Cybernetic Communism

Which software development projects would you consider to be good praxis?

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Project Cybersyn was a similar project in Chile.

None. Technology is inherently alienating and non-neutral.

What is this? OwO

Neck yourself. Anti-technology is anti-progress Which is undilectical.

A project that was massively underfunded in the USSR, and eventually terminated by Brezhnev. If it was properly funded and allowed to continue going the USSR would survive.

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Words cannot express my sadness.

Imagine being this guy

Progress of what? Alienation? Unauthenticization? If anything, it is regress of what makes us human.

t. anglo
Read Hegel.

Free Software and copyleft unironically. Stallmeme has some good points with FSF.

t. techno-occultist
Read Zerzan and Freud.

implying that something neutral exist

there is no nature.
Alienation will remain for the sake for alienation.

Yes, but both the left and the right claim that technology is all okay, it's just that either the porkies or the commies and j00s can't use it properly. They think it's neutral and what it does is based on who uses it. It's not.

in what kinda of brainlet perception are you ?
what is use it properly ?
everything is fucking is embedded with ideology.
Are you dense ?

I can't decode what you're trying to say, pajeet. The first part is the only thing I can understand. "use it properly" in that context means that either side claims that the opposite side uses technology only for the cause of alienation. Which isn't the case, because technology is inherently alienating.

you should stop eating wild berry it's damaging your brain.

Gee no wonder when wild berries are probably poisonous now from pollution.

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Get over it, amprims. Primitivism is incompatible with socialism. Capitalism will collapse, and so you will if you reject human evolution.

To a world with no money, class, or state, and where everyone lives in total abundance.

So basically the Pleistocene?

the GNUnet is severely slept on and the programmer makes $6 /mo like what is this?

look at what happened to void linux too, EVERYONE used it where it fit in perfectly in the ricing niche, and the maintainer of the distro made close to zero…

there's lots of cool stuff with massive potential in the p2p sphere, like I'd even like to see libertarian snakes make their cyberdecks, OS and mesh because the platform and license is politics agnostic. The fact that the software was developed in the first place is the important part.

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PenisRocket actually made a few videos showing some software he thought would be usable in creating good central plans

O snap son this is the most neat thing I've seen since I finished my glass of whiskey.

Extremely boring projects like GNU Health are probably the most important to building a socialist society. Most essential services like healthcare, transport, agribusiness, etc. rely heavily on massive proprietary information systems. If maintenance and support of those systems ends along with the companies that make them, we'll have a logistics problem. Creating systems developed by the people who use them gets ahead of that problem.

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The vast majority of people a.k.a normies have no interest in privacy and those deep web programs.
The only reason softwares like TOR and Freenet get actual funding support is because they have been pozzed by the CIA niggers long ago.

All anprims will be turned into soylent green and fed to reactionaries at the gulag.

I'm kind of out of it for a while. I'm hoping to build my programming skills and problem solving by the end of December. I'm a 20 yo NEET
I don't have a particular project that interests me. I do like the thought behind the 5 year plan software from cockshott but I'm more inclined to learn real time systems. I gotta sort my self out.

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Why would we feed reactionaries?
Just feed them to the deers and bears.
That way everybody's happy.


The answer is rather mundane, but libre projects designed to replace and supercede the most popular productivity software are genuinely the most revolutionary of software development. The tools that free people from proprietary copyright tyranny allow them to be self-sufficient and most secure, allowing them to put their time and resources into other things.

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epic!!!!1111 anprims btfo!!!

No, Communism

inkscape/krita/gimp/shotcut/schism tracker/milky tracker/any open compiler…
…aka, the means of producing original content. Babby's first video game + + ffmpeg -> commie animation studio, the fuck you can't outdo the graphics of south park in paint.

Don't be this guy, my dude.

This. Also the way people produce open source content like libre office is almost the communist mode of production. All you'd need to change is to expand the model of production for use to replace the donations that support open source. The more people who are used to working on open source, the more people will understand the alienation involved in the capitalist mode of production.

/shitpost flag

Malware. Shut down infrastructure, jam the airwaves, blast propaganda.

