Ask a lefty who's working within the GOP anything?

Ask a lefty who's working within the GOP anything?
I've gotten a candidate to support housing co-operatives, and I'm getting other candidates to mention and consider the working class more. I'm making friends who could be useful for when I run for mayor of my hometown back down south.
Also, what are y'all doing to help the cause?

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Burning hot take: You are more likely to turn the Republican Party into a socialist party than the Democrats. The GOP not only has a quite Marxist-leaning past in the 19th century but is more likely to support on-the-ground worker self-organization on a local level. The SocDem wing in the Democrats think of socialism as a welfare state and have always done the bidding of finance capital.

You've got the right idea, OP, at least as far as demsoc goes.
Mostly growing vegetables/back-to-the-earth-ing. Northern hemisphere, so I'll have to wait 'till late winter/early spring to full-bore-commie-revolution.

push for social democracy in the democratic party if thats true. if it's not true epik maymay who cares.

Do you ever feel compelled to defend Teddy's insane war bloodlust or is Lincoln the only reference you make?

Speaking of Lincoln, thoughts on suspension of Habeas Corpus? Hilarious that it took a black president to resurrect this regression of civil liberties.


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Do they have any class consciousness at all? I have never seen any with class consciousness. Also, how will you reconcile the need for unionization with the big business interests of the party?

no it doesn't you stupid cunt. Even Henry George and Eugene Debs started off as democrats. It was the democrats who had the overwhelming share of the Ant-monopolist vote. It's Grant and subsequent administrations who gave gigantic subsidies to the railroad, steel and other industrial concerns. And NO free labor ideology of Lincoln was NOT equal to marxism

Fuck you, brocialist
You need to prioritize racial justice, and republicans today are literally more racist than ever

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Honestly, Trump is the closest to a representative of the working class that the country has had for a long time. He converted some unions to vote Republican, which is insane.

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In London, Willich became an associate of the French revolutionary and political exile Emmanuel Barthélemy. According to Wilhelm Liebknecht, Willich and Bartholemy plotted to kill Karl Marx for being too conservative. Willich publicly insulted Marx and challenged him to a duel, which Marx refused to fight.[5] Instead Willich was challenged by a young associate of Marx, Konrad Schramm. The pistol duel was fought in Belgium with Bartholemy acting as Willich's second;[6] Schramm was wounded but survived the encounter.[5]

This guy fucks.

Why are you wasting your time?

Zig Forums shills need to leave this board. Unions are not necessarily left wing

I'm a southerner, so I have a very low opinion of Lincoln and what his hordes did to my ancestors, and countrymen.

Fuck you

Please look to
I fucking hate Lincoln with a passion, the suspension of habeas corpus is one of the many things I hate him for. Everything he did only shows how justified the south was in leaving.

Thanks for the kind words comrade. Keep doing what you're doing.

The candidates are really boring, and they could use a lot of my help (they ask for my help knowing I'm a communist). For example we were talking to this guy and she said she wanted to make tax cuts and he asked where and she couldn't answer it in a way that was a satisfactory answer. I told her after that, that she needs to run on a populist anti-war platform cause that's popular amongst everyone and it would make her campaign stand out.

As for the people, they are aware that elites are fucking them over. They simply don't see Trump in this manner, it's a strange kind of class consciousness. Given I grew up down south so they certainly question authority down there a lot, they just need to be shown that it's the entire bourgeoisie and it actually clicks decently well. The South isn't nearly as reactionary as a lot of people think.

Any second not doing something to end capitalism, or to further working class interests is what is a waste of time. If you want to make a critique of what I'm doing, can you tell me what you are doing, so I can try that out?

I mean to tell you to look to

From a cursory reading of Wikipedia articles (note all of them were loaded by the time they stood for election)

Silver spoon:

So why are you doing it?

It started as me helping a friend at church (I go to not be so atomized, I'm an atheist) who knew I was politically savvy. He asked me to help him with his state house campaign, and I accepted. I'm always trying to push him as left as I can, with some progress.

