Whos your waifu?? op must contain 19 chars in this board and 3d nis for fascists, real man only like easter arts

whos your waifu?? op must contain 19 chars in this board and 3d nis for fascists, real man only like easter arts

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OP is a salty his other falseflags got called out

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Kaoru tanamachi obviously.

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Chrisu is a shit waifu btw.

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waifuism is just another form of consumerism

Daily reminder anime is reactionary and created by imperialists. Weebs get the bullet too



fuck off

Oh no I can't masturbate to children

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You want

Not unless you forcibly take your waifu from the clutches of the bourgeoisie.
"Theft" is what I mean.

basically rape

Kshama Sawant is my waifu.

what anime is she from

you have a day to give me 50 buttcoins or I will kill this Wojak by drawing edgy blood all over him and 'X's over his eyes in MSpaint :^)


if you're trolling g/j, otherwise take your fucking meds

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I believe it's called "SAlt in Seattle." That or "The Rosa Killers."

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yet more evidence that the nihilist ==FEARS== the Übermensch

3d created 2d waifus. Think about that.

Actually lets get Hegelian here. 2d is SURROUNDED by 3d. There is no such thing as a point, as a true determined space. This also destroys the idea that many stupid scientists and creations pursue which is the "origin of the universe" space itself it's infinite, period. It doesn't has an ending point, you can determine those borders with your imagination but space doesn't gives a fuck and continues.

Same with the "2d plane" which is surrounded by infinite 3d. The universe always existed, it's infinite, it only had another form before. Motion is what changes its form & motion is natural in all things due to gravity & other physical aspects of the universe.

fine go ahead

I will accept 200 buttcoins to spare the sheep's life


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It's a ram! Damnit!

Synthesis: Animu fans to the point of waifuism are fucked in the head, but it's their own personal issues that is no concern of anyone else.

Okay, now can we just respect each others personal preference and leave each other alone?

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this is the future liberals want


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that's right you fucking porn loving weak willed cum encrusted addle-brained addict

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That's right kids, if you abstain from the evils of self-abuse, someday you could be as cool and as happy as this guy :^)

You're thinking of DSA-endorsed succdems like Ocasio-Cortez, Sawant is actually a principled socialist.

I actually don't have a prob with the act of sex, since it's an act of dominance.
Masturbation on the other hand is simply pathetic.

not if you're a sub

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Only fags(no problem with sodomy thou) and women can get dominated. This is basic anatomy.

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Shut the fuck up nihilist.

t. Max Tryhardcore



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Tohru is cute! Cute!

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If that is waifu2 then who is waifu1?

It's another picture of her. Maybe I should rename them…

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Your a cool guy

y’all niggas step aside

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