to people: gender, sexuality and race.


Don't blame me if people are sick of your self-destructive praxis destroying movements.
Good, me neither.
u wot m8?
I think you're misinterpreting razzing the media reaction to it as wailing and gnashing of teeth. I don't claim to speak for anybody else, but from what I can tell it seems like some people are sick of stuff like that being held up as something we should be happy about, and as an example/strawman of why "our" side is wrong, unjust and silly.
Why does that mean we shouldn't razz the articles about how oppression is over because one of the rich Porkies is a sow rather than a boar?
I wasn't convinced, but insulting me won me over, good work.

the parasite thinks it's already found a new host to infest
well that's proof enough for me!
Co-opting is unacceptable. I'm not going to participate in anything that becomes about helping every demographic but my own.
If you mean that institutionalized bigotry is an excuse for the rich and powerful to fuck with the poor, I agree.
that contradicts what you said earlier
I don't disagree with that either.

1 of 2 because Jim glows in the dark

No there isn't, and fuck off to reddit if you don't like our strong language tbh. I'm not here to be polite, and you shouldn't mistake the way people behave here from behind anonymity for the way they act in meatspace.
We aren't oppressing anybody with out bantz.
Yup that's not what it is, it's not telling offtopic cancer to fuck off or any craziness like that.
We complain about special interests on both sides because they hijack political dialogue and see censorship of those criticizing them as a right they should have. And often get when Porky can use it to tighten his control over us all.
That you can flawlessly and infallibly see through via standard TCP/IP :^)
This is semantic garbage. I don't give a rat's fucking ass about anybody's identity and I'm sick of having it used as a diversionary tactic whenever I try to bring up the slumlords and the bosses fucking everybody over. Stop conflating the criticism of useful idiot identity politics hijacking political discourse with hatred of minorities.
No we don't, and take your meds.
Again, this is semantic sophistry and means buttfuck nothing. Fuck off. If you think bantz are bullying you should leave. I'm not here to be censored and tone-policed, and I'm not here to work toward or within the framework of any system that does.

you say transexuals are oppressed by capitalism, is that why every corporation has an HR department that promotes LGBTQ+ politics? Is that why T-mobile will pay loads of cash for a gender reassignment surgery, but not pay its workers a living wage?
Nah, Trannies are in no way oppressed. Why do you think people have to resort to anonymous imageboards to criticize trannies, where as facebook/twitter will instantly ban you?

God I hate liberals so much. Just blow your brains out.

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Holy fuck this is more horrifying than I thought it would be.

death to liberals

why would you post that

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He's showing the end results of liberal tolerance. It's what happens when you're so tolerant of people being retards that your brain falls out and you uncritically accept them literally cutting their penis open and sewing in a fake vagina because otherwise you'd be transphobic and transphobia is Bad™.

I am very much anti-idpol yet I support minority struggle and the liberation of women.

It is my opinion that we shouldn't focus whatsoever on idpol issues but instead have them lumped up in the general socialist struggle. (With the focus always being on the replacement of capitalism with socialism)


As alludes, at one time, explicit idpol oppression existed in the legal code, by permitting or even requiring oppression based solely on race, sex, religion, etc. Essentially all of those issues were reformed away decades ago. Now, all that remains is implicit idpol oppression, where the arbitrary power over others that capitalism requires be given to capitalists, allows those with idpol motives (racism, sexism, etc.) to cloak their behavior behind mundane capitalist oppression. For this reason, attempting to fight implicit idpol through any means other than attacking the capitalist class system isn't merely sub-optimal, it is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE.

Haven't even lurked in months, is Over A Dozen Cocks Up Mangled Dickhole's rulecuck board actually full of Tumblrinas like OP now?


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I use both boards and I must say Zig Forums seems to attract more idiots like OP.
That or it's a Zig Forums troll
>>>/marx/ supreme tho.

Anarchopac should be skinned alive.
"If capitalism is to be overthrown, it is essential that a mass working class movement.."
Yes, which is EXACTLY why the sexual predators of the transcult and similar idpols must be violently excluded.

You have a bizarre psychosexual disorder.

