Iran vs Anarchists

.inbf Tanks defend a reactionary state over fellow leftists

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Iran aside it’s pretty stupid still. Left-wing paint squads

They were probably AnCaps or something.

No need to "defend" user, we're just laughing. This is hardly worth kvetching over or praising really. Its really embarrassing honestly since serious Greek leftists have actually launched rocket attacks at the US embassy before,_Athens#Terrorism

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read Lenin.

How does this help the working class, again? They were most likely liberals LARPing as anarchists.

I mean, Iran is a theocratic shithole and deserved to be middle fingered, but this is ridiculous.

Why do capitalist shills force this "vandalism is violence" line? I know they don't give a shit about human life but at least keep the appearances.

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Socialism is what America doesn't like, and the less America likes it, the more socialist it is.

no this is just anarchists being pathetic.
If they actually cared about kurdish ppl, they would have attacked the t*rkish embassy.

I am actually a proud amerimutt, but the dissolution of the American Empire is necessary for our children's future

The dissolution of the American empire will mean the dissolution of the iron dome under which you play and meme.

>attacked the Iranian Embassy building in the capital Athens with bottles of paint.
completely stupid and pointless. anarchists are a bunch of children. what else is new?

Completely stupid and useless, and why would you do it to the Iranian embassy in the first place? Did Iran fuck up Greece? Did Iran enforce austerity? No, EU porky currently pulls out of Iran because of burger sanctions, they get fucked over by the same people who fucked up Greece but better attack the IRANIAN embassy out of all things because FUCK U MOM AND DAD GOD DOESNT EXIST

Probably cointelpro

How does one do that?

Is that question serious?

It is, nobody is saying that austerity is forced on Botswana because Botswana isn't spending far more than it receives in taxation. Then why is it forced upon in the case of Greece?

You know one could write two or three books about it. Austerity is enforced in Greece through the mechanizations of the EU and the troika, granting Greece credits they can never pay back in exchange for curbing of pensions, welfare, selling out their infrastructure, etc. - watch this interview with Varoufakis as a start:
As a concrete example, Greece was forced to sell out their public airports to FraPort, a German holding over the Frankfurt Airport, effectively selling public property to German monopoly capital.
I don't know enough about Botswana to analyze the situation

Were those credits forced onto them? Didn't Greece itself cook the books to get the credits it couldn't pay back? By what threat of force are they forced unto austerity? Why can't they say; fuck off, we don't do austerity, we'll do the anti-neoliberal thing by continuing to spend we don't have.

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Because Greece would have descended into Third World tier if they did. Tsipras cucked out because of that realization.

They were taken by the conservative and "SocDem" party of Greece, not the current government.

Okay so you are actually Zig Forums or /liberty/. Varoufakis makes no such statement.

Read a book Jesus Christ. Are we going to discuss capitalism or petty bourgeois politics?

So you are actually from /liberty/

But isn't this neoliberal eu axis the very thing that brings third world conditions? While other countries bitterly fought for their independence from the european empires, Tsipras refused it without even having had to fight for it. Did the EU demand their balls as collateral?
Sorry, the last government fucked up, we have a new one now, so please write off out debt.

With such a line of reasoning, the Tsipras government doesn't differ much from its predecessors.
You don't say..
It's the starting level for people who think Greece could have gone on spending as it had, if it only weren't for the EU being like really evil and neoliberal.

Reminder that, compared to other nations on the basis of debt, spending, taxes, and deficit, Greece is wholly unremarkable, with prosperous economies such as the US, Japan, and Scandinavia exceeding Greece on some or all of those metrics.

The one metric distinguishing Greece was the stunningly bad interest rates of their debt:

During the height of the recession, the Greek government was pouring 16% of its revenues into mandatory interest payments. Even this was only possible because Goldman Sachs had illegally (which was what caused EU regulators to come down so hard on Greece) restructured older Greek debt, from the 1990s when Greece was being eaten alive by porky via mandatory interest payments of NEARLY 40% of tax revenue!

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Greeks should listen to the wisdom of the Botswanans; do not pretend to have a better financial state to join the euro and do not take on debt in disproportion to the economy.

Exactly, prosperous economies, not a country that besides an oligarchic elite, had the prosperity of Yugoslavia.

Breddy cool, too bad they stopped at paint.

Ancaps don't exist outside of burgerland and Iran is a reactionary state that killed communists and banned communist parties. The only thing the greeks did wrong was sticking to paint.

Property is the only thing that matters to the capitalist and the dominance off neoliberal ideology has lessened the need to keep up appearances, this is why they publicly cry over muh windows or muh graffiti but cheer on poverty and oppressive measures against workers.


what is it with you and sucking off botswana?

he watched a PragerU video and is now like muh based fiscally conservative niggers

The PKK and YPG are the most left-wing actors in the Middle East

The attacked the Iranian embassy in solidarity wth the PKK who in Iran is illegal.