I also want to eventually return home to southern Georgia (I live up north) and run for mayor, and when I do the friends I am making in the party will be helpful, even if I don't run as a republican. I am also learning a lot about how electoral politics work. This will be very useful experience down the line. And soon I'll be able to give stump speeches against the land lords and tell the people exactly what pieces of shit I think the land lords all. So if I make anyone even slightly more class conscious, if they learn to hate the land lords even a little; then I will be a happy man.

Not his personal background but his actions. I would argue that a lot of these machismo "working man" union bosses care less about the working class than Trump does.

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What state do you live in?
On a scale from one to ten how rural of an area are you in?
How long have you been a leftist?
Are you an official GOP member?
Have you previously been a member of any other parties?

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota for about 2 years now.

0, in the big city.

Probably since around 7th grade, I remember founding a student union, and we actually got the school to let us print and distribute our newspaper. We even got a democratically elected editor board.

No, I'm not. Other candidates have suggested I join the party and have my own campaign next election cycle. I've considered it, I love public speaking and am quite the populist.

No, I talked to Socialist Alternative once, but they are idpol'ing faggots, who would rather side with muslims instead of their own working class countrymen.

Get out of this board please you reactionary excuse for a human. Bootlicking slavers is the opposite of communism.

I suppose the US Bill of Rights that armed the working class is bad, because it was written by slavers. The first known republic was also founded and ran by slavers. So I suppose an armed working class and a republic is the opposite of communism. Fuck off


A non-sovietic republic is indeed the opposite of communism, as well as a right for everyone (including non communists) to bear arms.

Interesting you ask, so to explain there is something called home rule and dillan's rule. All Dillan's rule is, is that municipalities cannot make a law without the explicit consent of the state. Where Home Rule means municipalities can do whatever they want as long as they don't violate federal/state law.
I'm from southern Georgia, and Georgia is the only state in the US that grants municipalities home rule explicitly in their state constitution. So as a local official my theory is maybe I could actually do some good since I'd have the most flexibility afforded to me in the country. This is implying there is a larger movement with popular support of course.

Please define this.

Uhh, I'd basically advocate for co-operatives. So "some good" could entail getting some state+private investment in those. I come from a long line of southern aristocrats, so I could probably use that to my advantage. I could also push for things like municipal internet (Georgia refused to ban municipal internet). I certainly would want to remove the National Guard from the town, as well as promote community policing.
Given this is our budget
The police are massive over-funded. So I'd make a big push for criminal justice reform. If you could replace the police force with community policing, we could save a bunch of money as well as reduce crime. Given we have the 2nd amendment, we would be well within the letter and spirit of the law.
There are other things that I'm sure I could think of, but those are some things that come to mind.

The South wasn't any better, Dixiefag

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If you're in a union with people who want to burn your country to the ground and violate constitutional rights, it's logical to want to leave. That's all.
Its amazing the doublethink some people have (not necessarily you, I don't know your view in depth). On one hand we hate the US, but the south for all it's flaws, opposed it. We almost single handedly ended the US empire, I don't condone everything about southern society but I'm proud of that. All nations have positive things about them. If someone told me they were proud of being from Holland I wouldn't think they were proud of apartheid, but for some reason if I'm proud of being a southerner then I must love slavery for some reason. Especially considering slavery ended over 100 years ago and neocolonialism still goes on today.


