Can I still be considered a communist if i want to start my own business? The idea of working for someone else kills me...

Can I still be considered a communist if i want to start my own business? The idea of working for someone else kills me. What if it's a no employee online business?

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If you won't start a coop, then solely self-employed is good.

Of course, why not?

Depends, what are you doing?

Maybe not, but there's nothing wrong with self employment, unless you try to rig the market in your favor, buy political influence or establish workplace hierarchy (that is, if you ever have a coop).

You might wanna check mutualism, which is closer to your beliefs (and still left leaning):

Other than that, there's individualist anarchism, but that's pretty strongly leaning to "anarcho" capitalism.

Of course. Moreover, any Marxist should strive to become self-employed or Capitalist in a Capitalist society as an individual.

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Yes, but it depends on how you treat your future workers.

I'd consider it an improvement, and participating in the system perpetuates it.
You'd still have your Wobbly eligibility. This is good.
No, you'd still have to do something else. OTOH, you wouldn't be the first to mix "yeah, communism!" with doing fuck-all but cheering on a meme board, and it doesn't rule it out, either.
Go for it. It can't be the end of the revolution, but the more folks drop out of slavery by any means, the better.

IMO there's nothing wrong with wanting to start something. The only issue is that in the capitalist society, the only way for a person to achieve meaningful success is through entrepreneurship. What if I wanted to start some intellectual or creative career? I barely need anything but if I don't have a relatively wealthy family or live in a welfare state, it's impossible to even survive without some kind of shit job.
IMO one shouldn't confuse the "starting a business" way of capitalism to express things and "I want to start a structure of production/creation" which is a good thing.

Only if he makes them worker-owners in a co-op. A "nice" porky is still a porky.

That's what I meant. And if he wants to be a porky, its better to be nice porky than crappy porky

Time for you to go to GULAG XDD

how does that work? please explain your thought process for saying such a statement?

yeah dude you can be a socialist just like elon musk

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Engels was pretty much a 19th century Donald Trump (died a pound millionaire which was extremely rare). If you could count him, as well as the utopian socialists who were mostly businessmen iirc then sure. Given our current conditions I'd argue we need some affiliated businesses or similar organizations to be able to publish our works(art or theory) as well as ensure we have shit like food supply or gun ranges. If we don't there's a good chance that what happened to some chapter of the John Brown Gun Club (getting banned from a gun range for triggering management because of ANTIFA SUPERSOLDIERS) will start to happen and we'll lose any ability to communicate, train, or possibly even feed ourselves. Worker co-ops would be preferred if only because there's less chance of the owner(s) sperging out and destroying it like a certain chan board, but a sympathetic porky would be tolerable if they delivered the goods. If I'm not mistaken we were talking about funding such shit back in the good days of Zig Forums, with that hooker willing to throw in some of her extra cash.

Read Engels

co-op or self employed, otherwise you could take small solace that you really had no choice in the matter as you didn't choose to be born into a capitalist world, and your choices come down to either exploit or be exploited.

What is to explain here? A Marxist understands that any sort of freedom, prosperity and agency in Capitalism is capital. Thus, one would only find a somewhat good and stable life, and highly increased opportunity to change the world if one is sustained directly form Capital.

We live in capitalism, it is retarded to pretend we don't.
An utopian friend of mine donated almost all of his money because he believed otherwise.
Become the most ruthless capitalist you can be if you think you can. Just make sure to send all that money to the side of the barricade that will need such financial power, so you can save your own neck by accelerating such a revolution.

OP has existential crisis haha

Lifestylism is about who you want to be your friend. There are some obvious choices if you want to dedicate your life to revolutionary struggle or whatever, but OP seems to be primarily interested in being accepted as a leftist by leftist friends. So consider the people you might be surrounded with in life.

Prole union member: you get to hang out with your awful coworkers who see the union as what makes them better than the other proles, and just a ticket to decent pay and the right to slack off. There are a few socialists and you can go for drinks after work and complain about the boss and the state of politics. The rest actually vote tory/republican/local equivalent half the time because they're dumb and maybe scared of immigrants.

Bougie business owner: some of the fellow entrepreneurs and left-wing academics you get to mingle with at cultural events talk a good game, though their principles are nowhere to be found if they could be affected personally. Don't mention expropriation of land, property taxes, or grad student unions (with your academic friends), and everyone will get along and feel quite subversive.