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I can’t believe that people this stupid exist. I guess it’s time to abandon black liberation because Nike put Colin Kaepernick on a billboard and Obama was president, never mind that systemic racism still exists, guess we gotta pack it in. Do you even think before you post? This is literally the liberal idpol argument you fucking clown.

at last, I truly see

Your insipid ‘argument’ can be applied to any liberation struggle you ass.

Tell me about all the post-1960s issues hurting blacks that could somehow better be attacked through idpol, rather than purely through non-idpol campaigns against police corruption, prison-industrial-complex, drug war, bad schools, deregulation, poverty, etc.

Contrapoints should be gassed because he’s a liberal trying to normalize mental illness caused by alienation (wanted to transition to the opposite sex), not because he himself is a transgendered man, that would just be grotesque.

There’s no reason not to frame those demands as antiracist though, yes they benefit everyone but the primary benificiaries of the end of such policies will be black people. On top of that, framing them as purely ‘non-idpol’ (by which I assume you mean purely class based) demands, you’re papering over rather than combating white chauvinism. To quote one of the leaders of an early antirevisionist CPUSA split, Noel Ignatiev;
“The ending of white supremacy is not solely a demand of the Negro people, separate from the class demands of the entire working class. It cannot be left to the Negro people to fight it alone, while the white workers “sympathize with their fight,” “support it,” “reject racist slanders” etc. but actually fight for their “own” demands.
The ideology of white chauvinism is bourgeois poison aimed primarily at the white workers, utilized as a weapon by the ruling class to subjugate black and white workers. It has its material base in the practice of white supremacy, which is a crime not merely against non-whites but against the entire proletariat. Therefore, its elimination certainly qualifies as one of the class demands of the entire working class. In fact, considering the role that this vile practice has historically played in holding back the struggle of the American working class, the fight against white supremacy becomes the central immediate task of the entire working class.”
The fight against white supremacy in its totality is not some side project, it is a fundamental necessity in the fight against capitalism.

But what concrete alteration to praxis could you make for this attack on the legally indistinguishable form "white supremacy" has been reduced to? Getting non-idpol socialism, and pasting "take dat, white boi!" on it?
Not true, in numerical terms, as white men are still the plurality, even the absolute majority, of those affected by the issues I ticked off. Due to their higher proportional affliction by such issues, blacks disproportionally benefit from such activism, though.

MLs are recently converted Zig Forumstards who cares. Been saying it since day 1. Just ignore them, every time they talk clear out that they are not in our group pursuing realistic leftist goals adapted to the current world.

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yea dude along with all the 2GB folder of cuckold porn you got there…

Zig Forumstards everyone.

the absolute state of red liberals

>>>Zig Forums

Oh yeah I'm sure you're really doing your part in strengthening the worker's revolution. Because, of course, actual economic policy that would improve worker lives is not realistic and tangible so you might as well just say defending trannies is """leftist""" and call it a day.

kys liberal

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jfc with braindead """leftists""" like you with no arguments porky doesn't even need the right to do anything. Continue virtue signaling, I'm sure that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Obvious troll thread is obvious.

So women basically greatly benefit from worker's struggle too? good to know.

I don't think the creature who did that image knows what sectarism means.
Pro-tip: idpol and feminism is sectarism in its pure form.

Marx confirmed terrible sectarian. Also see point above.

On the contrary, those are actually the hardest to sell "real leftism" to.
A suffering hard worker conservative is actually way more knowledgeable overall about how the system is rigged against the workers, he just happens to be a little bit spooked because the behaviour of said liberals completely alienates the working class and pushes them into apathy. Liberals on the other hand usually love capitalism and they just think we need more wymyns, fags and coloured peoples on positions of power and literally everything will be fixed.

Whoever did that crappy image is a fucking ignorant brainlet who doesn't even know what the fuck zhe is talking about.

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Don't forget the stinger to their usual "Marx was a sexist product of his era" defense, that she was in fact the exact same flavor if idpol wrecker as modern feminists.