Sure am. I love the community that raised me. And there is nothing wrong with that.

all my WATs. This guy was a spokesperson for GENERAL ELECTRIC. Got paid shit loads of money for glorified advertising. Not to mention he was a mediocre B-list actor

also forgot to mention his snitching on Hollywood actors to the FBI, with whom he worked closely. Can't get more lumpen than this piece of shit

What do you think of the current mayoral election happening in Atlanta? Who is your money on, what can we expect from who etc

I'm absolutely over GA politics but I'm interested in a lot of the points you're making; so if you actually are a human being with intentions of running on the shit you're claiming, I might be interested in helping to organize. it'd help to have a signifier tho

You know love and pride aren't the same thing, right?

tell me where you've ever seen this outside of TV caricatures. Unions have been heavily bureaucratized in their upper ranks so I highly doubt your strawman of a union boss has any foundation in current reality.
No stop shilling your crypto-Zig Forums projections onto Trump on this board. Trump through his actions and implicit in his words shows absolutely no regard for the worker. He has a boorish personality that appeals to the average joe but that hardly makes him pro-worker. Your are a fucking dupe. And the fact you post anime girls indicates a huge detachment from reality.

Sorry I haven't been watching much in Atlanta, like I said I'm from Southern Georgia. I know about Kent from my last visit over there, I mostly keep an eye on my small town I came from.
Thank you, I love southern Georgia and I hate seeing it go downhill the way it has been. What's worse is I left years ago to work software development up north. As you probably know my countrymen could really use more tech savvy people. It really bothers me that as long as I live up north I can't help my community. So I assure you I have full intentions on doing this. But I won't be back home for good for at least a couple of years. But if you'd be interested in an email address I'd be more than happy to stay in touch.

The South was THE engine of American Imperialism before the Civil War. It was behind the annexation of Texas, New Mexico and California. It wanted a huge western slave empire. It also wanted to annex Cuba. Its politicians had dreams of a pro-slavery bloc to counterweight England. Its men dominated the military and naval establishment and called for military modernization for expansionist ends.
because socially, politically and economically southern culture was intertwined with the question of domination over black people and the extraction of their labor. How hard is that to understand?

the system of formal and legal racial subjugation only broke down under 50 years ago and there's still a vast network of informal subjugation, discrimination and domination that goes on today. It's hardly a legacy belonging to some primordial past. It's living history.

Nice scapegoating, even though Southern senators like John C Calhoun tirelessly opposed war with Mexico. It's clear you have some kind of prejudice towards southerners (ironic cause that's what you are accusing us of); and you can't be reasoned with when it comes to this subject.


That's fair. Kemp is throwing tons of money at disinfo/noise rn so it's getting harder to keep track of anything. Atlanta needs help but ya I can't imagine having to live in Savannah or something. I get the feeling they're gonna be a lot less welcoming of people involved in tech once all the transplants from the last couple years get bored of the city and move further out to spread their insufferable habits. Maybe that's a bad way of looking at it

I'd give an email but there's no way to keep it from getting overwhelmed so idk I'll just keep my eyes out for the guy running for mayor in south GA on a socialist platform; you'll get plenty of people talking about you

No so much Kemp, but basically if it's not posted on WALB then I don't read it (when it comes to news about Georgia).
The transplants can be okay, not all of them are damn yankees. This one girl I dated from NY down there, she was amazing, but I like the loudness and directness of NY yankees. I wish that Florida could stop being a Yankee colony. I really wish the south would once again be a political bloc, but pushing a socialist, anti idpol platform.
Thanks, I think I got a good chance too. I've had even some of the older folk back home tell me I should run and get the old geezers ran off. Right now they are ruining the place by setting up a bunch of public housing, which brings a larger reserve army of labor. That and I don't want so much reliance on the state funding the town. I'd rather set up co-operatives which would increase the pressure for the small businesses to get rekt (Walmart already does a lot of it). So if you could somehow run off the mini porkies with that, and eliminate Walmart, you could have a little Marinaleda right in southern Georgia.

Could you think of things related to socialism, perhaps?

Okay get off the high horse. If you don't think anything I listed was related to socialism, how about you give me some ideas? Surely you are as smart as you put on, I'm sure you're full of ideas.

He also supported texas annexation brainlet. Pro imperialists policy wasnt a unified camp

Dude I get it, you have this hatred boner for southerners. You can't even give a southerner credit for opposing war ffs. I'm done responding to this bigoted drivel.