Nvm that's an awful idea and I shouldn't post drunk

eheheh communists and fascists were both officially pussyfied by capitalism a long time a go now…
but it's all so comfortable, revolution can be achieved on twitter…fucking hell. Our only hope for a true revolution is when internet collapses, that will make people really angry and go to the streets at last. Until then…we're all a bunch of pussies complaining on twitter and internet in general

This isn’t rue though. Reading about stuff online can inspire people to take to the streets. Social Media basically caused the Tunisian Revolution.
Granted this was a color Revolution, but Socialists cause use the tacts used here for our own goals.

Suffering is little more than chemical reactions in the brain. It should be theoretically possible to eliminate all forms of suffering by re-engineering the brain.

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Humanity in its current form will inevitably go extinct. Even if your primitivist utopia were achieved, humanity would keep evolving and eventually be a new species entirely. Most species only survive for around a million years anyway, so humans will almost certainly go extinct eventually. Transhumanism and space colonization is the only way for descendants of humanity to truly survive indefinitely.

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Some Suffering is needed though in order for people to cherish happiness. Because all feelings are inherently subjective and based on one’s experience. Also wtf do transhumanists post everything related to there ideology on every single tech thread?

This article is a bunch of pseudo science. First thing the rate of improvement for computer processors is slowing down. Were approaching the physical limits for how small transistors can be. A second thing is that we don’t have AI. We have algorithms that mimic sentience, but will never fully achieve it. There’s a ==VERY== large difference between algorithms and a sentient being inside a computer. Also even if we could reach supper-powerfull AI, the energy required to power such things would make it hard to keep one running for long.

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This is an argument brainlets always use when arguing against superintelligence forming. Why assume that superintelligence would have to be made using silicon technology? We know that human-level intelligence doesn't violate the laws of physics, simply due to the fact that we exist. Or do you think that the atoms that form your brain are magical or something?

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Even if this is true, we could still achieve levels of happiness that are far higher than what currently exists. If everyone got tortured for a minute once a millennium, and experienced nonstop euphoria the rest of the time, this would still achieve an average happiness level far higher than that of today.

I'm not the one you are responding to but this topic interests me.

The trouble is that we are racing against the time here. Thanks to the "elites" that are very good in ruining our lives, we might encounter soon another economic collapse which would mean another slow down in research.

I'm not convinced idea of technology as happiness drug is actually a good thing. This could have dramatical effects on population's psychic state. I hope you are at least aware there might be very dangerous consequences rising from this view.

Statistics are very bad way in how to represent anything when the group is too large. You can artificially raise happiness to have nice printed stats and tell people how is everything fine (EU is very good in doing this) but I doubt it would be that way. I don't get it, that's all. What's the endgame of having population constantly in euphoria?

It pleases my ego?
Joking aside, euphoria prosocial behavior, generally. Moreso when it comes from a certain, specific, fairly-goddamn-central antistress pathway.
Meanwhile, "technology as happiness generator"… has been here since the paleolithic; most of the modulators are legally considered food. Resistant starches such as most of the starch in uncooked oats is converted to butyric acid by gut bacterium, which is a histone deacetylase inhibitor, which reverses stress-induced changes in D1 spiny neurons in the shell of the nucleus accumbens and downregulates dFOS production, for instance… sorry for going all primmie on you, but merely deciding that cooking is "forbidden technology" and going raw foods is "happiness engineering" enough to completely reverse "Rat Park."
…so, what'cha gonna do now, not eat?

>euphoria prosocial behavior
I think I have different view on what euphoria is then. I understood it in context of euphoria - as state where the positive feeling is stronger than your own consciousness and thus reduces your freedom in being able to perceive reality (of course then the question is, if everybody is in euphoria, how would reality look like etc.), make decisions - to go back to your joke - "blind" my ego… etc. If this is not the case and we are speaking about different things then it might make a little bit more sense.

