Should we care about women's issues, or is that just all autistic idpol????

Should we care about women's issues, or is that just all autistic idpol????

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Women have issues just not in west.

We should oppose oppression of women based on them being women, because that is hierarchal, but this type of oppression isn’t the main form of oppression in today’s society. Also OP if a faggot for making the tenth billion thread this week about idpol/anti-idpol.

What about all the rape and pedophilia problems we're having in the west???

It does not concern me, therefore it does not exist.
t. average Zig Forums retard

You mean all those problems we actually don't have on a massive scale because we are actually civilized peoples?
What about it?

How is that a feminist problem? Actually, disregard that question. I really don't need to read any more feminist mental gymnastics.

I wouldn't say it's a feminist problem, but i've noticed lately that 14 year old girls have been targeted a lot by online pedos so i decided to include it as an issue.

Yes we should care yet the Woman's Department of revolutionary Russia under Lenin found social-economic factors being a big stumbling bloc for woman's issues. Where the monumental task of bringing modernity to Russia without the pitfalls of bourgeois society, was seen as also a solution to some of the grievances women had at the time.
For example women becoming industrial workers in the USSR did radically change the role of women in soviet society and making general working conditions a more glaring concern.

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Huh? Are you kidding, we have a huge problem with pedos and rape in the west. It's just that it mostly happens to poor people so feminists and #metoo could give a fuck less. Oh and leftist on this board would rather argue about the existential threat incels pose than talk about it either.

Source: my ass

What with all the pedophilia and rape they indulge in.

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That's their struggle IMO
We can assist them, but they have to fight on their own, otherwise it'd be redundant

This. Women's issues are worth caring about when they still exist in a legally explicit form that can be dealt with apart from capitalism/socialism, like in the 1960s West when 2nd-wave feminism was still relevant, or in today's undeveloped nations. In the modern West, such issues almost exclusively exist only on a legally implicit level indistinguishable from non-idpol capitalism.

The ones that occur at roughly equal or higher rates to men and boys? Not a women's issue, aside from hysterical turd-wave feminazis.

Women are half of the proletariat so yes we should. Given that most all of these issues can be tied to the struggle against capitalism with minimal effort there's no reason to scream reeee roastieees instead of just getting bitches into reading groups or on the picket lines at strikes.

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Is vinterflamma the hottest girl on left twitter? Who are the others?

Women are faggots.

If she's on left twitter she's probably an idpoler which makes her a liberal

This brings back memories.

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KYS moralfag, criticism of the age of consent is legit

No, we shouldn't. Feminism is a distraction from class struggle.

Besides, what issues? "Free abortion on demand, without apology"? Fuck that shit.

Feminism in the west is worthless since the second wave ended, so they need to call it a day. Let's focus on class warfare.


Capitalists don't do all the separation, reactionary workers themselves help it along.

Thats obviously idpol, but im talking about issues like rape and pedophilia which is a problem in the west. As one user mentioned, it probably isn't a womans issue as it effects men and trannies too.

Never said that, reddit. Just said some things presented as important issues aren't, and that it's important to differentiate between real and bullshit issues.

Holy shit, this.

Bullshiit issues:
Racial slurs
Sexist air conditioning
The wage gap
Sexual "harassment" (as in flirting with your coworkers at the office innocently)
cultural appropriation

Real issues:
Female (or male if you're autistic enough) circumcision
Human trafficking

Lot of these are single opinions of article writers gaslighted and blown out of proportion by reactive YouTube cult of personalities.

Should've been more nuanced in your first post

Okay cool, this user understands what I'm trying to say.

Forgive me, O Lord, but people have been fired for looking at somebody funny, and ticketed for manspreading. Stupid shit like that can ruin lives, that's not something made-up by youtube anuses.

Probably. Sorry.


I mean, racial slurs et al may be annoying and IdPol in it's own way, but unless a bunch of nazi assholes start killing blacks/latinos/asians/etc, it's better to ignore the fuckers or let AntiFa deal with them.

I just like to say nigger when im on the internet

Not only is MGM far more common, the typical form practiced removes more tissue and functions of the genitals than the average case of FGM. No amount of non-consenting non-medical genital alteration is acceptable, but privileging the importance one gender over another is sexist, and implying that FGM is a larger problem in any practical sense is counterfactual.

Wow. Almost all your "real" issues are absolute bullshit.

What a bunch of mouth breathing idiots.

…I mean, it was mocking yet another "muh wyte wymmyn" hoax-for-cash racket.

Male circumcision is a western ideal brought forth by Zionist Prots. Its better to end all circumcision if we're going this route and besides the age of consent was something put IN PLACE by feminism. Ancient societies didn't have this problem and telling the third world what they do with child brides is none of the west's business.

FYI, most places that do FGM also do MGM, either what the West thinks of or as something more severe. The West is certainly trying to export it but it's something that existed prior to Western intervention as well. The Jews didn't invent circumcision either. They adapted the practice from other cultures who had been practicing it since well before there was a coherent group of Hebrews. Genital alteration in general is something that's existed for a very long time and outside of specific cases where it was popularized in modernity (like the US), you can't really attribute it to specific people because the practice usually goes back longer than written records (if those exist for the region in the first place).

I don't do it often but I like having the option, having it is the difference between a toilet and a designated shitting street

nice derail

Socialism fixes womens issues or allows them to be discussed and fixed. These issues cannot be fixed under Capitalism.

Therefore Socialism = Feminism and only focusing on womens rights instead of class relations and capitalism is a greatway to never succeed in anything outside of radlib parties. Not saying you can't discuss women's issues but just know only Socialism can free women so blatant radical feminist shit which ignores Socialism or puts women's issues (more women drone pilots pls) over worker rights or actually being revolutionary WILL NOT WORK EVER and is idpol trash.