On the contrary, you have a well developed victimhood complex. Youre in denial about the nasty bits of your section. I have no qualms pointing it out, though, youre clearly flailing about because someone had the gall to tell you how things are and have existed. Of course theres good stuff about southern living (its cuisine is nice, so is its alleged hospitality), i never said it was entirely negative.

Check this thread, crypto-fascist.

I know getting people to support housing co-ops is "crypto-fascist".

That's my only point my dude. I understand there is ugly shit but it's not all bad. and I'm proud of the shit that isn't bad.

This is some 'Go, team blue!' shit.


The GOP, UKIP, UK Conservatives and Australian Liberal Party are all owned by the Murdoch Dynasty. The Hearst papers influence pales in comparison to the 1000s of acquisitions and connections the Murdoch Dynasty built. In America, Republicanism is bought, beholden and slave to the Koch Brothers and Murdoch family. To make matters worse, the constitutional structure of America was modeled after Rome which was a 2 party system. So 2 parties is the best you'll ever get. You have absolutely no hope of converting the GOP into a communist party. They are in fact a fascist party, and so unbelievablly spooked that southern boomers are reposting Qanon. I live in the Bible Belt, and the channels we get here are Fox News and Sinclair Broadcast owned. The Murdoch Dynasty says what the Republican party is, and has no problem destroying any Republican theorist or candidate that disagrees. Hell just the other day Rupert got sick of Turnbull for being to leftist for an Auatealian Liberal Party member.

America is doomed. The absolute best that will happen in an Americans lifetime is to keep social security and medicare while not experiencing hyperinflation so that when they're imbolent feeble old men on the cusp of death they won't rot in a homeless shelter eating chlorized bologna sandwiches. I would suggest moving America towards social democracy, but I have zero hope that SocDems will win the PR war. Especially,when fascism is on the rise and communists prioritize destroying Dems over the Koch Brothers & Murdoch Dynasty machine. So…. You all will get to live in the Eggman Empire where everybody is a retarded post modernist with a wrist cutting habit. Enjoy your shitty continual disenfranchisement, because you do it to your self. I'm moving from this hopeless country to somewhere American foreign policy isn't likely to destroy (which is hard to find because this country is full of political idiots with a death drive and zero ability to see the big picture or connect the dots).

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You do it to yourself too by not trying to change anything. I'm no revolutionary with what I do, but being lumpen isn't the answer

What is a housing co-op? A condominium?

Basically, I normally word it as "tenant owned housing" basically you replace the land lord with a democratically elected council. They exist in the city already and since they don't make profits for a private land lord, the rents are cheaper.

That sounds a lot like a condo. They are great, but they are expensive as all hell.

Yeah in the city the housing cooperatives are actually cheaper than the private land lords. So it would help the people, as well as loosen the private property relations.

Anywau Democrats were historically strong in the south retard. It was defender of segregation and jim crow.


Not at all, but do you seriously think that I'm endorsing those things when I say I like the south?
I don't know how the democrats got involved in this.

Are you doing any of these things?

No. If I did I would lose my job and pension and my family would starve. What's your excuse?

That actually sounds like a reasonable solution within a capitalist economy. A council of mutual landowners working together for each other's benefit? That's pretty damn libertarian (in the good way) from my perspective.

Stalin would be proud

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As long as there is a benefit for the working class, I'm fine with it.

Make the GOP go red.

I don't need an excuse, I am actually doing something.

Thanks! I have thought about it a lot and my thoughts are the US government is very limited by design, but in the market we are actually pretty unencumbered. Instead of working to infiltrate the government, we should infiltrate the market and try to use capital accumulation to our benefit. Cooperatives have competitive advantages over petty bourgeois small businesses, and I'd like to see us defeat the private business owners in the market.

HOA fees are indeed much less than the cost of rent, but there is that problem of the purchase cost. Even small condos can cost more than most people make in six years. Getting into a condo is a real bitch, and it usually involves an enormous mortgage.