Attached: feminism and the first international victoria woodhull.jpg (1176x552, 126.74K)

You know I don't really consider myself "anti idpol", at least not in an ideological sense or as some kind of "party line, rather I am just opposed to idpol that is contrary to my self interest(which happens to be most of them but I digress). However, if you think you can just insult low status men and say that their problems don't matter but expect them to fall in line I really don't know what to say. I am a pretty misanthropic person so appeal to muh empathy and morals isn't going to work with me. So if you can't even explain how this will tangibly benefit me at least not directly antagonize me. I get the feeling that you probably support moderators as well.

Attached: Jim Profit on idpol.PNG (1200x800 112.28 KB, 522.58K)

Anger is more enjoyable than misanthropy and vice. If you are unsatisfied with how things are right now, then anger will give you the motivation to change things, plus it feels better than weed/porn/anime. If you're content right now with vice, then stay the course I guess. Get welfare checks, play vidya, and shitpost online. Righteous anger is like a license to hate people, feels great though.

Lol this, and ain't no one gonna be able to give you a good answer on this board because they hate men themselves, and loath the idea of them being empowered by any sort of change in the MoP.

t. Greater Champion of Khorne

reminder that socialism is not the emancipation of workers

OP here. You are right, i got caught in a typing fury after reading 5 consecutive ignorant antifem posts. I will do my thinking and my research, and ill give yall the post that will be the better version of this without antagonization and with respect.

So stay tuned

Shot thread.

You are a faggot OP.

Huh, I didn't expect that, maybe you're not so bad OP

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t. Mr. Bimmler

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Awaiting this.

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I'm ok with fighting class-based racism (like apartheid and such); I'm ok with standing up to xenophobia, as long as it's entangled within class warfare (like how immigrants are denied their right to work/travel as they please). Most of those struggles are already conquered (bar maybe immigration).

What I don't give a shit about is "muh first world problems" feminists constantly spout. Shit like "mansplaining", "manspreading", "manterrupting", "muh damaging media representarion" "muh stereotypes" and such belong in the trash.

As a matter of fact, I'm a full blown brocialist/manarchist (damn proud). And no, I don't oppose women's rights. I just don't give a shit about them. I care more about class struggle.

Turd Wave Feminism = Liberal bourgeois horseshit.

I can't join you on that, I'm not that accellerationist tbh
Agree 1000% on all this though
I lean in that direction as well.

gentlemen i must say, the trolls have one, it is time to abandon Zig Forums

The problem are not immigrants. The problem is capitalism. Workplace hierarchy, in fact.

Even if you build a massive wall and deport every single alien, do you seriously think the conditions of the working class will improve? Porky will either outsorce your job, automate it or keep it in the US, paying you slave-wage, regardless of immigrants.

Besides, building a giant wall and deporting every single immigrant cost us all money (a lot of money). It's better to allow immigrants to join worker's unions and overthrow the capitalists.

Is that first picture seriously implying that Lenin didn't understand Marx?

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that's right, everybody offended by reading the word NIGGER on their computer screen evacuate ASAP and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out

Yes, but until we have a better system in place, importing cheap labor makes the current one even shittier and is therefore not good praxis to support.
m8 just because I don't want somebody with no regs on his pay or safety taking my job, doesn't mean that I want a boondoggle project built to satisfy the ego of an orange simp. It also doesn't necessarily mean I'm Burger, I could be a Bong complaining about Poles taking all the plumbing jobs or something. I am Burgerclap but you shouldn't assume.

Were you having a mental breakdown when you wrote this?



hi falseflag jobber

Thanks for the (you)s my good man

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wow you sure got me good, how humiliating to see an anonymous post of mine screencapped, and with effort it took me to write four whole words on it makes it even worse :^)

I delete it. Hope you feel better friend (:

im sure having nobody to share life irl makes you all miserable and shitty outside as well as inside enjoy your shitty life homie lmao

