Today I saw a girl at the train station

She was wearing a backpack with two patches stitched on, one "No borders, no nations" and pic related. And she was also wearing Doc Martens. Would you start a conversation with her? (I'm a ML, so I refused to. And I was too scared anyways…)

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Possibly wise depending on whether she's gotten over Krondstadt or not.

No, because women on trains will assume you're a creep if you just come up and talk to them. Especially if she was wearing headphones or reading.
You're a pussy and an idiot, go back to your containment board.

Kronsdadt sailors weren't anarchists fam.

Most weren't, no.
Still doesn't mean she's gotten over it, though. It's considered a major part of anarchist history, an end to anti-anarchist repression (and anti-socialist) was on the list of demands, most of the anarchists of the day turned out for it… etc.

But I am a creep.

No, why would I talk to random people? Did she make your peepee big or anything? I have a GF anyway.

Believe it or not, that is how people get (got) to know each other.

Because this is how meat space works.

Alienation under late stage capitalism has become so advanced that people believe it is rude to interact with strangers.

Explain why it is okay for immigrants to do exactly that…invading your private space that is?


Don't take my word for it, listen to them…

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Ok I get you fam, I just see a lot of folks call Kronsdadt anarchist(either to claim they were wreckers or claim that no marxists wouldn't oppose Lenin's actions) and think it's one of the many events that deserves better analysis than it gets.

Then you have to go back.

I was too surprised to act intelligently in the situation and respond in kind.

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You're a coward and this is why you get no poontang. Jesus fucking christ, what is wrong with you kids? When I was 17 years old, I'd go up to any fucking woman and hit on her if I felt like it. Most said no, or actually became just friends, but even that is value added. The worst thing a girl you don't know can say is "no". No harm in asking, and if she thinks you're a creep, then fine. You don't fucking have a relationship with her anyway. Worry about it if your significant other thinks that of you.

Holy fuck how can you people even live properly with this mindset

Because there's no Marxist skinheads
gonna use this as an opportunity to post some red Oi!

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Remember when anarchists used to say 'No gods, no masters' instead of 'Cheap labour for capitalists, grooming gangs for workers'?

I believe in controlled migration from region to region, but clearly a Larper wrote this.


Yeah I would have greeted her with a raised fist saying "Solidarity, comrade!" and would part saying "See you on the barricades" that's how you start amorous comradeship

lmao what a post

Depends. Most women in anarchism are anarchas; meaning you're pretty much fucked if you talk to them (idpol as it comes).

tfw no qt anarcho-gf

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of fucking course, but i think its kind of shit to approach an interesting girl just to get the pussy, we should value people that we wanna meet more.

No because I am autistic.

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Don't worry user, individual relationships are temporary but solidarity is forever!

No. Probably not. People who were their political opinions on their clothing are insanely obnoxious. Same with those trashy bumper stickers. Then there is a large chance shes one of those women obsessed with identity politics. I don't see the benefits in no nations, no boarders. This reminds me of the melting pot situation in the US. Lose lose situation.

You dodged a bullet there

smelly dumb anti-natalist scum

Don't reproduce.

no u

What is wrong with a melting pot? Border faggots are the real issue.

Thanks user.

Nothing is wrong with it, that poster is just a faggot.

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Right? What's with that guy.

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