I'm anarchist but I'm fiercely anti idpol, anti feminism, anti sjwism etc. Are there any of anarchists like me out there? Anarchist community online seems to be just more extreme appendix of US liberalism and its a fucking shame.

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Yes, anarchism is inherently right wing

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Yeah, but they don't get any CIA cash, so they can't make as much noise.

Disgusting. How the fuck can you be an anarchist and still want to enforce this kind of social control?

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Wanting conservative social values isn't anti-idpol and to my knowledge other anarchists aren't cucked by spooks.

Reminder anti-idpol means opposition to ALL idpol

Social justice is just the liberal version of anarchist anti-hierarchy politics. Prove me wrong.

…anarchomonarchism, anarchofascism…
So, no.
That's called Reddit. You're still going to get mocked in most online spaces if you show up as anarchomonarchist with anarcho-absolutist theocracy tendancies though.
Eh, probably not.
Oh well, you're doing what you ARE doing. While "conservatism" mostly means… fascism… in the US; the whining about "liberals" was inherited from mussolini… monarchism is the traditional conservativism for most of the world.
Whatever you are… good luck.

I ain't a cuckservative, I just didn't know how to name the thread


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Are you Ace?

That's not the same as being a "social conservative." I oppose those things because I'm to the left of them. What are your actual opinions, OP? Kind of flying blind here.

you sound like the most insufferable faggot imaginable

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the only kind of anarchism that works is left 'just don't call it a state'ism

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Also you should have just called it anarcho-egalitarian or something.

Free yourself from spooks, anti-idpol doesn't mean literally not caring about actual inequality, just accepting that capitalism is the root of it all

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OP here. I'm sorry if Conservanarchist confuses anyone, but I ain't a fucking conservative. I'm pretty progressive but I can't stand idpol. I made this thread to ask if there are other anti idpol anarchists (which almost cannot be found outside of Zig Forums).

Being anti-idpo, sjwism, and feminism doesn't make you conservative.

This is little more than a redefinition of left wing and right wing. The terms are almost never used in the way you are using them.

It makes you a nazi and very punchable
t. cointelfa

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really makes you think

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yep, this one's going in my weak leftist memes compilations

How is that a lefty meme tho?

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What's with all these leftists who think they have to prove themselves to the right by disassociating with feminism and idpol?

What's with all these liberals who think they are leftist just by disassociating with feminism and idpol?
Oh, wait. Macartism, cold war era propaganda and government agencies cointelpro actions and propaganda, that what's with it.

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Feminism and idpol are the right.

"Anarchy", as in chaos, is NOT what anarchism is.

That is a rightwingers excuse meme.

They're liberals who don't like the liberal-feminist diversionary tactic and try to associate it with actual socialist feminism which is built into socialism from the start.

I generally find you annoying, but I gotta' agree here.

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Because it's useless

Just seems the chan board ones do. But they dont get involved with anything. Lot of people who organise and do direct action would be deemed idpolers by some galaxy brains here.

Identity politics are the opposite of anarchism. You are not alone.

Can someone edit the last with Sirner reading but instead having female Stirner being raped?