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This but unironically

This, but unironical unironically.

Politics has to be a propaganda at some level, and it has to be in extremely direct and agenda-driven way. There is literally no other answer but
It didn't happen
It was really nothing/no big deal
It's a natural accident
It had to be done

i don't think we need the most socially retarded dweebs with no gf and with authoritarian tendencies to defend us at all. I don't think they could even defend themselves from their bullies at school… it's just an excuse to rule over people who don't need rules tbqh.

we good without you guys, bye bye forever. history does not miss your kind.

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Why is every post from this flag the most insipidly normalfag shit ever? Its kind of ironic since whoever this poster is they sound spooked as fuck

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Probably just another lost Redditor

History doesn't miss you, whoever you are. Our kind are the ones who make history.

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On the ironing.

Dumb really.

neets are gay because they are weak.

First as tragedy, then as farce..

Now guess which one of those you are.

the roman empire was lit

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Statues, dead people, remembrance.

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Not true. I was a NEET for a while and I worked out every fucking day. Now I'm a wageslave and I get weaker every day. During my NEET time, I was healthy, fit, had a clean apartment and got laid all the time, during my wagecuck time it's the exact opposite

Honestly, I do not see how a future revolution will look signficantly different from historical ML revolutions. You still gonna have a party, you still gonna have centralism and a transitional phase, you still have to deal with siege and boycotts, etc. - people keep demanding "boo-hoo we need new theory" but then they won't suggest anything or some Eurocommunist SocDem shit. If you think the conditions have fundamentally changed, you need to explain how and why, and what follows from it - the conditions of human existence havn't changed because people watch Marvel movies and are on social media or whatever. Even Zizek, who is a proponent of this, openly admits he has not a clue about how to bring about socialism besides bits here and there, ironically calling for a alienating bureaucracy, what a coincidence!

is that last picture ironic?

Katyn and the Great Purge are debatable. I would say that Stalin holds some responsibility because he signed the execution orders, and Katyn remains an open question unless you believe Yeltsin. I know Grover Furr is a meme, but the arguments he makes against it havn't been debunked.

About Mao, I always refer people to this article:

On what planet, Mars? Pretending that it's even a question is delusional.

Then why would you want a future revolution?

the famine one is dumb as well, since as materialists we aren't supposed to give a shit about moralist rubbish like 'it was dem kulaks who diddit, USSR dindu nuffin' because the causal chain, without a doubt, started with the soviet state power and the collectivisation drive and nigh-civil war in the countryside. the kulaks didn't slaughter cattle and burn grain out of random malice. the blame for people, be it the class enemy or anyone, doing terrible, anti-social things belongs in the power at charge, in this case the Soviet state power.
the purge one is dumb since if the one to ultimately blame was Yezhov or Stalin is irrelevant, it was terrible and happened during Soviet rule
killing Polish officers in Katyn was to an extent justifiable, in light of the coming invasion of Soviet Union
GLF one is the most absurd one, and the article you linked is wank. It's clearly not a serious piece but a bit of polemic for people who already believe its premise. Why else would it get sidetracked to wank off Maoist China instead of focusing on the matter at hand - the GLF, the bullshit excuses for its failure and what resulted from it. the argments itself for questioning that the mass-scale famine happened are also weak and sophistic, and do not match with the actual causal chain of events. hand-wringing over CIA funding anti-communist propaganda or Deng wanting to blame Mao and Maoist policies is neither here nor there. not to mention all the idealist rubbish about "leaps in people’s consciousness and understanding", though I guess that just comes with the territory with Maoists.
also since you're prob the same Maonon as the other thread, can you reply to my questions? though its terribly off-topic for the thread, I'd like to learn the perspective of a relatively reasonable Maoist on the questions presented

I tend to agree, but this IS explicitly a tankie thread…

back to reddit. German bullets were found, this is commonly accepted, we are supposed to believe that the Nazis got their hands on Soviet bullets to fake the whole incident, despite bullets weren't traded during the cooperation following the Molotov-Ribbentrop treaty? How come that Goebbels himself indirectly admitted that Katyn was done by Germans in his diary? It's all fake because Yeltsin said so, this is some moonlading theory shit.

I'll answer later today or tomorrow morning when I have time, fam

Nice confessions here. You acknowledge that ML is the only way forward, but are too lazy, cowardly or soft to embrace it, and prefer to be a passive observer and an object, rather than subject, of life.


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Really made me thonko there

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Why would the Soviets try to blame the massacre on the Germans when they didn't think the Germans would invade in 1940? Stalin's time travel machine again?
Except the Nazi investigation that you are so fond of didn't refer to the calibre because a calibre says nothing about the weapon used, but rather worked with the headstamp of the bullets. Again, this is some Alex Jones tier bullshit and a cheap excuse ("because the Soviets purchased the same calibre in the 20s it was them").

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Well, Furr did state that both the Soviets and the Nazis killed Polish officers at different times for different reasons.
They deserved it either way tbh.

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And lest we forget, the execution orders were also written with a ballpoint pen.

Too soft for what? Too soft to sleep in freezing barracks on a central-asian collective farm you have been deported to? Too soft to betray your friend to the secret police because he told you a great leader joke? Too soft to join the other cannon fodder on the finish tundra?
You are passive object, you're a tankie because it is the way forward, because you are beholden to the manifestation of an historical inevitability which is completely independent from your personal convictions. You are as passive can be, following the path forwards wherever it might go because it is path that has been revealed to you as the path forward.

Well shoot ya got me there.
Ah yes, another 'leftist' trained by the Zig Forums school of denial.


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Totalitarian toadies are the most cowardly of sadists.


If that’s your position then it would just be more politically expedient to distance yourself from Stalin than defending him. Stalin did some great stuff but I fail to see the benefit for modern socialists in clinging to his image.

Well, noone does fully commit to Stalin. But Stalin is a fundamental figure of the Soviet Union, and you cannot distance yourself from the Soviet Union.

It's more like

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I love this thread.

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It was, quite frankly, ALL of it was real Communism. The only reason Communism failed was because it didn't kill enough people like you.

I found a butthurt tankie you guys.

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Wow, from what boomer Facebook page did you get these ebin memes?! In socialism you don't have food LOL xD if you like communism so much why do you go to Starbucks xDDD

Ancap.vs ancom debate group

These are the exact same arguments right-wingers use against ancoms. Using them against tankies is actually right-wing tier.
Your threads suck by the way.

When a group is right, I'll say they're right. Like how you guys say the money of the world should be more spread out, I agree.

Btw, I'm against ancaps as well. They're a bunch of pedophile enablers.

Not what we say. How about you lurk for five minutes before shitting up this excellent thread?

Don't you guys constantly talk about how 9 people own 99% of the money in the world or something?

Stopped clock, twice a day, yadda yadda…

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