Hey lads, anybody have some tips on writing notes when reading...

Hey lads, anybody have some tips on writing notes when reading? I seem to forgot stuff and don't remember all of the theories and things that I read not that's needed. Thanks in advance also is it better to do it while reading or after?

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What I'd suggest is if you have a physical copy of a book don't write notes in the book itself, it ends up looking kinda messy, instead write on another piece of paper.
Try to summarize concepts as in just a couple of sentences. In fact, something that has helped me a bit is trying to do it in just one sentence, obviously some concepts are going to be more complicated than others but you should still try nonetheless.


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I just make an outline and annotate it with the page numbers of the important sections. I also write summaries at the end of each chapter/part/book. It's slow but helps.

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I read, then reread the section if I feel I didn’t grasp it in whole. If I feel a part to be important to me, I either summarize it or quote it in whole in my notebook. I tend to do it during reading, but it really depends. Sometimes a section really jumps out at me and I immediately start noting things down. I’ve also noticed I focus better in reading physical books

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What I learned that might be helpful for you as well, especially if you are a fast reader or have a mind that easily wanders: Don't use something with an e-ink display, the short pause when the screen changes really screws with the reading flow and with remembering things. (The effect is similar to easily forgetting what you were about to do when leaving a room.) Unless you go camping inna woods for a month, the advantage of long battery life is really not worth it. Make notes while you read and use a tiny notepad that you always carry with you, take a glance at it whenever you have nothing to do. Is that really a boy?

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