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Pic related is why women's liberation killed leftism in the West a long time ago. Daily reminder that Bernie would have won.

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And nothing would have changed

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we'll never know now

succdems GTFO :/

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Things might have gotten worse, in fact. The masses would have remained unaware of systemic election fraud and all the other ways that the bourgeoisie game the system, and a succdem brandishing socialism as "when the government does stuff" would have served as harmful propaganda for a while. Sanders served the function he needed to (destigmatizing a word) and it's good that he had the election stolen from him and decided to be a chickenshit coward over challenging it.

If there's one class traitor deserving of more scorn than Sanders, it's this phony hypocrite.

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Warren is alright compared to shillary and michael pence.

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What, like the time they got super aware of how butterfly ballots elected Bush II, so they switched them for paperless, unaccountable Diebold machines?

That's the mistake there buddy

Why is that a favorable outcome? Why would you want a spineless president in office like we got with Taft?


Revolutions only happen when the conditions allow them to. If you want a revolution in your country then you basically need it to be reduced to a failed state. In the meantime communist parties should focus on improving their organization, improving their lines and theoretical basis, and most important of all, ingratiating themselves to the workers. This last point will mean bringing concrete, positive change in the lives of the working class, so that when a revolutionary situation arises communists can step forward as loved and respected champions of worker’s interests, instead of a bunch of irrelevant LARPers. This will inevitably require that we work to make short term gains such as social democratic reforms, so as to prove to the workers that we are working to better their lives.

Forgot my effortposting flag.


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The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.

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To be fair, if Bernie had won that would mean they didn't do this so this is kind of a moot point.

Traitors are worse than open antagonists my dude

How has Warren betrayed anyone?

Aside from being succdem lite she endorsed Hillary and didn't say shit about DAPL until it was too late to matter. Fuck pocahontas.

Fair enough.

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Honestly speaking? How about we make a mainstream movement of an anti-IdPol left wing? I can assure you there are a fuckton of people eager for a lefty movement, without the IdPol sectarian horseshit.

Shitposting on Zig Forums will get us nowhere. Let's start a counter-movement against #Metoo faggots.

What do you suggest?

Forming a left wing movement, similar like BLM and shit like that, minus the IdPol. We need to go full mainstream, join labor unions, mobilize people; stuff like that.

I've met a lot of conservatives and, while they are bible-thumping über-patriotic jackasses, they are economically left leaning. We can, at the very least, mobilize left leaning normies to join the fight against capitalist exploitation. A lot of them are eager for a pro-working class mainstream movement, minus the sectarian garbage called IdPol.

Case in point: When that petite bourgeois movement called "Justice Democrats" initially launched, a lot of people cheerleaded for them, until femicunts and SJWs hijacked the movement and turned it into a feminist circlejerk.

In short: Let's create an anti-IdPol left wing organization. We start at a local level, then we expand at a national level.

That sounds a bit like an idea I've fantasized about doing in the future. The real question is how you get something like that off the ground and getting attention without tons of money

equality means that women can do everything a man can do and more

The Pirate Party in other countries is pretty sexy as a privacy-oriented org. Our Revolution is good but infected with idpol nonetheless. What would be a good name for this movement? It needs to be succinct and narrowed into one word.

thanks doc!

Labor unions are dead.