Have you gone to your local Socialist meeting lately?

I don't even care about denomination, what's your excuse user?

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No, there are none. Did you think about that?

Start one then.

Idk anyone who'd go. None of my friends are even remotely interested in politics.

I was toying with the idea of making my own but I was going to look around the bigger university I’m going to early next year first. No excuse for armchairism

Nonetheless, it doesn't take much effort to put it up on Facebook, maybe some posters if you live near, idk, a union hall, a university, whatever. If someone posts on there or sends a message, there ya go, it's the start of a group.

I guess that's fair, if you started a group you'd have to stick around for a while.

All you'd attract is tankies and demsocs tbh. A large percentage of the population, probably the majority, don't even know what "socialist" means.

Bossman scheduled a shift for me at the same time as the last meeting, the fucker.

I co-own a collective bookstore actually. I understand if you live in bumfuck though, and even then not every city is as woke as mine.

For real though, if you've got nothing in your area try starting something. Rural areas need more visibility in the struggle.

That’s why you make groups and actually do something instead of posting memes

Should I hang with the anarchists (never mind that I am a marxist) who are so hopelessly infiltrated to the point that they have been ineffective for a decade, or should I muster with Ksharma Sawant's clapping #metoo DSA? Maybe I could hang out with the handful of Leninists who do little more than bitch about what other people do? Is it just me being unrealistically picky that I consider any time spent with these people to be wasted?

Have you even attempted to associate with these people in real life? Have you pointed out to what you see as errors to these people in a constructive way? Your options are limited in the US. It’s either work with what’s available or do something yourself if you have the knowledge, influence and charisma. Something good isn’t just going to appear overnight

Next best thing: Form a union

Politics aside for a moment, anarchists are the most fun.

What's wrong with that? I'm a demsoc and all but the most rabid tankies are generally reliable comrades. As friendo says, anybody that is interested in your group, even just to argue about it, is a potential recruit.


Honestly I think joining the DSA and pushing them left is good praxis right now.

Nice lifestylism

Why not tell them the truth right now?

Briefly. The anarchists were all gung ho on Rojava at the time. They were fun when they were playing music, but the cops knew every single move they made before they made it. It was a disaster.

When I talked with the DSA they were focused on getting a tax on employers for every employee on their payroll. Their plan was to go to city hall and sit in designated protest spaces while clapping every time a speaker said something they agreed with. I had one other, much worse experience with the DSA a while back when they were trying to get an administrator at my university fired for not being pro-diversity enough to dedicate time to letting minorities speak in class. That administrator was a cunt who opposed unionization for the faculty, though, so I was not upset to see her run out of the college.

The Leninists I met were at least interested in talking about history and seemed to know what they were talking about despite their odd little special snowflake ideology. I mean, these guys consider Trotsky and Stalin to have been revisionists. They say all the right things, but I can't really see any plan that they have besides spreading their newsletter around.

It is difficult to tell what exactly the DSA thinks the truth is. I gather that the DSA is reformist, but I do not really see a coherent theory behind their efforts.

I've been to my local DSA chapter, but it's just a handful of people spread out across a wide metropolitan area who don't have any real coherent strategy or connections to labor. Antifa-types seem to be the only really gung-ho members and their crowning achievement was sending a few people to Charlottesville to protest the frog nazis last month. Now that that's done the entire chapter seems to be stagnating.

The fact that DSA hasn't been coopted by the Democrats yet speaks to tremendous incompetence and arrogance on the part of the latter, rather than the growth of any real socialist movement. There is an appearance of 'left unity' only because so many people have joined who don't have any real knowledge of socialist theory, praxis, or will to form an independent socialist movement. If the Dems embraced DSA candidates and unilaterally adopted medicare-for-all (while rejecting anything more radical) the entire organization would splinter and die within a month.

and they were right.
aside from that, as someone in a similar position, my solution was to join the DSA-equivalent and try to find comrades to form a bloc with to suppress the liberals. While I'm far closer to MLs and even tanks ideologically, chatting with a bunch of people who you broadly agree with in a small social club isn't politics even if the club is called a 'party'.

My area is very reactionary. Probably the only reason I'm a commie is that my family was abusive, manipulative, and compulsive liars (in the same vein as Trump actually) which forced me to look elsewhere for a grasp on reality. Most people around me are well integrated into society ideologically speaking. It would take a lot of work to explain why their whole worldview is wrong before beginning to get into socialism, because they've just accumulated a tangled mess of bullshit that they'll use to dismiss anything left of Reagan/Thatcher (and even those people are a bit left for them). It's like religious apologetics where every time they face a criticism they'll rationalize a new justification and the emotional investment they have drives them to accept the flimsiest bullshit.

IMO most people are afraid to accept that society has problems and that they could potentially do something, because that would mean they're responsible for having ignored it so far. I think this is why older reactionaries are so much more angry and strident than younger ones - they have decades more guilt and cognitive dissonance under it.


IIRC the dsa is more like a coalition than a coherent party with a set program…

theyre cops

I'm pretty sure that if a grand master plan for communism does exist somewhere, it doesn't start with not saying the right things. Btw do you know how many Bolsheviks there were in September 1917's Russia?

Today I should attempt a meeting with my party. But recently I wrote a critique on alcoholism inside the communist party and then I send it to some comrades via E-Mail. I didn't received any reply yet and I was scared, that I would get a shitstorm at the meeting, so I didn't dare to show up.

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to young

i live in a piece of shit island in the middle of nothing in the most class unconcious part of said piece of garbage of a spit of a land, in which i only met one socialist and it was my history professor, aside of my autistic friend who is ML and thinks that only state capitalism is possible and that actual socialism is too utopic.

Coming from a “Friends with the IMF” Titoist




The only people you could say this about and be partially accurate is ultra-dogmatic tankies who have made Marxism their new secular religion. They're the people who think that the words of Marx, Engels and Lenin are beyond reproach, not realizing that their writings are just guides for action and nothing more.

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Surprising. Considering their part of Southern Europe there’d before socialists there?

Those things are like 1/3 CIA niggers, 1/3 FBI niggers and 1/3 dumb and naive coloured haired kids.
The meetings itself consists of a competition between the CIA niggers against the FBI niggers to see who can effectively feed more insane bullshit to the kids.

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I missed the last meeting because I took my mom to a Pride parade. Literally LGBT distracting from the class struggle, but she's getting old and I wanted to take her because she had never been and is supportive of me. She had a great time. Call your mother, comrades.

I did go shoot at targets with the local communist gun club in the morning though, and helped instruct a new guy in shooting for the first time, so I got to squeeze in a little socialism during the day.

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