No it's fine, I'm more asking than claiming anything from pure interest because I don't completely understand this issue. The way he put it was something like "yeah you will be for millennium completely free from any negative feelings (sorry if I understood this wrong as well) but once in that time period, you will be reminded what suffering is so you won't be completely dumbed down". It seems to me as very brave and radical idea and I'm not convinced that I would want it. Also, it's not about going full primitivist vs. going transhumanist, here I admit that I am in the position of dirty and stupid "centrist" asking if some "middle ground" isn't the optimal way. However, at this point still I wouldn't be scared of technological advancement at all.

That pic made me feel content and at peace. Thank you user.

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Then it comes fairly close to not existing. A lot of drugs can alter consciousness - LSD, for instance, can basically OCD you into a new reality, amphetamines can cause dopamine psychosis (usually at the same time sleep deprivation is causing hallucination), but just plain warm-and-fuzziness is generally not all that mind-bending…
…this, on the other hand, occurs WAY below the psychoactive level. Dopamine levels in the striata negra determine focus on positive versus negative learning… and this is its ONLY psychoactive effect at any level; it's the motor center of the brain. (and yes, it causes this shift at a level of decrease way less signifigant than "oh, I has parkinsons for an hour nao").
That's… about as fundamentally deep in decision-making as it gets, and isolated, it is otherwise completely non-psychoactive with no effect on euphoria at all.
Tryptophan, conversely, can radically alter trust, in completely noninebriatory doses. Magnesium (which is a ketamine analogue in the body) can reduce anxieties. And so on.
The notion of "informed consent" is hilarious to even the most amateur of neurobiologists/neuropsychologists; let me talk to your chef, and I can put you in whatever state I want without you even cracking a headchange. It doesn't require intake, either; word associations can evoke anything, exposure to nature reduces anxiety, add, and violence, and so on… all of this comes below the level of noteworthy psychoactivity which we would call inebriation, and generally below any noteable changes in mood. A few buddhist monks might notice "X has arisen," everyone else just does what it tells them until it is too powerful to ignore if one tried.
It's the subtle things which get us, really… and most folks simply assume their mental state makes sense and do whatever it tells them even when it is profound, such as absolute rage. Most folks neither inhibit nor question anything.
The more interesting euphorias have no effects except the bliss and prosocial behavior, and are noted as being some of the more clear-headed states; contrast rage or fear. Meanwhile, dFOS itself is considered to be one of the more will-subverting substances. Ask cocaine addicts about crap they decided to do while jonesing sometime. It, itself, has no euphoria - it's just stress damage.
In addition to histone deacetylace inhibitors, the prime euphoria pathway - hippocampal postsynaptic serotonin 1a -> oxytocin -> mu endorphin receptor -> cannabinoid release -> Gaba(a) inhibition -> dopamine release in your pleasure center - is ALSO the antistress pathway, the thing that will stop that. Of course, some of these - mass opiate and/or thujone abuse - are considered less "revolutionary" than other points on the circut; psychedelics, cannabinoids, MDMA, and the like. And most of all of them have side actions; "pinpoint drugs" are not that likely to ever be a thing.
You can engineer euphoria now with a few amino acids - tyrosine and tryptophan, mostly. Maybe some iron and a b multi. Eventually, though, you'll find that euphoria is having enough resources across all fronts, and dysphoria is when you do not.
I'd say there's nothing wrong with having enough resources to fuel the body. Anything else is unsustainable… but oh fuck, with everything full and serotonin set to "high," a few extra grams of dopamine can be a euphoria, indeed. ;)
Dopamine is also what runs your frontal lobes - your judgement and capacity for self-control, largely. And generally, oxytocics > just plain l-dopa on the bliss circut; they sit at the point where serotonin, dopamine, and neurolipids meet, while doing nicely with that pre/frontal activity.
The things that cause "out of your head gonzo'd" inebriation are seperate from the euphoria, and the things which alter your thinking are too subtle to even really notice.

You're, at least partially, talking out of your ass.

It makes a "phhhbt" sound…

…any specific rebuttal? I'm curious.