First, less than 1/3rd of illegals actually hop the border, over 2/3rds enter the country on a legal visa and "disappear" from the system. Second, illegals make up a microscopic fraction of immigrants, moreover one suspiciously well maintained using carefully throttled deportations and enforcement at a stable number of around 10M for the last two decades, in comparison to the 86M 1st & 2nd gen legal immigrants arriving at a rate of 1.5M every year:
Also, note that all of the above points are roughly similar to the immigration picture in Europe, where most illegals entered the EU via an airport with papers in hand, rather than by rafting across the Mediterranean or whatever, and legal immigration utterly dwarfs their numbers.
Forceful deportation and border security, while obviously necessary to some extent, is the least effective method for immigration control. Any serious effort must focus primarily on harsh regulatory enforcement against illegal employers and their clients, which aside from its also being crucial to cutting down on theft of wages even by employers of citizens is of course why neither Republicans nor Democrats ever mention it.
Obviously, slicing migrant/guest worker quotas goes hand-in-hand with its twin protectionist policy of instituting a strong tariff regime.
Meme detected:
There is no such thing as automation without "strong"/"general" AI, only multipliers of human labor efficiency. Due to Jevons' Paradox, known technology can't cause unemployment or decrease compensation.
How exactly would that work, with labor demand skyrocketing due to onshoring, and supply stagnating or dropping due to lack of high-fertility immigrants?
And unionizing current immigrants would be a lot easier, without fresh scabs pouring over the border. Just like last time, when organized labor brought the Gilded Age robber barons to heel.

So much of these debates seem to be purely aesthetic and rhetorical. Isn't identity politics essentially just a rhetorical approach to organising? Is there necessarily much difference between for example a Marxist group supporting medicare for all on behalf of the interests of the identity of 'the working class' and a feminist group supporting medicare for all because it's in the interests of the identity of women? The distinction is supposedly that the proletariat is the universal class, communism ultimately means the emancipation of everyone, sexism/racism would be dealt with largely by destroying capitalism etc, but seizing the means of production, like it or not, is not the object of organising on the ground. Most organising is making life better for the proletariat as it is now, virtually the same as liberal idpol. The distinction we really want to make is between liberalism and marxism; we want to ultimately establish communism and do things that make communism more likely in the future. For the times when this goal is in conflict with liberal idpol's praxis then by all means we should argue in favour of the former but largely there is no conflict and to make it out like there is one is needlessly divisive itself. Trying to achieve socdem reforms or other things that make life better for women or minorities is perfectly fine and not necessarily in conflict with communist goals.

pff… hahaha, I LOL'd.
Feminists, fags, etc are only interested in making sure that people check their privilege and that we have diversity in the work place. None of them gives a damn about medicare or anything that actually improves the lives of workers.

The problem with this stance on idpol is that while it CAN coincide with legitimate political goals, rather than Quixotic windmill-tilting (or divisive class-collaborationism), there is no guarantee it will. By comparison, explicitly anticapitalist, class-based activism will (unless horrendously misguided) always be pushing in a productive direction.

Attached: beating a dead ideology.jpg (711x733, 96.65K)

Just lol at your vaunted liberals that you want so badly to placate. At best they'll turn social democrat, and in that case the looting of the third world needs to continue to let the first world leech off of it and provide a high standard of living for their parasitical citizens.

You're not a socialist. Not even close. At best, you're a succdem. At worst, a literal fascist. You don't want to alleviate human suffering (hint: Bengali kids digging in landfills for dinner are human too). You want to maintain your utterly unsustainable standard of living, both economically and ecologically, at the expense of others.

This. An incognito Emma Goldman, or even Friedrich Engels, would get shouted down with flimsy accusations of detracting from class struggle or being an opportunist. Dare to suggest that maybe women's issues can be integrated into the overall socialist struggle, and the internet NKVD brings exaggerated charges of subverting class solidarity.

take your meds

I gotta say I'm not a fan of Stokely Carmichael quotations. He may have been a principled socialist early on but he eventually morphed into a counter-productive black nationalist.

Hey faggots,

My name is Porky, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are poor, retarded, no-stocks who spend every second of their day reading stupid ass books. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any surplus? I mean, I guess it's fun selling your labor power because you can't afford securities, but you all take that to a whole new level. This is even worse than working off your indentured servitude on your master's land.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best strike. I'm pretty much perfect. I'm a captain of industry, and starter of many businesses. What jobs do you create, other than "draw pandering ideology cat people"? I also get straight A's from the Better Business Bureau, and have a banging Hot Wife (She just blew the national median income on a new wardrobe; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It's me and my bitch.

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