Economics of scale makes the larger corporations effectively unassailable, which is exactly why the petit-bourgeoisie are constantly being crushed by them. A coop can compete with the piglets, but once Wal-Mart moves into town it's over for everyone else.

…because most of them were nazis anyway, and killing them makes the world a better place.

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Yeah it's a real problem, I think perhaps if people collectively pooled their resources together, perhaps they can make something happen.

This is a good point, and something to heavily consider. I'm not personally for socdem, unless it has a specific purpose (like I don't want a wage increase just to boost consumerism, but I'd be happy to support a wage increase if people were setting up co-ops with these wages). My thoughts are perhaps we can lobby the local government in more rural areas to be hostile towards places like Walmart, and cause their prices to go up. Perhaps we can use socdem to combat walmart on a small scale.

Why didn't you say that first then? So what is it you're doing for socialism?

Because he (or you) said “go team blue”

I never have said anything in support of the democrats, in my OP I said I was working with the GOP

Pushing housing co-ops and trying to get land lords out of the market.

How does that get us closer to socialism?

Then again, I don't think anything will be good enough for you.

Then again, a revolution in which the international proletariat uses all its strength to forcibly abolish private property would be good enough for me. But you don't think that is possible at all, do you?

I wholeheartedly applaud your ambition. Out of all the artifacts from feudalism echoed in capitalism, landlords are by far the most demeaning.

I hate land lords so fucking much, I wish I could see their head on a pike.

the conditions didn't arise simultaneously around the world so why would you expect them to be dismantled simultaneously around the world? if you're not going to help nurture the conditions from which greater change can be born you need to shut the fuck up and go away

The question is: what do you mean by "simultaneously"? And why do you think I expect private property to be abolished simultaneously around the world?

If you don't specify these conditions you're saying absolutely nothing.

This is why the left should not support reformist bullshit like the op suggest. It will only pacify workers from rebelling against imperialistic ruling class which exploits people and nature of developing world. OP is a useful idiot for the rich, with his reformist garbage.

You are correct. It doesn't. Reformist bullshit delays the revolution and supports the suffering of thee developing world.

The brave keyboard warrior here

You are wrong, but
Dialectically it is better to do nothing than, reformist crap which delays the revolution, because post cold war, wild and true crapitalism is leading to massive wealth inequality thus potentially creating the conditions for revolution.

In other words contradiction of capitalism will lead to end of capitalism.

Reformist garbage,especially working with the establishment which only wishes for profit, and as we all know there is no crime it won't do for 300 % profit, only delays the revolution, thus supporting the suffering of third world.

I'd get into this discussion but I can tell it will lead nowhere. I think I'll just make a personal policy of not replying to idiotic posts from the armchair revolutionaries.

It doesn't though. What delays the revolution is to let proletarians believe that reforms can replace the revolution.

Don't count on the state to act against a corporation except on behalf of another corporation. Remember that the state can only ever be an instrument of the ruling class. As such, it cannot significantly act contrary to the interests of capital. You can't keep Wal-Mart out except by allowing Target in.

The only reason you think of actual revolutionaries as "armchair revolutionaries" is because you're convinced there can't be a revolution.

t. Guy in an armchair, who won't do anything.

better do nothing than be fascist scum.

I'm doing more than you right now: I'm trying to help a proletarian (you) gaining class-consciousness. You, on the other hand, are spending time and effort in a party that is actively fighting proletarian class-consciousness.

I get and understand that, hence I'm not a supporter of Social Democracy. Although I personally entertain the idea of a small town type municipality being able to do some good. Especially cause my hometown isn't even a blip on the bourgeoisie's radar.

Explain to me why corporations being less ferocious around the world than in the totally unregulated 1800s Gilded Age makes socialism harder, rather than easier, to achieve?

What a horrible take. The USSR had a state and no, there was no ruling class in the USSR.