He uses many smart-sounding words in places they don't belong or spells them wrongly.
I'll just pull out a few examples because it's a very nice collection of them, but here:
Magnesium is an element. Ketamine is a complex molecule, consisting of many elements bound to eachother.
Analogues, as we know them, are molecules that act similar (and often look similar). Magnesium can't possibly act analogous to any molecule because it's not a fucking molecule
A clinical term, yes. Not a verb. And not related to any symptom of LSD.
Tryptophan is a normal amino acid. It's part of many different body processes, but it's not a hormone.
He's thinking of oxytocin, a hormone which does influence trust, but also many other things.

These are basic mistakes that someone who'd know about neurochemistry would not make.
So when he goes off on histone deacetylace inhibitors and that shit, you can assume it's just bunk.
(Enzyme names end with -ase, not -ace btw.)

I was hoping for better.
…and both are NMDA glutamate receptor antagonists.
Irrational belief you left the oven on, irrational belief you're stuck on the ceiling…
…the key element in both cases is anxious delusion, and as such, the 5HT2A receptor.
This is false; monoamines are considered hormones…
…however, that's… also unrelated to the claim to which you respond to it. I might as well claim your entire post is a disingenous lie because a fish is not a mammal.
Well, probably, but you can't PROVE it's a downstream release on one tiny serotonergic side-path from a tryptophan-depletion study. We limit our claims to what it fucking says until we decide to announce that we're going full-bore speculative.
This is true, but it is bumfuck in the AM somewhere.
The references section of this…
…should give you the rest of the effects. Or, I can go searching when I wake up, because it's bumfuck in the morning.
I was honestly hoping for better than "an element can't be a receptor antagonist" (it can) or "dumping fucktons of neurotransmitter precursors can't cause psychological changes" (it can). Ah, well. Like they say…
Dextroacetyl Ace, esquire. ;)

but that does not necessarily make them analogues to eachother
It's more than that
Like, basically every other mental problem?
Feelings and emotions are a little more complex m8
Tryptophan is a constituent used in producing these hormones, if a shortage of it is in people's diets (and people suffer from many shortages normally, and even more in a study where they ASKED PEOPLE TO FAST BEFOREHAND) people won't produce these hormones.
And of course, a shortage of hormones due to shit food is gonna be felt.
But by itself, it won't do anything. Your body is not going to use more of it when it already gets enough of it.
Just says that hormones affect thinking and behaviours. Wow. This link really added something to this conversation.
This is just an abstract. No way for anyone to determine whether they got enough tryptophan in general.
Not for receptors that respond to specific complex molecule shapes, and definitely not if the conversation suggested that we're talking about dietary magnesium. (we were talking about diet, no?) Something that obviously can't have the same effects as ketamine, people'd be taking the cheaper magnesium instead.
Human body's tend to self-regulate. Everything that is too little is a loss that can be felt, but everything that is too much is secreted out.
If it wasn't obvious enough that you are a pretentious shithead that immigrated from places even more cancerous than this one…
It should be now.

"Within an hour, there was a slight dizziness, a feeling of light-headedness and some euphoria which was comparable to whiskey."
Or, you know, stop responding. ANTagonist.
Well, that IS kinda true for magnesium.
Not so much for everything else, though.
You could give this "just gets secreted without causing an effect" hypotheosis a test. Just guzzle entire bottles of vitamin pills, have your next of kin post your doctor's note.
Bluntly… you lied. Everyone knows that you lied, because it's right there in the open. The fact that you're still, desperately trying is kind of pathetic.

I like how s/he typed that in response to an article about using magnesium as a ketamine analog… in anesthesia.

Super intelligence would require computing materials much more effective than neurons. Even if supper intelligence used neurons, were decades away from creating cheep production of synthetic nurons. Also how are you going to store all the energy needed for supper intelligence? Earth doesn’t have the amount of Lithium such a super intelligence would need for a battery.
Where’s the proof?


Why are you assuming that a superintelligence would have to power itself using lithium batteries? If you had an unboxed artificial superintelligence, it could figure out new ways to make itself as energy efficient as possible.

Proof of what exactly? That humans are smarter than other animals? That the gap between smart and dumb humans is small compared to the intelligence difference from, say, an average human to an ant? That an AI could recursively improve itself?